MUTANTS – CLASSIC MARVEL RPG EPISODE 37 the trust of a crimelord

can track the gunpowder smell

tunnels the trolls lab RPG I love Fred means good just painting the other way for next time I’m just letting you know yeah I can’t do anything about malice it’s canceled but yeah it’s explaining tunnels and trolls when it explained the image tells the trolls know it okay the title well the final it says tunnels and trolls yeah that’s a picture of the image classic Marvel superheroes role-playing game episode 37 well ok everyone if you’re reading hopefully we’re reading the right one will be on soon I guess yeah how you change it afterwards here that’s all if I can do it I’ll fix it next time Oscar had to follow her she wanted to go over and look at my bike okay Oh see what flavors was I just bribe the random one out of my name’s trick kiwi strawberry yeah I know care one we’re gonna be come on that over a little bit Oh I gotta move the camera a little bit does right now there is no bill I can tell nope crabby it’s just happening maybe move the camera closer to the microwave oh nice I can see your head bill who’s mine ready yep are we on No now I’m gonna have to stop it No well I don’t yeah yeah we’re not even oh what a beat to use no matter what we’re not it doesn’t explain anything right now it’s a live event will begin in 3 minutes and 31 seconds now assess tunnels and rolls off string we all he’s it’s on in there okay there we go so it didn’t have the image of before so just to the fatal now way back okay it seems a little more crowded than normal yeah it does I’ll see you ever must read chat can better no one’s covered by their pictures only Lynette call me what she means really forward and down trying to look like a searcher okay welcome back to I don’t care what they tell you on a the title Marvel superheroes we will fix this later on for people wanting to view it in the copy fix this nothing likes me there’s not funny there we go the title thing is some confusion when I reset I was trying to find a way to set both our pages titles up ahead of time and I guess you got the teller I got the to reverse probably there’s no reason we would have should’ve done that but like I said I’m learning the new system so going on with this who in this group does power stumps basically using your powers in ways mystic wool luna skinwalker um others can try power sons for stuff this is the power step form you will write the power you usually begin with it’s a shape shift or dark force control what you’re doing like making a spike ball but you’ve already done that so you have to worry about that way but all new ones where I told you you have to spin 100 karma to do it you have to do it 10 times this is where you keep track of that here here and here that’s so you keep track easier is going like well how many more times I have to do this before it says permanent did you lock the front door Devin yeah she’s very mad at me for it she wouldn’t have minded if I’d not run that thing you wanted me to do but you know that’s just how she feels about now wondering what’s going on uh-huh well this morning to start with you guys get called into the conference room by the general general happy Sam you still don’t know why they gave him that name you’ve never seen her smile must be most sarcastic things you used to do in the past said understand that in your world you’re trying to find food Cirque ISM was a luxury left for humans and then when the room we go what are you – yeah you are music humans very modified mutant even on that um far as you know there’s a good chance you’re also immune that’s why your powers don’t always work and there is no professor Eck’s yet to teach you this is before then you don’t forget mutants started kind of in the Egyptian area yes markers markers markers why is it always murderers oh that’s Marsha Marsha Marsha sorry Cory gets right well please I got mine over here in case I want to draw stuff because I brought out the old board I told you how many times it never changes blue or red or black flex Mike you want more choices you got to go by OMA and that is an option you can you up by your own sharpies if you want they’re not sure you’re not sharpies um color babies that’s right I see them at the dollar store dry erase markers yep they have more colors available I may do that I’m missing my black one though No from the smaller second or look like you have to box in the rice-a-roni down man oh yeah rice-a-roni ah they’re good but then I have to stop talking and that’s kind of a difficult breath to go in this game I couldn’t make more coffee what I’ll do it later hey everyone you got a headache going already we gotta beat you just a little bit Mike might get upset he’d be feeling that he got left out I will just tell him yes you were in the wrong game your choice you know you can tell everyone in your game to just screw off and come to a real one that’s on the air I’m sorry it’s kinda like heroin huh I kicked Dede years ago this is my methadone clinic we can game without the D&D because then every couple weeks they put out a