How Do I Reset My Frigidaire Refrigerator?

How do I reset my Frigidaire refrigerator? If you are referring to a confused control board, unplugging it and plugging it back in is the smart appliance equivalent of a reboot. I don’t know if a power outage caused the problems I’m having in the first place.

The temperatures aren’t right, though.
If there is an on/off button, turn it off. Wait long enough for any charge in a capacitor to forget any wrong settings or temperature profiles and turn it back on.

This is like resetting my iPhone to return to factory defaults in the hope that it works. Or hitting control – alt – delete to reboot a Microsoft PC. What else could be causing these problems in my new fridge? If it laid on its side during transport, the refrigerant might have shifted and let air in the lines.

Let it stand upright and unplugged for a day before plugging it back in. It shouldn’t have been lying down on the job. Verify that the temperature dial is set to the temperature you want. be causing    these
If it isn’t set to cold, no number of resets will fix it.

What else could it be? If it is a new fridge, it might be a defective one.
It worked for a while.
and plugging it back in
If it is an older fridge, something in it from the temperature sensor to control board to compressors may have gone out. And if it is a mechanical problem, no number of resets will fix it.

Actually, resets may make it worse when turning on and off a motor versus letting it strain to run.
Would resetting the fuses work? Only if the fuses blew in the first place.

And resetting an overload relay on the fridge’s compressor don’t fix whatever electrical or mechanical problem killed it in the first place. At which point, We’re back to calling in a repairman.