MAL9000AXX – Replacing Your Maytag Dryer’s LP Gas Conversion Kit AP4300814 PS1943997

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I’m going to be explaining you how to install a liquid propane conversion kit the reason why you might have to do this is because your going into an area where you only get liquid propane instead of natural gas For this repair we’ll be using a small phillips head screwdriver a 3/8 inch wrench 5/16 inch nut driver and pair of website locks and a flat head screwdriver WARNING before doing any repairs please disconnect your power source so this is our dryer that we’re going to be using for this demonstration it’s a Maytag keep in mind your dryer might be a little bit different than what we’ve got here but the same technique should still apply the first thing you wanna do is make sure you turn your gas off now we need to disconnect the gas line so we’ve got our website locks here and we’re just going to twist that till you have it lose now that it’s loose we can unscrew it the rest of the way by hand so I’ll be using a phillips head screwdriver and it’s our little short stubby guy cause we’re dealing with an awkward angle and not a lot of space now that we’ve got those screws off we can tilt the front panel forward and those clips will come right out and now we’re going to carefully set this down you still have wires connecting to the front bulkhead so now all we’re going to do is just unplug these two wires here and you can set this bulkhead off to the side so now we’re going to unplug these wires here and now we need to remove these two screws holding this entire assembly down and once you remove those screws you should be able to pick up the burner assembly and carefully pull it out now I want to loosen this screw here and as I loosen this screw I’m going to hold on to the burner assembly because it has the igniter on it and we want to be careful that we don’t drop that or damage it in any way and once we’ve got that off just set that inside the burner tube now I’ll be using a 3/8 inch wrench to loosen the orifice here and once I do a couple turns I should be able to loosen it the rest of the way by hand this is the top part of the gasket right here and remove this cap as well now you can grab your new OEM replacement liquid propane gas kit and if you don’t have one already you can find it at our online store this kit comes with a Type M and a Type K valve depending on what type of dryer you have you’ll use either one of these and it’ll just fit right into the hole that you’re replacing the part in it also comes with this label right here so this label basically explains that the dryer is a liquid propane convert dryer so you’re going to want to attach that on the inside of your dryer as well so for this particular model you’ll be using these two fittings and we’re going to place the top part here with that flat head screwdriver with the piece that corresponds so you’re just going to screw that down all the way and once you have it as tight as you can by hand you’re going to use your screwdriver and tighten it down okay that’s tight and now we’ll put the orifice into place again screwing that down by hand and tightening it on now you can put the burner assembly back into the dryer and you’re going to want to make sure that the long gas tube slides back through the hole in the back of the dryer you’ll want to line up the tab in the slot right there and once those are lined up just move the entire piece so it goes into that slot so once you have it in the slot you’re screw hole should line up nicely and we can screw the assembly back down into place now we can plug these cables back in and we can continue putting the rest of the dryer back together and now we can hook the wires back up so we’re just going to make sure that we’ve got the wires in the same arrangement that they we’re before yellow goes on this side and the blue one goes on this side and now we’re going to want to put the front panel back in place we’re going to do the opposite of what we did to take it off we’re going to pick it up and angle it a bit and just tilt it back until you here both of those clips snap into place then you should be able to close it up and now we can screw the bottom back in so you’re just going to want to make sure the panel is pushed in all the way and once you do that should be able to get the screw started in the hole and now we can just screw it back in now we can reconnect the gas line so we’re just going to line that up and we’ll screw it on by hand as much as we can and now once you have that as tight as you can by hand grab your website locks and finish tightening it the rest of the way now we can turn our gas back on Finally don’t forget to plug in your appliance If you need to replace any parts for your appliances you can find an OEM replacement part on our website Thanks for reading and please don’t forget to like comment and share our article also don’t forget to subscribe to our website your support helps us make more articles just like these for you to read for free.

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