whole new drug man they got to start everything over again now finders out as much stakes I basically they took a point of DFD and said this is it we’re not going any further then they said okay let’s have these things okay he called you guys into the room everyone here anyone trying to play hooky yeah i disgust you with the situation last time yesterday that we need you to befriend a certain despicable person but that’s sometimes how war goes I read through you your reports well you guys have been here in the last week and it actually looks like you guys got lucky you’ve been already facing a group that is also causing this crime lord problems yeah you go ahead and finish them off and take the pressure off him he may be willing to see you for a visit and then you need to be friendly no matter how hard it is because we have no idea what’s direction to go and we’ll never catch up to the Nazis we can’t just blow all of them up in every warehouse in the country they won’t just all get in there for you so you big guy see what’s up to you not truly just physically looks up to you walks up to you and taps you in the chest yeah you have been a rather talkative with a certain prisoner of ours Georgie yes even got a nickname for him apparently are you comfortable with this oh yeah hmm hey try killing my two girls over here well I don’t see a problem with it kind of points out that you might be perfect for this mission um he’s somehow connected I know he owes other people I know yes so see what you can work with him get ourselves some advantage and go I’ll clean up the table and maybe we can actually get this mission moving without having to do criminal activities as favors to get where we are excuse me I can do that we eliminate his competition give him a bit of help now like we work in a write rest them to begin with huh so get to work then he leaves out the room when you’re when your other game character fetch it but that’s how this get this one you can sit here maybe max you know each fruit sometimes he has two he’s a big grown boy better not do any more growing you’re gonna start standing out he’s already well taller than he was when he would have went into surgery they extended his bones a little bit made him a little larger so you’d hold more mass but the general long left so you guys can decide your next course of action okay dan Walker you got great how about uh shooter with malaria Peggy Carter let’s shoot you full of malaria it was just a common cold the guy like told him everything suits gonna die in less a game okay you go down there the guard stops you guys kind of shaking Lee she looks like food oh okay you really been approved for a visit okay Bonnie why are you shaking I thought it was gonna stop you you look like read the wrestlers Sonny no I’m just big she’s kind of like Andre no they didn’t have what him yeah I’m just big I’m not sure I was really trying yeah dr.
let you guys have
World War two he wasn’t wrestling them no but he was big in his countries a strongman before he ever got to that point but yeah I think it was after prom of these time-traveling games okay now oh hi pretty good I see you’ve kind of fit your way into cell 13 all right yeah have you thought about once they succeed they’re probably gonna have to leave the time line are you going right who knows maybe you died during the war or not we don’t know what the future holds well you don’t how can I help you guys Latino team up with you okay what’s the plan there’s it along the lines of what we were talking about before yeah I would love to but I can’t go well technically I’m already there what you may think you know I met you guys after a upcoming battle the first time that’s why I was in the time machine that’s why I know the outcome of their encounter and I had time to know who you guys were so I can’t go there change it yes I’m here which screws to you future changes changeable i I don’t I don’t prescribe to that theory when what happens really you see I’m kind of limited on how I can travel and once I’m here everything’s changed anyways you know and I understand why you’re doing what you’re doing but it’s not you guys are really worried about we just she wants to say hello to everyone first yeah we might actually if we get far enough tonight where you guys can actually ask the viewers and they can research this thing I’m going to tell you about and see if you guys can and let you guys have access to the information in the game I only can actually kind of help but we got see if we get there now we were the problem was the encounter I had in my world was with the crime boss I originally came in as you would have imagined I would have tried to join with the crime lord if I could it would have been much better status right but we had a certain problem he doesn’t like to share so I went and talked to the next closest like a fine promise unless I’m stuck at Hulu like what happened last time um I have to go in ten thousand year units at a time I don’t have great focus with this machine and now it’s broken and my only way of getting it fixed is you know with