How to Remove Car Dents Fast

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rev up your engines, I’m gonna answer the question can you actually suck dents out of your vehicle, now this Toyota has a giant dent pushed in here let’s see what happens, first we’ll just what the suction cup they always work better when they’re wet, then we’ll just put it on the dented area squeeze it tight, now it’s on nice and tight, then we pull it out huh, then we release it, now it’s flush again, suction power can do a lot especially in flatter areas like that, but you can get these things in various sizes, you get larger ones medium ones, a little small ones and here’s a trick I learned years ago, boil some water on your stove in a big pan and pour it all over the dent area, then put the suction cup on and it will hold better, plus the heat often and makes the metal get more flexible so it’ll pop out better, this hot water method works especially well on these stupid plastic bumper assemblies, their always getting dinged and pushed in and hey they’re plastic, you get them hot a little suction, a lot of times boom you can pull the stuff out without having to pull the whole bumper out and then bash it from the inside and fixing it that way, as you can see it can be a royal pain taking all the parts apart, jacking the car up in the air, pulling a tire off, reaching inside and removing all the fasteners, so you can get the bumper to come apart and try to fix it from the inside, when you have small dents like hail damage, here’s another trick, you hook it up and you pull up and down on it vigorously to make it pop out, now doing fine work like this you have to do it numerous times, keep putting hot water on it, but eventually you can get a pretty good job just using suction, sure you can feel a tiny little dent here, but it’s a lot shallower than it was to begin with and the advantage of the suction is, if you’re careful and work slowly you’re not gonna chip the paint, if you have a regular dent and you bash it, out then you got to sand it down to bare metal, repaint it and of course since the human eye can see millions of gradations of color, you’ll never match the paint perfectly without painting the entire car, so really a little hot water, a little suction cup tool, and a little bit of elbow grease you can often get your car looking a lot better for practically nothing, the water is practically free and these suction cups hey their like eight or ten bucks they hardly cost anything and since this is mechanic Monday, I’m giving away a set of these dent pulling suction cups, to have a chance to win just placed a clean non offensive comment on website comments below, and the winner will be randomly chose by computer to get some nice suction cups to make your car look better, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair articles, remember to ring that Bell!

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