How to Fix Broken Plastic Car Parts with Super Glue

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one, two, three, four! Rev up your engines! It’s time for the Scotty Kilmer website if you’ve ever had plastic parts break off on your car and you don’t want to buy an $800 replacement part, stay tuned because I’m going to explain you how to use Q bond nanotechnology to glue it back together, now there’s all kinds of super glues out there, but what makes the Q bond interesting is, it comes with this black reinforcing nano powder that makes it super strong when you’re done, and I’ll explain you how it works in this old dash, where one of the mounting tabs is broken off and it won’t bolt in anymore now like any superglue, first you get the glue and you put a few dots on the piece of glues on, then you go to the piece that it glues on, push it on and hold it in place for a couple of minutes, so the superglue part dries, this only took about a minute and it’s on there pretty hard now you can’t move it, but we’re going to make it even stronger, we take the bonding powder and then sprinkle some all over the ridge like that, the bonding powder is really small so when we put the glue on top of it, it bonds together and makes a super hard connection just like a weld, now as we drip the glue on it’s just like a weld, it sucks it all together and when it dries it’s hard as steel and this Q bond dries really fast, within a couple of minutes you can get a file and you can file it smooth if you want it smooth, that’s how fast it dries, now I only have one warning when this stuff is drying it gives up some nasty fumes and gets hot, so don’t get your eyes or nose close, I did that once and I was tearing for 10 minutes, so needless to say it’s a good idea to use this stuff outside and not inside a closed area and now after a couple of minutes as you can see it’s dry it’s actually stronger than the original plastic is, this baby is never going to break again, now sure you can’t use this stuff to fix the whole side of a car that smashed in, but for fixing stuff like dashes and door handles this stuff is amazing, but perhaps the best use is when you have a piece of plastic but you don’t have all the piece, you put a little tape behind the piece and then tape it close to the piece where it broke off of, leaving a gap, apply the powder all in the gap then drip the glue on the powder and voila it’s welded on nice and tight and you can put it back on, even though some of the part was gone, so the next time something plastic breaks on your car don’t replace it fix it, and remember if you’ve got any car questions just visit the Scotty Kilmer website and I’ll answer them as soon as I get back having some fun!

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