you guys and honestly the the time machine wasn’t working correctly when you found me that’s why I was using it as I was to try to help out my other self but my actions were kind of separated from everyone I seem to have come out of it differently it’s my second time through yes and we were attacked by his trained assassins and they picked us all off if you guys go and get them and you might beat him up in the process but capture them you can keep them safe I have especially my love Madame jester it is what five the vine okay in the other timeline you guys weren’t there originally when I looped around and came back you guys had come in behind some other gentleman and landed here but I’d already read about it in the records but I hadn’t been there so when I saw you guys it was the first time I’d seen you but that was the third building I destroyed so you know I could have gotten away with it longer it’s not for you pesky kids copies of that existed on VCR tape and they didn’t survive the blast but they there in the future um oh also I should mention if you find any testers of the well it’s actually called the legacy virus drink it got it no it’s a virus designed to kill two-thirds of the population and all mutants which two-thirds of the population have the potential it kills along you escaped it by changing human I don’t know if they have any left I picked it up on the way through after the Sentinel water of destroying just about everyone until magneto destroyed them all plankton except for Nimrod he escaped so much before them are you touching her sir no not yet okay so he will give you a location you guys need any additional information I don’t know what you guys already know let’s go okay so you guys just get a head on out there yep okay they have a left of course the club guess future man told them do you’re coming but that was before so you’re hoping he doesn’t tell him again they are located over towards a oh I touched you with my finger it’s basically a large building with a lot amount of pillars it’s from it’s pretty you know from it’s from the Egyptian cycle when the Romans came through and cause problems and built so their Tecna that’s where underneath it there it they will probably be able to detect you’re arriving before unless you have some way to get there instantly okay I don’t think we do you can get you can see if she’ll use a portal on you if you get cut inhabiting hot ball no you don’t have portals you have a third you have dark force it’s a little more it’s not so solid well it has to do a level it’s like cloak has dangerous dark matter no weights actually I guess the rosin it’s the same thing he has a little of lesser ability yeah you could build it up maybe but that’s not where your priority was what yes you could use a portal basically first of all you’d want to go to the site and make a portal back to them without being to the site it’s kind of dangerous let’s take this if you go there and send it back to where they are as long as I don’t have to get up he’s got it okay my lower back doesn’t want to get up okay his character exploded he exploded no Miss America had to run off to the bathroom everyone does it except for people made of energy or liquid and it just goes back up early well actually you do in a way because you don’t have environmental independence I tell you have an environmental micro environment your shell around you but if it gets broken open you can start to choke that’s different game quick of using the poor players or viewers okay building will say it’s big and square from where you guys are best idea for the portal is she has to go there first because then she can open it back to you which is easier than going from here nobody do you sneaking Wordle back no she opens a portal you guys go through it the portal will open where you guys are too but she knows where that is so it’s easier for her to do it so you go to the location you want to be all sneaky sneaky huh I can strike this me comic or okay do your guess your sneaky hoodie yeah you do I mean how is shrinking sound generation well shriek increased okay but also you’re gonna do the shadow work oh yeah I put up my cloak that’s it that’s I’m talking about are you Mike walking to get up there yeah okay what is it that hey wait we got a slight problem but it’s gone they’re just here now amazing 66 66 I made it yes this yeah you’re fine so you’re sneaking around no one sees you but you get to make an intuition check see what you see what’s your intuition Jack may be massive or tea courti nope yeah nope place looks quiet your wonder if you’re in the right place you you don’t have cell phone you can’t call back you have to let see you can’t speak that he’s open the portal now you talk to her I’ll make a portal to a guy make the portal roll what is it amazing okay take it take it three mile range 75 certified I made it yes so it’s a bull’s-eye you’re actually on the ground – you’re not jumping down the portal five feet or anything or climbing up it’s not always the same level everyone will go through the portal sure everyone make a