2018 Most Reliable Appliance Brands

– When you’re looking for new appliances, you’ll your research on price and store reputation.
However, an important factor that’s usually impossible to understand is reliability. (whooshing) (soft music) Hi, I’m Ervin Sheinkopf, CEO of Yale Appliance and Lighting, Boston and Framingham Massachusetts. In this article you’ll learn the most reliable brands, and one important question many others wish they had asked. In 2017, our 29 service techs responded to 30,761 service calls. We calculate reliability by dividing these service calls by total sales in a one-year period for each brand.

These percentages are based only on the first year, because we offer free warranty service for the first 12 months. Most clients will use us for free service. We use this percentage to curate a more reliable appliance offering in our explainrooms, and as a result first-year service calls have dropped 33% over the last three years. However, brands should only tell half the story. You should also look at individual products categories, because different appliances have vastly different service percentages, no matter the brand.

For example, brands weighted more towards laundry, like Maytag and Whirlpool, will be more reliable than brands selling more refrigerators, like Samsung. But here are the 10 most reliable appliance brands. Number 10, Wolf.

It is remarkable for a company selling expensive, complicated ranges and wall ovens to be on this list. Most of the other reliable brands are more dishwasher and laundry focused.

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Number nine, Bosch. Bosch is possibly the best reliable luxury brand for reliability, style and value. Bosch is also mostly a dishwasher company, so reliability is somewhat expected.

Number eight is Gaggenau. Gaggenau is the best overall product sold, in terms of design. Most of their issues come from installation and their more complicated controls. Number seven, Samsung. company selling expensive, complicated
Samsung’s problem is not reliability.

According to our techs, it’s not that hard to fix either. However, in other parts of the country it can be hard to find a technician to actually repair it. Number six, Miele. Their dishwasher and laundry require almost no service. But now, Miele sells a full suite of appliances like pro ranges and refrigerators, so the service rate is higher.

Number five, Maytag. Their laundry’s incredibly reliable as well as parts and support. Our shift to Maytag and Whirlpool has resulted in a 300% drop in laundry service calls from the previous year. Four, Frigidaire. Frigidaire is one of the most reliable brands for simple ranges, dishwashers and less featured top model refrigerators.

Unlike in years past, this doesn’t include the more feature oriented Frigidaire Pro and Gallery brands, 20% of which needs service within the first year. Number three, LG.
Given the amount of complaints online, you wouldn’t expect LG to be so high on this list. They are statistically reliable, but much like Samsung, lack technicians in all the parts of the country. us for free service
Five percent is still good for such a technical and well-featured brand.

Number two, Amana. Amana offers simple appliances like microwaves, top model refrigerators and dishwashers.
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The reliability is likely because they’re part of Whirlpool. Number one, Whirlpool. Whirlpool is skewed towards incredibly reliable laundry and simple ranges, as well as top model refrigerators.

This is the third year being number one on our list. Their line is solid, but unspectacular in terms of features.
There you have it, the most reliable appliance brands. Once again, we have reliability also broken down by product as well on the blog, because certain product categories are more reliable than others.
But if you’re buying a whole suite of appliances, or even just a washer and dryer, you will most likely need service within three to five years.

With that in mind, you need to first find out who fixes appliances in your area. It’s as least as important as product features, price, and store reputation.