Frigidaire vs Whirlpool Dishwashers

What is your opinion of Frigidaire vs Whirlpool dishwashers? Whirlpool’s $600 conventional washer ranked 19th in Consumer Reports for 2014. How did Frigidaire do? The Frigidaire Gallery washer rated 22nd. Frigidaire did best when it came to washing and ease of use.

I wonder what Whirlpool did well at. Whirlpool’s washer did well when it came to washing and energy usage. It wasn’t as good when it came to noise level. I’m surprised neither of them rated higher.

The Frigidaire

Kenmore took the top two spots in that category.

The three hundred dollar Frigidaire did get the third from worst review.
conventional dishwasher rated
That’s probably because it was the cheap one. Consumer Reports says a lot of decent dishwashers do a good job for just $600. The only model Consumer Reports said to stay away from was a Fagor. What’s wrong with Fagor?

That one was so bad it couldn’t even keep the spray inside the dishwasher. If cheap is bad, then I should go with the premium Whirlpool Gold or Frigidaire Gallery. The Whirlpool Gold conventional dishwasher rated 48th. It’s only a touch better than the Miele Diamond.

It sounds like the gold and silver and gemstone models are named by marketing, not according to their quality. The Frigidaire Gallery is cheaper, but it came in 57th. At least it is not bad. One of the Whirlpool Gold models managed to rate 68th.

The Frigidaire Professional rated 73rd. The Frigidaire Gallery
Not very professional of their marketing department. Another Whirlpool washer that costs around nine hundred dollars came in 61st. A Smeg washer rated better than it.
Smeg sounds like that fake cuss word from the British sci-fi explain Red Dwarf.

At least it couldn’t get worse. The Blomberg dishwashers were all uniformly lousy. They were all in the bottom ten, out of about a hundred dishwashers that were reviewed.

Then I’ll get a Frigidaire with a higher rating.