psyche roll Corey wants mineral burger okay roll what’s his cycle difficult yep 92 your psyche beat as last step I got excellent eighty-three you made it everyone good now you did you get through and you get kind of a headache she’s just crushable know we should talk about things like that stop it the outside building but you are slightly delayed you kind of like feel you’ve always felt uncomfortable with this darkroom thing it might like kick up your magic senses fuck you in your magic you’re basically – one column shifts the first room you know what you do for the way you trigger her we magic negates abilities well in contact forces kind of a magical feel to it that’s why in cloak-and-dagger they relate to the whole dude your Don thing I will never step in your fucking portals ever again okay you’ll and so you feel really weak at first but your strength slowly coming back contact with the dark force can I shake it off you I need a bathroom to my go through one of those a beer I will say another cycle between you two or not reasonable these women hurt yes both you guys need to make a reasonable 95 I didn’t make it okay she is being quite loud about apologizing Shh wake it on the recent roll I got my role my ition three so far all right which roll oh six okay what what I mean it keeps all her to shut up I get down to her level I look her right in the eyes and say you are being loud shut up 96 she gets it finally she decides to quiet down 82 on monsters 66 I Miss America 31 does it for which role 66 she makes it I make it I mean you don’t make it how are you you got 88 the rest you hear or see one or the other doesn’t matter you’re sensing to possibly hurt people moving around in the shadows amongst the pillars inside the well you don’t know what the pillars don’t seem to be doing much else at home the ceiling up but you know speak tourist draw what do you do what’s everyone’s plan let’s let’s start with some sorry roles like initiatives Mis rampage mystic so let’s give mark again or died 20 plus your initiative died 20 what initiative just roll that 20 plus your three five eight that’s what wives do eight okay Miss America Hey that’s two eights rampage 14 before board 14 mystic four eight okay roll again necessary I know my turn that really is all that matters I beat you all good look old no getting a little stale in this area quit farting it wasn’t me don’t look at me maybe that’s why you left the room let’s just stick her that right probably was it that’s a little bit fast can you hit no it gets faster the fight of the house takes up that’s good yes my pineapple on pizza you’re disgusting yeah well that’s dessert pizza pizza mike says you smell like military sweaty socks boots Oh smells like military sweaty boot sucks first round light sure pretty close Mike pretty close you all see grenades being from your way like the shadows all the way around you wait no um I’m gonna kick I’m gonna kick kick Oh make it a speeding Roy rule 81 C you knocks them back the other way C 81 is what you’re Freddy huh what your fight amazing amazing anyone is a yellow slide stop out of the 10 so now everything in the area is suddenly coloring with a black inky darkness right well you’re blinded wrong game first person to go here on darkness first person to go is skinwalker miss and Luna what first once ago or skinwalker House America hello there oh no you rolled a 14 that’s right sorry I’m skipping I don’t like you anymore fuck off page 14 I quit no your first I quit okay you quit you walk away on the dirt you don’t want to go in her darkness you know what go in there girl I don’t wanna go on any period okay it doesn’t seem to have the same effect I’m just gonna I’m just gonna start writing forward grab anything that looks like I taking intuition what magic makes my ears itch 8080 what’s your intuition monsters yes 80s it’s still yellow so you can tell where there’s two people at you can try to attack them yeah grab them two of them I’m nothing but your fire cook what’s your amazing amazing is your braking ability – one two three four I’m actually giving it to half-staff deduction one two three – you’re attacking at an incredible to hit Plus you want both of them soar down to a remarkable meat roll a 36 how about 99 okay next a red how much strength you using on them I mean wait Mike chocolate macadamia nut excellent okay okay they do not go out they stumble these are the hard ones you know they gather the matted macaroons or the ginger snaps the ice oh yeah Within Reach okay rampage way next is skinwalker see if I can figure out which website let’s barbecue to a pulpit buddy somebody in the balls you have a possibility of being able to see still in the darkness all for you yeah trying to become the wolf see if I can make your role 90 to 92 that is a read well Wolf’s can’t see in the dark but they can be quenched by the darkness they have many other senses yeah so if you roll a what’s your psyche for your danger for your character excellent so you have an excellent tracking so would that be a power stunt nope um he’s dead wolf before it’s on a new