How to Identify LG Washing Machine Error Codes

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Welcome to In this article will be explaining how to identify an error code on an LG washing machine. Important: Before replacing a part in any electrical appliance you must ensure that the appliance is first unplugged from the mains.

Many machines may indicate a error code if the machine has a problem. This will be displayed as a digital code of two letters.

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If you check the error number it should indicate the area of the problem.

Error codes are a guide and can mislead but should be used to help look in the correct area to identify what is going wrong. Here are the typical error codes used in most LG washing machines Error CL: child lock active. To turn it off check your instructions or check the markings on the control panel.

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as by holding these buttons for a few seconds you could turn this on or off. Error IE: inlet error. The machine has not filled within the allowed time check for a trapped or kinked fill hose.

Error OE: Output error. The machine has not been able to empty check for a blocked filter or something in the pump.
Error DE: Door error. Check the door is shut correctly, suspect the lock if the problem continues.

Error LE: lock error If the door closes correctly suspect the lock Error UE: unbalance error. check the wash load can lay a similar weight of items around the drum as if it cannot the machine will not spin. part in any electrical appliance
Error SE: Sensor error.(motor) check the motor sensor connections or the control panel. Error CE::Current error (motor) can be the motor, connections or the controlled board. Error FE: Filling error The machine has overfilled check the valves stop the water.
Error TE: Temperature error.

The water sensor is indicating the water is outside is acceptable range try replacing the sensor. Error PE: Pressure switch error. The readings from the pressure switch are not correct check the pressure tube for blockages, if this is OK suspect the pressure switch.

Remember to use these errors as a guide to the area the problem. correct check the pressure
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