GE Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Heating Element (GE # WD05X10010)

we’d like to explain you how to choose a heating element on your dishwasher. It’s a really easy job let me explain you how we do it.

Now before we begin this repair the first thing we’ll need to do is to disconnect power to the dishwasher. have those
Locate your electrical panel, turn off the appropriate breaker or remove the appropriate fuse, and then we’re ready to begin the repair.
Now with the dishwasher pulled out of the cabinets, our next step will be to open up remove all the dishes in the dish washer as well as the lower rack. and install the new
We’ll set that aside and then we’re going to tilt that dishwasher on each side so that we remove that heating up.
Now with the dish washer on its side you now have access to the terminals for that element.

We’ll start by removing the wires and then the retaining nuts that secure to the tub. and install the new one
A large adjustable wrench it’s probably the best tool for removing those. I will stand the dishwasher up long enough that we can pull that element through from the inside of the top and install the new one.
Next we’ll just lift those terminals at the base of the tub and then we need to detach it from these mounts that are secured to the side of the tub.
Just flex that element enough that you can pull it a little there. We’ll discard the old one before we install the new.

Make sure that the gaskets are in place and that the surface of the tub or that gasket is going to seat is clean and dry. Position the element around the two holders, and push the ends down through the openings in the tub, and that will stay in place until we turn the dishwasher over and secure with mounting nuts from above. Next we’ll install those mounting nuts. There’s a line that end of the element up is close to the center of the opening as possible. Tighten them securely. Once we have those both secure, we can reinstall the wires to those terminals.

the center of the opening

We can then stand our dishwasher up, push it back into the cabinets or reconnect the inlet water supply and then we turn that water supply and then make sure that we have no leaks, then reconnect our drain and then we’re ready to reconnect the electrical.

Now with the dishwasher secure in the cabinets, we’ve checked for leaks and verified our drain hose is connectedWe’re ready to put the rack back in place. We’re going to turn the power back on and your repair is complete.