animal he’s done whoa shark Rhino what else is there let’s say I got a wolf t-rex t-rex thank you I should remember that one Phoenix Phoenix hi Phoenix Cobra white tiger rhino I’ve been giant boa Phoenix anything new you do besides those a giant scorpion root our stunts I was a lion I was a bear I was a shark oh wait you were lying every day then an expressed Egyptian I was an Egypt waiter an Egyptian waiter I remember the waiter oh and he having the Egyptian we never got any details on who he was this Sentinel agent no I was a little signal agent oh he was a Sentinel agent too yeah that’s a different one but yeah that’s different identity yeah he copied a waiter at the restaurant you guys were going went to here yeah to sneak in he did got exposed to green play got lucky that must been when I was sick put it down could have been could have been when you were out because the whole transport situation through time and space during the time that I was sick yeah I didn’t want to get anybody else did Walker is a wolf you have excellent tracking to find anyone it’s in the darkness next is Miss America we are the heart of darkness again make a reason check for Miss America and I would give you a split 98 look through your powers hyper strain gravity manipulation myopia why myopia vision base that’s her chef’s wear glasses to see which doesn’t wear them now because that hyper string x-ray vision rolling initiative is involved which x-ray vision yet what’s the rank the x-ray vision excellent egg foo roll my arm is already hurt it’s constantly 474 is yellow you can see where two of them are visual too yellow you know I’ll just explain you okay there are two people you can see with no minuses because your x-ray vision goes through the darkness do you want to attack one of them or what yeah okay what’s your fighting actually roll what I want thank you 21 you missed actually also bully to you get to see if you have super strength or not but you didn’t hit anyway so it doesn’t matter missed it you missed no he’s explain nice one more person hit start x-ray vision maybe thought the person was thicker thought they were fatter than they were he only saw the bones you want you want to get beat up to push the dirt this out okay actually no that was it was this one to zero that’s the 20 no but just so you know that was always first two numbers above see it’s always nearest 62 for duty as if that was the zero could be hundred okay so you put your your your darkness didn’t answer right away maybe there’s too much darkness in the air um mystic wall stirred a mystical what you do Devon I’m I had an appointment yesterday with dr.
Elliot by the app
Turner who’s dr.
well no sting but you
Turner I guess we didn’t go I didn’t I don’t look at the calender sorry should know I write down my race is yesterday people spit okay this is not up there get six to six yesterday it’s nice to make is called tomorrow okay no one needs to know your personal life yeah mystic wolf what are you doing I’m gonna transform into a wolf you make a role shouldn’t be hard what’s your trap what’s your skill at term transformation yeah excellent dude we’re turning up 62 you’re fine your walk make an intuition chick what’s your line not 5 yep okay you changed the wolf but you can’t see it your eyes have adjusted or you you haven’t smelled them yet so um is fighting good 46 on rampage you give this rampage you’re gonna have to start keeping track of damage but every round what’s your healing five at the end of the combat you’ll get five points back but I maybe ended up doing more than five points you get five points back at the end of every round so until I come back to you then you add your points it’s beginning of the journey okay you got here with a baseball bat for four points one of the guys um Miss America it miss you take ten points of damage from a baton touching the head split – ten for your help where do you start with health it’s like a hundred something doing this oops you smell okay or just wait I’d make sure a recent work while the other ones know the dry erase eraser no here’s your’s I don’t have the other one it’s behind that thing prob’ly you don’t forgot I should have gotten a because I put the thing out but oh no Bo’s gonna need it okay Oh next is skinwalker 76 hit 71 hit so you got hit before six seven eight nine ten points to people with baseball bats beat anja in the darkness they can see where you are next is mystic wolf hit it every two minutes 15 points and the last ones Luna hit and hit for 18 points the doubles – 18 points they’re beating you guys down slowly with baseball bats in the dark that’s their only trick back to rampage so I’ll go on you’re fine take back he’ll five points you don’t get the extra one you’re like hey that almost hurt I’m gonna knock him out get hit while the two on you now they’ve gone to of the time you need to bolt them again yep okay this I’m gonna use you was a remarkable last time 36d it would add karma you can use higher strength up you want order the same strength again 87 87 definitely hits the yellow blunt attack impossible