Jenn Air Refrigerator Ice Maker Troubleshooting

Regardless of refrigerator brand, the ice maker seems to be the component that gives consumers the most trouble. forums where users compare notes
Ice clumps together, it doesn’t dispense, it melts, or the ice maker doesn’t make ice are the most common complaints regarding refrigerator ice makers. While this can be more than annoying, Jenn Air refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting steps may help to resolve the issues you are having with your ice maker. Before calling in service personnel, review the troubleshooting steps in your user manual. in service
The following tips may also help to resolve some of these issues.

If your ice cubes are hollow or smaller than normal, the issue could be that you do not have enough water pressure.

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There could also be a kink in the water line behind the refrigerator. However, if you have low water pressure, you may never get the full use of your water dispenser and ice maker. You may need to call a plumber if this is the problem. Jenn Air refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting steps are fairly simple.

If your ice maker has been working normally but is no longer producing or dispensing ice, there are several simple solutions for this.

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Most refrigerator ice makers have a wire shut off arm so that when the ice bin is full, the component will cease to make ice. If something has bumped the arm, it may be in the off position. Check this if your ice maker is not producing any ice at all. If there is ice in the bin but it won’t dispense, there may be a jam in the ice chute.

Another possibility is that ice has clumped together in the bin and is too big to drop through the chute.
This happens with all models and is easy to fix.
Just be careful when you break up the ice in the bin.

Do not use a sharp object as you could inadvertently damage the ice maker. Sometimes just shaking the bin a little will cause the ice to break up.
If you need to use an implement, choose a plastic utensil to help break up the ice. You will find other Jenn Air refrigerator ice maker troubleshooting steps in the user manual and online at Jenn Air’s website.

There are also numerous online forums where users compare notes, and talk about certain problems regarding their appliances. ice maker seems to be
You may find that others are having the exact same problem you are having, and they may have suggestions for how to remedy the situation.