How to Replace a Dishwasher Door Hinge Lever on a Hotpoint Dishwasher

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If your dishwasher door isn’t opening and closing properly, it may well be a problem with the hinge. The hinges can get damaged if the door is over-extended.

In this article, I’m going to explain you how to replace the hinge. If the door’s not locking correctly, it could well be a problem with the catch or the door lock mechanism . You can see me in another article replacing those two parts. Now, to get at the hinge I’m going to need to remove this side panel and to do that I’m going to need to remove the top plate and this kick plate at the bottom. Let’s start with the top panel. in the
There we go, that’s the last screw holding the side plate on.

Here you can see the hinge and the spring. They are available as separate parts, and I’m just going to replace the hinge.

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Normally they come as a left and a right sold separately so make sure you get the right one. Ok, so let’s just uncouple the spring…just lift the spring off. It should just come away from the hinge and then the hinge itself should just unhook from the door.

And now I’m just going to need to remove this locking washer. And then the hinge should just slide off.

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There we go. It should
So I’ve got my left hand hinge, left hand as I’m looking at the appliance, and I just need to put this one back on in the same way as the other one came off.

Hook onto the door, put the new locking washer on. There
we go, that’s now firmly in place. I just lift the door shut and before I put the spring on I just get a bit of grease from the old hinge and put that there where the hinge hooks over.

Put the top part back where it was. That’s now working perfectly, we just need to replace the panels. There we go, that’s our new hinge fitted. And that’s working fine.
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