Microwave Drawer – Top 4 Best Models

Although many kitchens do have

Hi this is John with Designer Appliances we’re gonna be talking about the benefits of microwave drawers and which models you should consider for your home. So first of all, why should you consider a microwave drawer? The main reason for installing a microwave drawer in your home is to save space.

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A typical microwave can take a precious preparation area on your countertop.

Although many kitchens do have over the range microwaves to save space, these units are typically not great a ventilation and you cannot get an over the range microwave for cooking surfaces larger than 30 inches. full suite of Bosch appliances
Next when it comes to installation microwave drawers are extremely flexible. Typically our customers will install their microwave drawers under a countertop surface typically in an island. There’s also the option of stacking with a single oven or warming drawer so all of your cooking appliances are in one place.

Finally microwave drawers are safer and easier to reach. Taking hot and heavy plates out of a microwave that is up high is an accident waiting to happen but as a microwave drawers lower you’ll be able to see better and have more control.
When it comes to selecting the best microwave drawer there’s a few main brands to consider as the pioneer of microwave drawers we think sharp should be at the top of your list. In addition to offering the largest selection of sizes and models, SHARP supplies all the vital components that other manufacturers use in their own products.

So no matter which microwave drawer you buy you’re essentially getting a SHARP. Our best-selling Sharp microwave drawer is the SMD2470ASY. So first of
The microwave features an impressive thousand watts of power and utilizes a hidden folding control panel allowing the microwave to blend seamlessly into any kitchen design.
If you’re purchasing full kitchen worth of appliances, you may want to consider purchasing a microwave drawer that matches the brand of the rest of the appliances in your package.

In addition to matching the design of the rest of the appliances, you’ll also typically save money when you buy multiple appliances from the same brand. For example when you purchase a full suite of Bosch appliances, you’ll receive up to 15% off your entire package including your microwave drawer. microwave drawers and which
Similar types of promotions are available from Thermador, Viking, Wolf, Jenn-Air and Decor.

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