slam no no chance resisting with incredible Jake roll by 2019 so that’s 49 okay let’s hit further of 16 life thousands I would guess 78 to zero but there’s the frosting maybe only 50 calories per serving one cookies or two cookies is serving usually is 34 the whole box notice a per serving it probably says 34 serving serving size 2 cookies yes we have a raise 30 110 per serving so / – cookies so it’s 55 points per cookie a lot of times in Weight readers I think wait how much wait read this for a while okay rampage oh no you did your thing ditching skinwalker skinwalker what are you doing well they hit me with a damn baseball pass I am going to go into you we’re here roll for tour I changed into the giant shiny change shape roll you have an excellent ok roll you know incredible sorry ok roll well yes I want to look nice 67 for no problem now your gorilla okay next is Miss America he’s a pink twerking girl you guys are all planned he’s not fighter impossible is possible to change anything here every punch one yeah again fighting what you’re fighting wedding is right yeah excellent bra you need to roll a 41 no just again hard to fight in the dark okay next is mystic portal Buddha okay some day 78 fighting fighting not such a chance to hit which world 78 no man that’s crazy yellow well if he doesn’t want be on screen that’s fine I don’t care I gave my shit back 48 so near I mean so you hit avenged attack 9 and you have a watermark that’s – just cuz the guy didn’t like go through him or anything like that those were kills that did that um rampage America no no a skin I was looking for who’s azuz okay no no or mystic won’t let me yes then you need a yellow Rolly hit what’s your fighting fighting yep now just to give you a clue 71 hits for fighting the balls I mean if you just want to bite him it’s 41 okay so which do you want it 71 that was an IMAX done wrong then we would have missed no matter what if you feel like letting you survive till that oh my god I gave a lot more tough ones than they have okay Oh cheer up moose you’re just superb it for its sake of the game they have they have less points than I thought almost happened so you almost fucked my first time alone remarkable would probably do it good to know yeah I was I don’t want to break things icky I don’t have a break my toys II can’t they’re both down yeah I don’t want to break my toys again okay so easier for you guys to fight them good thing I look tomorrow okay so next is me we’re gonna go another round a baseball bat rampage miss and they hit you for two points they gotta learn that to get through hit and hit America got hit for nine points total blue now it got hit once for two points mystic wolf got hit once for six points and skinwalker did not get oh no he got hit by a hundred whoa you got a role versus a stunt switching currents holy shit is good rope – yeah 41 good I’m 41 no you got knocked out just a solid blow to the head not job did Walker went down someone could spin points to wake him up but you have to get to him to go wake up your porn it’s minus 12 points full of shoddy they hit you so hard they wouldn’t like to call your points you’ve been knocked out for brain bounce around smack you what do you change into hey hey smacked you in the nose or the balls around there like I saw that wolf do that that was a good idea those two are down guess what bitches want to take 56 okay Miss America or no rampage yeah I’m skipping everywhere you got two guys you want to who do you want to help I’m gonna go knock out the two of it or I’m skinwalker yeah okay with our mark well first roll to detect where they are so all my intuition yeah okay yeah you heard him go down and hit the ground with a new sleeper before he’s out cold so now that you didn’t know a gorilla made that noise oh all I heard is it here skinwalker and gorilla form like he got hit in the balls okay high nerd remarkable you hit ruolan i 2020 20 and what strength ah that’s 40 points you over 20 still they go out without dying I know 86 more points next round I’m gonna attempt to wake em up okay next is skin don’t move done for the help Miss America I’m not light until someone gets chipped yet yeah I could just part in your face please don’t that’s why currently she’s throws negative car mania I’m gonna just walk away you shouldn’t leave the fight my love – well what you can try to do is dodge from getting it so what’s your hurry agility is remarkable okay so your role in that if you roll green yellow or red will determine how many – is I have to hit you 90 you heard this out of the left testicle stopping into the right testicle that’s minus 4 so I have a minus 4 column chef do you’re out here yeah we got to catch up with the ones we already did covers can write 13 explains there but we’re not doing it now because we got to into a back pile of them we will again about 7 bags I gotta take down there okay um Miss America dodged I have minus four columns just to hit you the guy’s head off again oh no the first one went down sir you wanna try for head off it again means what you’re fighting good knuckle