How Do I Know if My Refrigerator Compressor is Bad?

it back in, unfortunately it

Uh oh, I am having trouble with my refrigerator. What are the symptoms? Well doc, it doesn’t appear to be keeping things cold. Yes, it seems to becoming
In addition, the refrigerator is making a noise.

It could be the compressor.
Have you tried to find out where the noise is coming from? Yes, it seems to becoming from inside the refrigerator. Look inside and locate the compressor.

It is a small football sized case. I did do that already.
OK once since I have found it. Now what do I do? Is the noise coming from the compressor itself? Is it humming or rattling? Yes, it is. Should I be shaking in my boots? Not yet you shouldn’t. There are a few things you can try first. touch it may
Such as? Try unplugging the refrigerator first.
Then put your hand on the compressor. If it is hot to the touch it may be overheating.

You can keep the refrigerator unplugged for a while and then plug it back in. I will do so, kind appliance doctor. If it is still making the noise when you plug it back in, unfortunately it may be time for a new compressor.

Wouldn‘t it be cheaper just to buy a new refrigerator? Yes, it may be cheaper to buy a new refrigerator. The compressor is the main part of the refrigerator and it is expensive.

I hope the unplugging it solution works. I hope it does too, because whether you choose to buy a new fridge or fix the compressor it is bound to be expensive.
I am getting prepared to shake in my boots! Don’t worry, unplugging it and plugging it back in may help. Sometimes appliances can be glitchy.

Lets hope so Mr. appliance doctor. I don’t want to purchase a new fridge any sooner than I have to.