Broken Microwave (fix GE & Whirlpool)

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so our previous article I talked about on a Whirlpool microwave and this time I’m going to explain you how to do those same three common problem fixes that anybody can do this time with a GE microwave this is a GE space saver the first one is it goes completely dead the screen turns off nothing happens the second one is a common a group of problems where it might say door error the it might stay on even though you open the door the fan might stay on the the light might stay on the third the third thing is the f1e floor air that you’ll see on the screen the first two are easy to fix anyone can fix them the last one’s a little more complicated the first problem is the microwave goes completely dead and that is the fuse the main fuse it’s a 20 amp 250 volt fuse and it’s located summer behind here it depends on which microwave you have but it’s generally in this area and the Whirlpool it’s up here and the GE it’s back here so first you have to get to that fuse there’s two screws on the top you take those off this cover comes right up next there’s a screw right behind this cover that you take off and fill this up and out now I suggest taking your phone and taking pictures of all these wires you don’t want to be confused on where they plug back in because you do have to make sure where some of these wires get plug back in so here’s the back cover plate where everything plugged into here here down here and the first thing is they have an instruction booklet which is really nice it explains you where everything is but the thing we’re looking for is tucked away right up here you might not be able to see it but if you reach up here and pull it out it is the main fuse and you can usually look at it and see if it’s burned or not and it is a 20 amp 250 volt and it says right here on the top 20 amp 250 volt and this one looks okay it’s not burned at all so if your microwave is completely dead this is the reason why you replace this and you’re good you can get this online I’ll put a link in the description or you can go to any hardware store Home Depot things like that and they’ll have it look for an appliance fuse okay next problem which is the most common problem is you’re going to get an issue where it says door error or the microwave will stay on when you open it or the fan or the light will stay on and that is an issue with one of your three switches they’re called micro switches so if you’re looking online again I’ll put links down in the description for the types of switches you need they’re common through every microwave so it doesn’t matter what microwave you have the same three switches they’re called micro switches there either normally closed normally open so that’s n C and O and then one that switches between both open closed open closed um all you have to do is take the switch off you can either take it off the front or there’s usually a little tab you pull up on the tab and it pulls right off there’s two wires on two of the switches and one switch has three wires so here’s the top switch you unplug it and you can see there’s a bottom plug and then the bottom on the side and you can listen you can hear that clicking this switch is good if you would push this in and it’s hard to push in or it doesn’t click it’s most likely bad you can check it with a multimeter or you can pull it apart these will pull apart you can look at them but this one you should when it’s clicking it’s usually pretty good and on the back there’s codes this one says five five seven three one see on the Whirlpool it’s at FC 61 or FC 62 all you have to do is look up micro switch and then match the picture of what it looks like I’m gonna get the other switches out and explain you that they’re different okay now these other ones might be a little tricky to get off there’s little plastic pieces in doubt and you got to put them through the points you might end up breaking the plastic but it should be okay now to pull these other ones off they’re a little hard to pull off but you can see here’s the bottom switch and the bottom had two switches on it and again before you pull these off make sure to take pictures with your phone so you know which wires go to which switch and which and I just realized on the Whirlpool microwave there was one switch that had a three-way switch this one doesn’t have it this one has two similar switches the five five seven three one see so this one has two of the same switches and you can tell these are both good and then it has one seven five seven to eight C so if you look those up on Amazon you will find that they are micro switches and they’re either normally open or normally closed and it doesn’t matter you don’t have to buy that code just by a generic micro switch that’s either normally open or normally closed so this has to normally open micro switches that’s all you need you don’t need the GE official $30.00 switch just by a generic normally open micro switch there’s two of them the other switch I can see the plug is on the back higher so this one has a plug lower this one has to plug higher up and on the back it says NC that means normally close to sub your issue for a door error or anything where the microwave or the fan of the light is staying on that’s one of the most common problems is a door switch even on a relatively new microwave one or two years old you can have an issue with a door switch now the last area you might have is the tricky one it’s the one that might want you to cause you to want to buy a new microwave it’s that f1e for air and that is a relay switch error now we had that error you have the door air and then we had the f1e for error and then it blew and it ended up just being the fuse and the switch so if you get the f1e for air replace the fuse if the things out and then possibly the switch and hopefully that does it if it does it you have to start looking at this circuit board on the back and start looking at the relay switch where are the two wires we had these wires with the blue covers plugged into that’s the relay you might have to look this part up I’ll put a description down for the whirlpool and for this one you might have to desolder this and replace it or you can buy a whole new circuit board but that’s gonna cost you about sixty to a hundred dollars for your specific board and at that point you might as well just buy a new microwave so if you get that f1e for air first try the easy solutions the spews and the switches see if those are bent check them if not start looking at this relay the main again you can look at this the instructions here and find where that is but if you get that f1e for air that’s a more serious one and you might have to replace your microwave you might say hey mine’s only two years old hopefully it’s just one of the cheap problems like the switches that fused but it might be this relay right here that plugs into it again when you work on this this is obviously not plugged in you don’t want to have this plugged in when you’re working on it but hopefully these three fixes will fix whatever you have wrong if it’s completely dead it’s the fuse if it’s other issues it’s one of the door switches if it’s beyond that that’s when you might want to start looking and buying a whole new microwave or seeing if you can fix this relay switch or buy a whole new circuit board so I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions Thanks well I hope you liked the article you just readed if you did feel free to subscribe by clicking the button on this side you can also check out all the articles I’ve done the playlist from things I’ve built things I’ve fixed home repair 3d printing and on this side you can check out a recommended article similar to the one you just readed and as always down in the description I’ll put a link to my blog which has more pictures and more information about the article you just readed thanks

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