Dryer Repair – Replacing the Heating Element (Whirlpool Part # WP34001073)

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we’d like to explain you how to change the heater assembly on your compact dryer and it’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a Phillips screwdriver and a seven-millimeter nut driver.

Let me explain you how we do it. Now before we begin this repair the first thing we’ll need to do is disconnect power to the dryer so simply unplug it.
one screw for now
We’re also going to need access to the back of the dryer so you may need to disconnect your venting and pull your dryer forward so that we can get at the back. Now to do this repair we’ll need to remove this lower access panel and also the cover for the heating element itself.Remove the Phillips screws on the bottom access panel and just pry it on the top of that.

It’s a fairly snug fit around the dryer outlet duct and also there’s a couple of tabs attached to the cabinet on the bottom. What we want to do is try to keep that ductwork in place, while removing just the cover. If you inadvertently detach that ductwork, you can look inside there and see where it attaches to the blower house. Next, we’ll remove the heater assembly from the cabinet.

Just remove the four Phillips screws that are on the perimeter for that housing. We’ll also lift that up out of the way.Next, we need to disconnect the wire harness connector which is located just top inside of this opening. Now we need to release the wire harness retaining clips. Just fit them
We’ll just use these half turn twist style and just release those.

That allows to pull that harness out where we can disconnect it. screws out pulling
Again, we verify that we have it removed from the holder and then we can pull that heater assembly up through the opening. Now if by chance the wire harness gets caught in something in here you can easily remove the top by taking these two Phillips screws out pulling it back and then lifting it off.That will give you access to reach down in the other side here to reroute that harness.

On the back of the new heater assembly, you’ll note that there are two metal studs. harness connector down
We will transfer the cover from the old heater onto the new one.
Remove the nuts on those studs with our seven-millimeter nut driver and make sure we tighten those securely. Next, we’ll lower that harness connector down through the right-hand side and just set that housing in place and just hold it there with one screw for now.

Now when reconnecting you want to make sure that terminals in this end of the harness connector are in good shape.Make sure that the two halves of the harness connector fit firmly together. Then we also need to ensure that the harness itself fits into these clips.
Just fit them into the loop and then give the connector half turn. If you’re having trouble getting those on there you can pinch that arrowhead connector, pull it out, wrap it around the wire harness, give it that half turn and lock in place and you can reach up inside just locate that opening and then push the fastener back through and make sure that the little arrowhead fastener is spread and engaged.
Again, ensure that we have that in all three of those harness restraints.Then go ahead and put our lower access panel back on.

Again, we’ll make sure that we engage those two tabs, take the lip on the bottom of the cabinet, reinstall the three retaining screws. Then we can secure that element assembly at the top here. Put the remaining screws in and tighten them securely. Now we can put the dryer back into place and reconnect the exhaust fan.

We’re now ready to reconnect the power and our repair is complete.