Dishwasher Repair – Replacing the Upper Dish Rack Kit (Whirlpool Part # 3369903)

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, we are going to explain you how to change the upper dish rack on your dishwasher, and it is a really easy job. All we are going to need is a number 15 Torx driver. Let me explain you how we do it.

Now the first step will be to open the dishwasher door, and we are going to remove all of the items from the upper rack. Now pull the rack out fair enough that you can access the rack stops. We are just reaching the pressels, stops, and slide them up out of the rails, we will set those aside, and we are going to pull that upper rack completely out of the dishwasher, just push the rails back into position and we can close the door up.

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Now if your model does not have an adjustable rack, you will need to transfer the roller assemblies from the old rack to the new one.

If yours is an adjustable rack, we will need to install a new adjustable rack assembly. Now our first step will be to remove the upper spray nozzle. So we need to release that locking collar first and there is a couple of tabs on the bottom side of that, simply depress those, and then slide that up over the center portion of it, and now we will be able to depress the tabs that hold to the rack itself and then drop it out through the bottom.
Now again, if the rack was a nonadjustable rack, you would remove the rack rollers from the old rack and transfer them to the new one. So the nonadjustable rollers, we are going to depress the locking tab at the top, and then unclip it from the side of the wire, rotate it and lift it out.

We will do that for all four of them. Now the two rear ones are right on the last section of the rack and the forward ones are in the center or seventh gap up and this is the same gap that the center spray nozzle would attach to.
So again, we are going to remove all four of these, and then we will transfer them to the new rack.

Now we are ready to install our nonadjustable rack rollers on our new rack. First, we need to locate the rear of the rack and there is a center tine with a little vinyl cap of it and that is going to be rear of the rack.
So we will start there by taking one our rollers assemblies and just rotate it into position, and we lift it up and lock the top portion of it on to that side wire and we will count up to the center and install our next one in the same manner, and then we will do the same on the opposite side. Now if your model had an adjustable rack, we will install these new adjustment brackets onto the new upper rack, so we will locate both right and left keeping in mind that the rear of the rack has a little center wire on it with a little vinyl cap on it so that is the rear of the rack, so that would indicate that we will put the right hand one on this side.

So we tuck the square knob through the side of the rack, lift it up through, pivot it into position and take that cover assembly, and we will locate the little tab on the bottom of it, we will center on the bottom of the adjustment, we will slide over the shaft, and then it should squeeze in between the tines, and we will install the opposite side of it, that fourth piece will slide in over top of the axle on that adjustment and in underneath the cover, and then we will install the number 15 Torx screws to hold that together, you know, tighten both of those screws securely and then just turn the knob to ensure that the rollers are adjustable, then we will flip the rack around and do the opposite side. squeeze in between the
Now, we can install our center spray nozzle. We will locate the center of the rack, push it through from the bottom flipping one side and then we will depress those tabs, lock it into place, then we will install the locking collar with the two tabs facing side-to-side and press it until locks into place.

Next, we will install the flip-up covers and the pivots that attach to them. So, we will start by installing these on the rack first and the pointed ends will go down and we will put one right at the front edge. do it
We will install the first one on the front of the rack and we need to flex out a bit to pop the ends into position and then snap it down onto that middle wire and then we will install the flip-up cover.

Now, they fit fairly snug, so you have to put a little bit of force on those to pop them into place, and that will keep smaller items from flying around in there with the pressure from the upper spray arm, and we will install one on the rear as well and will come up three times and rotate that into position, and again, we will snap it onto that central rail, press it down until locks into position and then install the cover. Now, we do the same for the opposite side.

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Now to reinstall that top rack, we are going to open that door again, we will pull those side rails out, and we will insert the rear of the rack first, just get one of the wheels in on both sides till we get all four of them in position, and you can push that rack all the way back in, and then just pull the rails out, pass the rack, and we will install the rack stops, and the open end down through the hole on the top of the rails, press it down until the little locking tab clicks into position and our repair is complete. I told you it is an easy job.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your repair.