Microwave Charcoal Filter Replacement AVM4160 JVM3160 JNM3161

This article will outline the correct procedure of how to change the charcoal filter in your over-the-range microwave, specifically in the following models: AVM4160, JVM3160, and JNM3161. use and care You will need a phillips head screwdriver and a replacement charcoal filter. To find the proper filter, go to https://winnipeg-appliance-repair.ca/ and type in your microwave model name. The model name and number can be found on the label inside the cavity if your microwave.

Then go to the accessory list and click charcoal filter. Or, you can refer to your use and care manual to direct you to the correct part. First, unplug the unit from the wall. Open the door to your microwave oven. specifically in the following models Remove the two screws attached to the grill as explainn.

You may need to open the cabinet doors to remove the screws. We recommend not using a power screwdriver as this could damage the plastic part. Remove the grill and place it and the screws to the side as they will be needed for replacement later. Press back on the top of the old filter with both hands until the filter lies down almost horizontally.

Next, pull the filter towards you to remove it from the unit. Carefully remove the replacement filter from its packaging. be found on Insert the top of the filter into the grooves on both sides of the top opening. both     hands Once you've cleared the bottom tab, push the bottom of the filter in until it rests vertically in place behind the tab. First, unplug the When properly installed, you'll see the wire mesh of the filter from the front.

Take the grill and hold it in the correct position with both hands. Make sure that the tabs on the grill fit into the spots on the chassis of the microwave. Then replace the screws one at a time to their original positions to hold the grill back in place.

Plug the unit back into the wall.