3 Most Common Microwave Problems | Fuse, Door Switch, F1E4 Error

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okay I’m going to explain you how you can easily fix the three most common problems that go wrong with a microwave the first one is the microwave is completely dead the screen doesn’t turn on the second one is a combination where you might see a door error the the light might stay on the fan might stay on there’s something wrong when you open and shut the door the third one is a little more complicated and that is the F 1 e 4 error so let me start with first the easiest one and that’s the microwave is completely dead it won’t turn on so let me explain you how to fix that so your microwave is probably different than mine but all of these repairs will be in the same general area and the same general fix just for reference mine is a two year old whirlpool microwave I heard I read a lot of comments about a two year old microwave breaking just like minding so first let me explain you how to fix the completely dead microwave and step one is to unplug it now I’m gonna have to remove this panel and this cover again yours might be a little different but generally you want to get to behind this panel here so you remove the two top screws and this panel comes right out now on the Whirlpool microwaves the fuse is located behind this cover you remove this panel there’s nothing holding it in if you look right here that’s the fuse that is the main fuse and we knew ours was bad because it was all burned if your microwave is completely dead won’t turn on 99% of the time just replace that main fuse and I’ll put a link to in the description below of what fuse to get but you could go to any hardware store and just look for appliance fuse and just for reference it’s 20 amp and 250 volt okay this next fix is the second problem you might have and that’s a door issue where you might see door air it might stay on the light or the fan might stay on when you shut it issues like that and that is a problem with switches there are three switches behind here first we have to get jump so let me explain you how to do that mine there’s a screw on the top you lift up and you could pull this right out there’s wires behind here so you might want to take a picture with your phone to know where they go but they only go and plug in one way then there’s two more blue wires this is a ground wire right here once that’s removed you can use a screwdriver and remove this plastic cover and the wires plastic and it pulls right out now there’s two spots where it clicks in you can see on the microwave there’s two little clicks here and here and those lock in and there’s three switches now you have to remove two screws on the front to get the switches out on the top there are two switches one on either side they have names like FD 62 FD 61 things like that it doesn’t really matter exactly what that code is you just have to know some key things some switches are normally open and when they’re clicked they close some switches are normally closed and when you click they open and then there’s one that’s either open or closed that will trigger either way so if you’re never sure you can always buy the 3-way switch it will always work it depends on where you plug it in that’s the key you can tell just by looking at the switch where the wires plug in and you could tell if a switch is pretty good typically by listening if you push in the little button you can hear it click when ours broke we had a door issue it said door and then the fuse blew and when I took these switches all apart one of them was completely fused it wouldn’t click in and that was the one that was wrong we ended up buying all new switches but I found out later that that was the one that was wrong and you can actually take these apart these switches are pretty open easy to take apart and you could see that the metal plates were fused and I forced them apart and it actually could have started working a menu reused so again I will put links to all these switches down in the description now all you have to do is push down on the little tab and the switches slide right out now this is what you want to replace right here and this says three eight and twenty five see that doesn’t really matter it also says F a 63 that also doesn’t really matter the key is the orientation of these little tabs and what this switch does again you can hear this clicking I think it’s good and I know it’s a good switch if this was fused and you tried to push it in and it winds more than clicking there’s the metal is fused in here and it’s broken and here’s a key do not buy the official maytag whirlpool whatever switch you don’t need it there you can get them for as little as four or five or six bucks you don’t have to bite the $30 switch just know if it’s normally open normally closed or the the three-way where it switches back and forth that’s all you need to get and you can tell by the plugs so when you take it off say okay there’s a plug on the bottom and them on the front or is there two on the front or they’re three plugs that’s all you need to know and that’s what you need to replace just plug it back in and you’re good to go again if you’re not sure it’s good to take lots of pictures with your cell phone so you know okay the blue and the white wire goes here okay the orange wire goes here cuz you’re gonna forget in a couple weeks so it’s good to take lots of pictures and mine there’s two holes in these switches there’s two prongs they fit in and it clicks right in so the last problem is the f1 key for air and this is where you might want to consider replacing your microwave because it gets a little complicated the problem is in this circuit board it’s a relay f1 e4 is a power relay issue first of all check those two other things I had to recommend cuz those are cheap quick fixes that you can do once you get into this area you might have a problem you can either one by the circuit board which might end up being 60 $100 – you could try to replace this relay right here I mine it says H it’s kind of hard to see I had to get in here with my cell phone it says H F 6046 F and it’s welded in you would have to take this circuit board off d solder it and replace it if that’s the issue this is the main relay so it might be this problem and you might be able to test it with a digital voltmeter to see if there’s continuity you should hear it switch on when it’s applied power to it it’s a switch that opens and closes with power so you could test it before you have to replace it but that’s what you want to do you might be better off buying a whole new circuit board you might also be better off buying a whole new microwave so again if your microwave is completely dead it’s the fuse if you’re having an issue at the door it says door ere the lights hang on the fan stain I’m not shutting off it’s an issue with one of these three door switches if you see f1e for error it’s a problem with that main relay and that’s where you really get into issues whether you should replace the microwave if you can D solder and install a new relay which might not be the issue usually it’s one of the two easier ones so I recommend trying that first I hope this helps I hope your microwave is similar again this fuse might be here here it’s usually up in a main panel that’s easy to get you you could if you knew or twice you can fix it in under three minutes you take it off a couple screws popping and infuse you’re done the switches are a little more complicated but again don’t have to buy your specific brand your exact model just know if it’s normally open normally closed or the three-way buy one for five bucks I’ll put descriptions and links to everything down in the description below where you can buy it even the the relay which was kind of hard to find luckily I didn’t have to fix that I had the f-18 for air but I fixed it with the door and the fuse so I hope this helps let me know if you have any other questions thanks you well I hope you liked the article you just readed if you did 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