Dishwasher Repair – Replacing the Door Switch Kit (Whirlpool Part # 4318273)

Hi, it’s Ervin from we’re going to explain you how to change the door switch kit on your dishwasher and it’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a number 15 Torx bit, a pair of wire strippers and a small flat blade screwdriver. Let me explain you how we do it.

Now, before we begin this repair since we will be working near some electrical circuits we’ll need to disconnect the power to the dishwasher, so locate the fuse or circuit breaker and disconnect it there or if it has a plug on it simply unplug it from the receptacle.NextWe’re going to open the dishwasher door fully and remove any cutlery that’s in the basket or the basket and then we’re going to remove the eight number 15 Torx screws that hold the inner door panel to the outer door panel. Now once we’ve removed all of the screws, we’ll next separate the inner panel from the outer panel and then we can set the inner panel aside. Well, next release two little plastic locking tabs that hold the cover over the control panel and then lift that away and set it aside.Next, we can either remove the wires from the existing door switch or we can just cut those wires with our strippers as they sit in place. Now, once we’ve cut the wires from the switch terminals we can next take our strippers and we’ll peel back about a quarter of an inch of that insulation.

I said put a number 16 gauge wire and do that to all four wires.Now that we’ve cut the strip the two sets of wires for the outside switches and if your model is an electronic model, it’ll have a third switch with low voltage wires on it.We are going to leave that switch alone. It’s just the two outer switches, the brown-black and the white-white purple wires to them. Those are the ones we’re going to cut and then strip the actual harness that comes from the control panel. Well, next take the switch assembly and we’re going to put that on a suitable work surface where we can remove the pins and replace the switches.All right, with the switch assembly out of the dishwasher, we can next remove the two plastic pins that hold the switches to the assembly.

We just push those out with a small flat blade. out with
We can discard the old pins. so locate the
We can also discard the old switches along with the excess wire terminals that we cut off.
Next, we’ll install the new switches, so we’re going to set them into the assembly.We’re going to line up the push-button to the upper end where the handle is and you’ll see the two bumpers that will push up against the push button on the switch.

We’ll set those into place and we’ll start the new plastic pins into the switch holding position, and then push that pin all the way through till it snaps in place and do the same with the second one.We’re now ready to install the assembly back in the dishwasher door.Now the next step in our repair will be to connect the wire harness and terminal block to the existing wire harness in the dishwasher. We need to make sure that we keep the color codes the same. We’ll start by making sure that the stripped wire is twisted nice and tight.

We’re going to insert it fully in the terminal block and then with our small flat blade we’ll tighten that set screw and then we need to make sure that it’s a good firm connection on it so just pull on a wire to make sure that there’s no movement and we’ll continue to do that with all four wires.Again, make sure that we test each one of them individually. Once you’re satisfied that you have all the connections nice and tight, we’ll install terminals to the switches and we just need to make sure that we keep the brown and the black ones on one switch and the white and the white purple on the second switch and if your model was an electronic model that had a center switch, we’ll just make sure that that’s reinserted in between.When reinstalling the wire terminals, I find it a little more helpful if we point these switch terminals straight up. Make sure they’re firmly inserted on the terminals on the switch.
Then position the latch back into the door and verify again that the terminals on that terminal blocker secure and the wires are not loose in it and then we can put the cover back on the control panel. You’ll need to be able to tuck that harness inside that square opening and make sure the tabs on the end are properly engaged.Now we’re ready for the inner door panel.

Now when reinstalling the inner panel to the outer panel we need to make sure that this mechanism for the rinse aid and detergent cup lines up with the tab that protrudes from the timer.
It will fit in this little gap and will self-adjust if we get it clamped over top it straight.
The trick is to lay the inner panel in place, hook the lip into the inside of the tab first. We’ll carefully lower that panel down lining it up height wise before we press it into place.I suggest we just hold it together there. aid and detergent
My hand will close the detergent cup and then without closing the doorWe’re going to rotate the timer dial into the wash cycle and just partway into that wash cycle in around the one o’clock position, you should hear that soap cup open up.

Just rotate it all the way around and you will see that it has opened we know we have it lined up properly.We can now reinstall the screws. ll see the
Now that we have all the screws back in place we can close the door up, make sure that it matches and unlatches properly. We can actually start a cycle, verify that the switches are operating properly and your repair is complete.
I told you it was an easy job.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your repair.