HOT TOOLS PRO vs REVLON 🔥 One-step Volumizing Hair Dryer Brush (Volumizer Demo Review) SHORT HAIR

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My name is Summer and we’re going to be putting the hot tools one-step blow-dryer against it the Revlon one-step flow dryer we’re gonna see which one is better which one performs under the heat and under the pressure of a head-to-head battle I am excited to be putting these ones head-to-head this is the hot tools one-step blow-dryer and this is my beloved Revlon one-step styler in volumizer this has been my tried and trued go-to dryer for about a year now he even lost it once I left it in a hotel in Montreal and then had to buy another one because I could not get by without it a blow dryer and round brush just do not do my hair justice I am very passionate about the fact that I believe everybody needs one of these in their life and it’s like the same exact thing they’re almost the same price this was just about ten dollars more and I can usually find this one on sale for about $10 less than its retail price so about $20 difference if you can get this one on sale that for me is a big plus I am a budget conscious and so if I can get a similar or pretty much the same product for $20 deeper I will do that every single time but let’s take a look at the size they are literally the same exact size I will say the hot tools has a nine foot cord and this one the Revlon is about two feet shorter so if length of the cord is important to you go with the hot tools because it is quite a bit longer now the shape is exactly the same the shape of the oval is exactly the same it’s got the same bristle that has the soft four bristles and the harder bristles it’s got these same venting it in exactly the same place in exactly the same shape even down to like the detailing of how it’s put together is exactly the same we’ve got the off cool and high functions I am going to be shocked if they perform drastically different I have a feeling they’re going to explain up the same way my hair will look the same I won’t have to redo it which will be so so nice but we’re gonna put it to the test the first thing I do before even setting foot next to my heat tools is put a heat protectant on my hair this is the launch rival heat protectant I like it a lot it smells really good and it works so those are like the main things about a product that I look for it does it work is it affordable am I gonna like the way it smells I’m gonna grab my favorite brush this is the Kristin s brush it’s a explainer brush you can use with wet hair it’s similar to a wet brush brush this outer hair super easy without pulling and damaging it and so it’s just brush this guy out then we’re gonna part it in the middle so we can kind of have I’m gonna leave I’m gonna leave this loose part for you guys okay hair is parted we’re gonna do half with the hot tools half with the Revlon I always pull my hair up and do it in sections so I will say the thing that I’m really interested to experience is the heat the Revlon does get really really hot I think that’s the main complaint that I hear from people and the thing that I kind of struggle with but for me it’s worth it all the other bonuses and pluses and positives way outweigh the heat and I just make sure that I use a heat protectant and then I’ll switch it to cool and let it cool down as I find as I finished blow-drying a section and that kind of helps me manage the heat so I’m gonna do the Revlon first and we’re gonna see how the Hot Tools holds up there we go so here’s kind of the gold standard it’s soft its smooth the ends are not frizzy they’re kind of nice and flat that’s what I kind of struggle with is frizzy hair because my hair’s naturally wavy as you can see over here getting this and to kind of smooth out is what I find really important I don’t want to have to use a lot of extra heat with a flatiron to get that done and the red one does it really really nicely so let’s throw on the Hot Tools I will say that there’s like a smell to it this isn’t gonna make any sense to anybody else but it smells like plants to me growing up my mom did interior landscaping so it smells like plants spray or like the moss that you put in the bottom of the pots don’t ask me why I put that together but it’s not like a baby it is a little it’s a little strong but it’s not like an overpowering chemical artificial like danger sense that I get it’s just probably something where you’re heating up a tool for the first time and it is going to have a certain smell but it’s certainly not like super Pleasant I don’t remember the Revlon having that however I’ve had it for like six months so honestly I don’t even I couldn’t tell you either way I’m gonna have to say I’m pretty impressed but not surprised because it’s literally the same exact tool like it looks exactly the same but it’s also performing exactly the same now neither of them have really heated up too much yet so we’re gonna keep on going and I will check back in and let you guys know how it’s going with the heat comparison this one’s starting to get warm it’s not like uncomfortable yet but it is getting pretty warm this one’s getting a little bit more volume in like middle of the hair area this one’s a little bit more straight but that could also be because I’m just using two different hands and so it’s just gonna be different well I’m using the same hand but it’s different positioning on different side you know what I’m talking about okay this site is done this is the red one side it’s really nice and smooth I don’t like it to have too much volume so we do like that about this one the handle right here at the top gets really really warm that’s where I notice most of the heat so I’m gonna pay special attention to this guy and see what happens okay all done I would say they’re pretty comparable this Revlon sign is just a tad bit more frizzy so I will say that the Hot Tools did a better job at kind of calming that frizz and making it more sleek and smooth it did get less hot so if your it did get less hot so if you are concerned about damage to your hair if you have dry brittle hair if you have bleached hair all of those things that make your hair more susceptible to breaking I would for sure go with the Hot Tools it’s a little bit more expensive but I think that it’s going to in the end protect your hair just a little bit better than the red one like I said they’re literally built the same I think the heat is maybe the difference in this one that’s changing the outcome in the ends of my hair and just the user experience of having that hot tool in your hand now the Revlon works beautifully you guys know that I have seen some sung its praises that’s the right word song it’s praises endlessly I think it’s still fantastic but I think when you go head to head performance-wise Hot Tools has a tiny tiny edge like this is still really hot to the touch and this one’s pretty cool and who knows it could be because this one’s just older I’ve used it more it’s more worn in but as far as first impressions go comparing this one to this one this one’s a little bit a tiny edge over user experience but it is a higher price point so for you it’s just a matter of deciding which one’s more important to you so there you go I hope this was useful I hope it’s helpful when you guys are deciding which one to purchase I’d love to hear your thoughts which one would be the one that you would pick based on my so thanks so much for reading and I will see you guys next time

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