Frigidaire Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Door Strike

we’d like to explain you how to change a door latch strike on your dishwasher.

the action

It’s a really easy job. Let me explain you how we do it.

this repair

To do this repair, we will need to pull the dishwasher slightly out of the cabinetry.

We’ll need to disconnect the mounting screws that secure those mounting brackets to the bottom of your countertop and there should be enough play in your drain hose, your fill hose and the electrical line to allow you to pull it ahead three or four inches so that we can access the mounting screws on the top.Once we’ve pulled that dishwasher far enough forward we can access these mounting screws, pull that insulation back out of the way. We’re going to unlatch the door first and then we’ll remove these two screws.Then tilt that latch assembly up, pull it through the opening, discard the old one. little bit of adjustment in
The new one may look different than the original.
We want to make sure that we mount it so that it tips down through that opening and then we’ll lay it flat, to line up with those two locating tabs. that dishwasher
We’ll reinstall those mounting screws.

We won’t tighten those screws just yet. There’s a little bit of adjustment in that mounting bracket.
We’ll start with trying to center it over those locating tabs first.Tighten screws securely then just check the action of that door latch to make sure that it holds the door snug.
Make sure there isn’t any excess movement in that door.

If so, you’ll need to loosen those screws and pull the assembly back just slightly to tighten it up. Once we’ve done thatWe’re now ready to prepare that dishwasher to put it back in the cabinets. Now we’re ready to reattach the mounting brackets and our repair is complete.