How to replace a dishwasher fascia plate on a Hotpoint dishwasher

Hi, I’m Matt from The face plate or fascia panel is one of the most easily damaged parts on a dishwasher. This is used as the handle for opening and closing the door and can very easily crack here.

Good news is, it’s incredible simply to replace and I’m going to explain you how to replace the fascia plate on this Hotpoint dishwasher.

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Obviously do make sure that you unplug from the mains before you begin any work. Ok, all I need to do is to start by unscrewing these screws here on the door.

Ok, that should give me enough room to be able to remove the face plate.
Do just be careful with this metal ledge here, it’s very sharp so if you get your fingers caught underneath it can cut them. door, uncouple these wires
Now all I need to do is just work the face plate away from the door, uncouple these wires and then I’m just going to need to unscrew the door lock mechanism and the PCB so that I can attach them onto the new face plate.

Just be careful with the circuit board as you remove it from the old fascia. You will need that switch…just pop that into the new one and let’s start by putting the door lock mechanism back in place. And now the PCB. need to do is to
Again, just be really careful as you put that back in…so that’s the PCB back in.

Just clip these wires into here so that they are not flapping around and let’s put the fascia back into the door. Again, just do be careful of this sharp edge.

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Make sure we get the door lock underneath.

Ok, there we go. We just need to put these screws back in and seal the door back up.
need to do is
There we go, looks as good as new.
Thanks for reading.