How to Fit a Dishwasher Spray Nozzle

to fit the spray arm

hi I’m Josh from and in this article I’m going to explain you how to fit the spray arm nozzle to the lower spray arm on a dishwasher. Now this is for various models from John Lewis Zanussi and AEG.
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And it’s a part that we’ve received quite a few queries about here spares as to how its correctly fitted. Now this is the part as it’s supplied from the manufacturer and it’s not totally clear when you receive it but I actually has to be cut into two bits in order to be fitted into spray arm. Now we cut through on the part just here right next to this shoulder.

Now you can’t do that using either a hacksaw or a sharp craft knife. are available on the    winnipeg
So I’m going to cut through the plastic and separated it into two bits using the craft knife like so.
Okay so now I’ve cut that in to two bits I’ve got the main nozzle and I’ve got the base.
Now here I have the lower spray arm from one of the relevant models and you can see here that the base from the old nozzle is still intact.

the old nozzle is

Now if it’s the same case for you you don’t need to worry about the base from the new nozzle you can just grab the main nozzle and fit back into the base and you done.

However if it’s the case that the base in the old nozzle has cracked or broken and you going to need to use the base from the new nozzle and fit that into the the spray arm. Now if I just removed this one so i can demonstrate. fit the nozzle
So I can now put the base from the nozzle also into the spray arm like so. Now before I fit on the new nozzle into it I actually need to remove some of the material from the inside if the base and this is in order to actually create the space to push the nozzle down into it.

So now i’ve fitted into the Spray arm so I can hold on to it properly.
I’m just going to grab my craft knife again and very carefully just cut round the inside if the base and just take off enough plastic until theres room to fit the new nozzle into it. So now I’ve trimmed the material from the base I can’t fit the nozzle into it I’m not sometimes a good idea just to trim any excess material from around the edges the nozzle as well and that just make sure that it’s really easy to push down into the base. And then once you’ve done not you can just push it all the way down as far as it’ll go until these clips either side grip onto the shoulder of base like so.

And that’s it, one new spray arm nozzle fitted.
Now of course if you don’t fancy trying to fit the nozzle on its own you can also buy the complete spray arm assembly from And that’s with the nozzles already fitted. Spares for l dish washers and other appliances are available on the website thanks for reading