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Hello everyone from the Italian cuisine website COOKING GEEK! we had a dinner with only three ingredients and we will explain you how to make this recipe Easy! Many have asked us to make a recipe simple. Not only simple in the preparation but also in finding the ingredients.

For this there are few, only 3 let’s see how to make a dinner with only three ingredients for the whole family The 3 ingredients for this dinner for the whole family are: half a kilo of spinach, two eggs, Parmesan cheese The condiments are the ones you always have at home: therefore olive oil (more or less of it we will use 3 tablespoons) salt and pepper and you will need half a teaspoon of vinegar to put in the egg and then at the end also a spoon first we dedicate ourselves to cooking spinach so we put them in a pot The flame is medium for the moment We didn’t put water We put a pinch of salt and close with the lid occasionally we turn the spinach a little obviously they will have to release that’s why we didn’t put their water after 5 minutes we drain our spinach Be careful not to salt the spinach too much add a pinch per serving.

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Being 500 grams of spinach and the recipe for two people, so they are 250 g of spinach per head. thing is
A pinch each because the spinach really does absorb a lot of salt then you will find them very salty if you overdo it with salt then we eliminate the water from the spinach at this point we put the olive oil. We always use olive oil also because this is a recipe for the weekly dinner and we always try to eat good fats but if you prefer them with butter because the spinach with butter are very good obviously at this point instead of putting the oil you will put the butter we put them back in the pot We then put two tablespoons of oil or one tablespoon of olive oil per person as you can see this dinner consists of only 3 ingredients but is complete from a nutritional point of view We mix a little Let’s light the flame again and cook the spinach a little more on low heat because the spinach must not fry in oil they just have to flavor themselves After 5 minutes they are ready and let them cool While the spinach is cooling down, put the water in a saucepan let’s light the flame, you see we put a liter of water We break the egg and put it in this bowl We make the poached egg so we explain you the whole process of making eggs in this way you put a little vinegar, a few drops only.

We help ourselves with a teaspoon a few drops of vinegar in the egg not too much vinegar is used to make the poached egg Let’s move the egg a little.
To make the poached egg, the water a must not boil but simmer about 80 degrees if you have a kitchen thermometer In the water we put a spoonful of vinegar we use the classic method to make poached egg. There are many methods to do this including that of the famous British chef Blumenthal we explain you the classic version while chef Blumenthal does not use vinegar and does not use the vortex but a completely different method yet as you will see now do it so it is very easy we are putting salt it’s nice to learn how to make poached egg with vortex also because it is one of the recipes that require more in the MASTERCHEF ITALIA television program so it is drinking it knowing how to do it if you want to learn to cook it is one of the recipes that you must also know how to avoid preparing a sad and boring dinner like the classic fried egg. The poached egg is definitely more elegant the water is at the right temperature. Now let’s explain you the vortex he turns with his spoon the vortex is created in the water We put the egg in quickly and we stop spinning you see so it’s spinning alone you don’t have to keep spinning this would be a big mistake Look at the egg white as it is compacting and remains all around the yolk The perfect poached egg has this delicately cooked egg white and the yolk that as soon as you open it, however, must be cooked well Have you seen how easy it is to make a poached egg?

In our opinion, Blumenthal’s method complicates everything because it puts the saucer under it in order to avoid the vortex, but why if it is so easy? Obviously then follow the method to make the poached egg with which you feel better.
The important thing is that it is good for you! however we have explainn you that you can create a dinner with only three ingredients elegant original so you don’t always eat the usual things in the evening in all if you want knowing it cooks in about four minutes after 4 minutes with a slotted spoon we can remove it and lay it on the spinaches we have given a shape you see as if it were a pie and now we explain you how Here it is here you see how beautiful the poached egg.

Spinach are the ones we have cooked before but just give it a little shape particular and elegant, a tart to give that tart-like shape you will need a pastry cutter or you can use as we did a lid on we put the film around it and it’s fine anyway so if you really don’t have the pastry cutter, you can try a little certainly if you are in a hurry in the evening and you need to prepare a very fast dinner, you can also leave the spinach.
But remember that you eat first with the so let’s give our dish a nice look also because now you will see that it doesn’t take anything to make this spinach pie we put the spinach in the lid as soon as they are numbed we crush them all Here you see there must come a shape similar to a spinach burger Who said that with 3 ingredients you cannot prepare a quick but at the same time original and elegant dinner? at this point you see we remove the film And here is our spinach pie is very easy and this is the second pie and we squeeze it a little.

we are putting salt

If there are a bit of imperfections, fix it a little We also explain you the second poached egg and therefore always vinegar in the water.

In this quantity of water don’t worry you will not feel the taste of vinegar in the poached egg at all. Let’s make the vortex again Quickly we throw the egg into the vortex et voilà is very easy! The vortex continues to spin alone cook for 4 minutes We’ll explain you this recipe for a family of two, but if you have 4, double your doses! Or if it seems a little for two, make two per person Look how the poached egg cooks, it’s beautiful! With the ladle perforated, we remove it and it is now cooked You can drain it a little and you see this poached egg is really perfect!

We lay our poached egg on the pie let’s season obviously you can season it as you like, but we dress it like this we put a pinch of salt for tartlet so that the salt goes on the egg and a little on the spinach we add the Parmesan cheese it must be a lot Look what a nice dinner! Although it is a very simple recipe when MasterChef Italia competitors ask for it, few know how to make a poached egg well We add the olive oil Ok and now let’s explain you why our poached egg came so perfect, let’s cut it! The yolk must run off Here you see, perfect! Poached egg served in this way is too good Dinner is ready!

Our recipe is finished and if you liked this recipe please let us know in the comments write us as usual what you think and if you make the poached egg what are your secrets to make it perfect Explain your techniques to us. drinking it knowing how to
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