Let’s Play 7 Days to Die Part 8 – 7 DAY HORDE (7 Days to Die Gameplay – Alpha 14)

day hoard all

what is up guys 2HandGaming and welcome back to 7 days to die it is day 6 and tomorrow we’ll be fighting seven-day horde damn that will be so interesting damn it dude don’t moan you aren’t having sex yet tomorrow we’re gonna fuck a lot of zombies up and I can’t wait yeah I survived well what they could just disappear for a second there god damn these women zombies so rude what what is this fun pimps picture game please or you will suffer the same fate as this woman all right and tomorrow we’ll be spending the whole day just searching for ammo or anything that will possibly help us that means bullets iron for arrows as you can see we’re going to have some cleaning to do this was refreshing I can do this all day anyway I speed up the time a little bit so we can get that seven-day order as soon as possible well the seven day or is the most interesting thing that can happen in this game think about it we’re building for seven days and then you get wrecked by Sonny horde we’re going to take care of this city and tomorrow we will go to that army cabin we were two episodes ago i think i will find some good amount of ammo there maybe even some weapon shotgun will be so nice yeah jackpot I get some bullets now well it’s not much but then the millimeter really I don’t even have a part for SGA yet oh my god haha this house this house is amazing first I find some bullets than an ak-47 schematics oh god I love the schematics yeah god I can’t walk for five minutes but all stumbling on this pathetic zombie horde this isn’t the floored I want my full horde this is campus Oh ship what up what why was this no warning no nothing these zombie dogs oh my god they’re all so strong and they’re freakin ninjaz look at this guy do just walk a little slower thank you hey these guys leave me alone I want to sell it Oh God on this now kill you all clock here what do you want to bring crippled die you piece of shit and you you’re like I don’t give a shit more cripples God down stop moving just die already I’m so pissed I my temperature went up ok and this evening I have to go back maybe these zombies have something good on them good old home ok day six best I get a bunch of nice thinks this day look at this pain killers some ammo some LED item is this is all good shit even coffee oh god I’m gonna need some coffee tomorrow and I even have some human thirds which I’m going to throw at that freaking zombie horde they’re going to learn what they’re dealing with just you wait sprint why are you doing here fuck you splint I don’t need you oh shit its night I’m gonna have to be careful I gotta salvage all this brass now I’m going to make some fine bullets out of that one day anyway I’m going to need a lot of Irem arrowheads now the bad thing is i don’t have any feathers tomorrow we’ll get a bunch of feathers on our way to army camp oh my not this amount 100 yes this will be enough all right i need a lot of minutes which means i’m going to get infected I won’t be taking antibiotics just yet because probably i’m going to get infected tomorrow also so I’m just going to save them but i’m going to take them anyway take take some of that vitamin C in a way to take all the bandages and the painkillers I want the health first date – I can’t save it forever with all that shit on the hotbar oh I even found iron reinforce club which is going to prove useful I bet oh yeah I’m gonna need a lot of beverage tomorrow one that boosts your seminar that means coffee and beer oh I get more of those coffee beans take them off come here it’s that day in a way to make that coffee six coffee yeah make them all anyway while that is growing let’s go to army camp Oh God guys just let me go I think these guys will just follow me to the end of the world I have to take care of this oh is that a dog where are you running dog come here yeah that’s my boy not my boy anymore anyway back to the zombies any more of your freaks or you’re hitting my hospital not on my read come here you fat bitch oh god I hate these melee weapons there aren’t useful as the bow and arrow just look and I’m gonna dial I hate melee weapons fuck you dude oh my god this game fuck you what is wrong with this game I even broke my leg for no reason now I need to make a splint damn it anyway this is getting ridiculous I need to go to army camp a sup ship it’s a screamer kill that bitch no she screamed she’s summoned even more all right guys it’s about to get real I need to go I don’t have time for this drink that pain killer yeah swallow that shit like i said i need to take every better i can get fuck you burn nest fuck you all right is this fucking by oh man they call my fucking clothes off yeah look at that sexy body anyway let’s go to that army camp I got some pillaging to do I can barely breathe in here it’s so hot Oh got shit you startled me oh shit this is harder than I thought oh yeah these army camps they have land mines so be careful see there will help me so much take down the zombie or just just farm that shit so easy to pick them up all right i’m about to die from heat stroke it again and it .
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up not now please oh it’s there okay shit where’s the ammo box come on come on where are you bitch how are your not here they’re supposed to be in here got-dammit game just help me out a little bit oh my god i’m suffering from his stroke I need to get out of here fuck that shit go back to home these land mines will pro so useful it’s like I don’t even need that mo anymore all right i mean this biome again let’s go and find a tear drop tonight is coming soon and I’m going to be slaughtered if I don’t go up to my base come on dude chill the fuck up teardrop is right there come on Oh God the airdrop is literally just next to my house how cool is that I’m so lucky but what the hell I’m not lucky in games look there’s a supply right there Oh a case talk shit dude do you know how hard it is to find that shit anyway antibiotics first eight painkillers all I need all right it is night soon the seven-day hoard is upon us I can’t wait to kick some zombie ass club get out of here I don’t even need you your shit all right my arrow heads are done my coffee is done i’m making throwing more arrows I got like thirty five bullets some beer and landmines a lot of them and finally i got a bunch of meds oh god this is gonna be so good anyway I can’t rest yet I need to take care of this this entrance to my base if they smell me up here which they probably will I mean the dogs obviously they’re going to come up here so I know I need to upgrade this door all right i can shoot through here it’s gonna be so much fun all right 7-day hard here we come yeah oh god that noise I’m getting shivers no don’t touch my he’ll bail fuck you take the third god damn zombies all shit they’re tearing up my house all right this is the plan the hospital it it can withstand a lot of hits so don’t worry about that I worry about the dog that will come up here and the strays amies all i need is to survive until morning in the morning everything will be so much easier you will see come on morning you can do it god damn zombies need to call my he’ll bail i need to make another jump at okay the good thing is they are occupied down there are spinning in place running circles come on four more hours you can do it i believe in your morning oh shit we go astray one I told you guys these guys can go through everything god damn these cripples you are the smartest the strongest this should be nervous anyway the morning is just around the corner alright this morning let’s go down there and wreck these fools are your bitch oh you’re downstairs why don’t you come up here so we can get that bullet in your face I will look another cripple I really have to kill this targets it’s making too much noise yeah get rekt bitch shit the hospital is in ruins not yet not while I’m breeding alright so this is it this is going to be a clusterfuck so you guys can just relax and take a chill pill I’m gonna take care of this okay ok let’s go yeah oh wait I have an idea let’s just lower them all in one place and you will see the magic trick oh I see a dog two dogs are perfect I need to take care of them first so the trick is you need to go around the zombies all the time that way you will get them all in one place and look at this it just put a mind air and you just leave them in one spot how cool is that I hate these crawlers you all deserve the same fate death and destruction it is it I beat the seven-day hoard all crap look at all these corpses so much loot can be get here wait I hear another one this one will get special treatment where are you bitch oh there you are what are you doing sleeping on the couch god damn four bullets how this game so much bugs I love it damn it look look what they have done to my landing area David beat this wall to a pulp anyway I need to repair this so it’s time to hit some grass oh look look who joined the party guys I’m afraid your be too late to a party everybody’s dead weight you’re dead too hi my good old house I love you this episode was the blast guys I had so much fun and i hope you did too because this is for this episode i hope you enjoyed it really if you did leave a like it will help me a lot and as always see you in the next article peace out yeah ok yeah

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