Jenn Air Refrigerator Troubleshooting

Jenn Air refrigerator troubleshooting is a necessity. Learning how to fix the many issues the unit has will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in repair costs.
The first step in troubleshooting is learning about your unit. Read the manual to learn the names and location of each part. This will help you greatly during the repair process.

There are some minor issues that come up that do not require a pricey repairman.
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If you are having cooling trouble you will need to open the refrigerator and freezer to see if there is food pressing against the sides or back. This is important because too much food in your unit can cause poor circulation of air.

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It can also prevent air from flowing properly.

Try to position food items away from vents, which may help improve air circulation. If there is still a problem you may need to check for ice or frost buildup on the walls or ceiling of the freezer. That is an indicator of a defrost issue. Remove all food items from the freezer and unplug the unit.

If you would like to speed up the defrosting process you can use a hair dryer. This will melt the ice and allow the unit to go back to normal. This Jenn Air refrigerator troubleshooting technique is a temporary fix. Look over the door seals to be sure they are working correctly.

Improperly working door seals may cause the doors to remain open. This will cause the temperature inside the unit to go up. The appliance has to work twice as hard to keep everything cool, which will result in frozen food in the refrigerator section. This can be prevented by making sure there are no food items pressing against the doors of the unit. Also be sure the door seals are properly aligned.

Other Jenn Air refrigerator troubleshooting issues may require you to check the power outlet where the unit is plugged in.

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There may be an issue with the outlet and not the actual unit.
Test it by plugging a lamp or other electrical item into the socket to see if it works.