Dryer Repair- Replacing the Idler Shaft Washer (Whirlpool Part # Y312527)

Hi it’s Ervin from winnipeg-appliance-repair.ca. You’ve decided to change the washer on your idler shaft. Let me explain you how easy that job is to do. We need a ¼ inch nut driver, may need a pair of Channellock pliers, the smaller the better, and a small flat blade screwdriver. pair     of Channellock
Let me explain you how it’s done.

Very first step in this repair is to disconnect the power of your appliance.

everything lined

If your dryer has a cord on it simply unplug it; if it has a disconnect switch, locate that switch and turn it off, just verify that there is no power going to your dryer. Okay, the next step we need to do is to remove these quarter inch hex head screws, we’ll just take these three out, and we’ll tilt that access cover out of the way.

With the access panel removed you can now see where the washer is located, it’s held in place with this e-ring; remove that with a small flat blade screwdriver.
access    panel
You can slide the washer off of the shaft.
We’ll take our new fibre washer, slide it over the shaft, and then reinstall that e-ring into the groove on that shaft.
You may be able to push it on with your fingers, if not take a pair of Channellock pliers and gently squeeze between the edge of the shaft and the edge of the washer until it snaps into place.

Your repair is complete. Now we’ve got everything lined up again, we close up our cover, reinstall the three ¼ inch hex head screws. Now We’re ready to put the dryer back into position, reconnect the vent, plug it in, and we give it a drive. And that is just how easy it was to change the washer on your idler shaft.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your repair.