okay – normally hit you near 36 to hit their head you need a 66 what do you want to do okay okay did you don’t hit at all if you fail if you fail with the special it of yellow you don’t get to hit it off Manila on it if you do a special attack if there’s a chance you might completely miss which is higher but if you get a special attack you get this one on this case any roll missed it oh wait yeah mystic wolf I’m gonna try to fight the guy – falls again okay were you fighting his Wesen pulling that kid 71 83 I have a goodness yeah any role 46 to resist this piece out what’s wrong one what is it listen with everybody getting either fighting somebody in the balls are getting hit in the ball you all need to leave mine that’s all whoa don’t even try that they are actually like I know do-do-do-do-do-do sure I thought it was a speed bag thank you okay my chances to hit for everyone after all is a 46 except for 1 to 4 at 66 with you miss it you got hit by one no you got rid of all yours um America miss miss miss is dodging Luna well he has one on you and he missed wolf only has 154 he hits for 8 points take a point you’re still up yep okay I’m close I’m not well he’s you two only have one a piece left and you have two on you but you’re dodging everyone had to begin with give enough anyone else everyone’s got to in a dealin they’re trying to remember you that’s my truck you become Z again well first a rampage what try waking him up yep how much time you want to spend how much what’s your site you can add up to that now II she got to I spent 10 points or not yeah I have to take ten points on what your cell you roll yeah break a cycle 110 okay so you wake up at the point I told you after you got here you still got hit so you still it hurt a little bit you wake the poor monkey of it oh wait actually that’s see make a shit changeable here’s what’s incredible roll is incredible 74 you good he’s still monkey house letter if you change back to Kim and she didn’t lose control you just passed out he’s a monkey in a pain not a human opinion this kid’s protected okay be normally douchebag let’s go help Morgan Miss America you both of you really you can’t talk to any more beer monkey so he gets me happy no one knew us back and both were about the same size no he’s you’re bigger than a monkey huh I’m actually a gorilla I look like a fucking you’re taller than an AP woman you’re more like Bigfoot sighs Northwest pinklet not those weenie ones down in Florida J skinwalker I look like a football I go on crying hello Miss America Miss America okay oh mama you need just make it a tuition roll what’s your intuition is good okay roll for okay you think you know where they are the reason you originally went to a wall or whatever so you have to roll at least a 6062 thought they might check one or two attack – I’ll make even a 71 okay what do you want – one or two trying it – okay you did Wow a 20/20 yeah eight in the dark done – 14 what’s your strength strength because it’s a excellent yeah that does apply stuff cuz everything still you excellent role that twenty eight eight okay you hurt both of us they’re staggering but they’re still you know they’re still there cuz I’m a little Tim rage good thing someone hit you the guy on the ground hates you okay next is Miss America do I keep doing what you’re doing oh yeah well there’s only one left where you know there’s two left they’re both hurt or you wanna dance like a monkey do I keep dancing like the monkey the monkey is actually attacking the egg please you dodge or attack I okay what’s your fighting I just wonder what these guys say when they see me okay you need to roll a 41 to hit roll that 20 stretch incredible 12 forty-two okay he’s out you knock him out yay oh I should be keep track every time you guys knock down one they’re 28 points that’s 28 points she gained you sir one you took one out and you took one out so both you guys got 28 points okay that was Miss America next is Luna Oh Mikey crimes my sword well not yet okay um I got a roller just until I have a good 69 I succeed used to damage roll 12 12 plus 4 equals 32 he’s down whoops wrong one day again are you doing that take 28 points actually go okay okay next is mystic wolf I am going to try and bite my other guy in the wrote in the throat yeah still a special attack so it’s still hard Mike don’t ever pitch this one uh which what you’re fighting my fighting is excellent okay 191 okay 34 okay roll that 20 why do you think what you’re poor what’s your bite do good here what you’re all don’t wanna die 2004 for such a for this okay um they resisted the stun effect so we’re now up to them oh shit it’s got someone posed to come in and help earlier on I guess I go first is from before they do one two three four five been around yet – Miss America we yes you Oh dammit someone of the polish does someone just took just took shot at you but miss with two shots maybe they can’t see in the dark either or they just missed okay then the other ones who has one Stallone well a mystic wolf okay you get hit once you know with six points damage you hit with another bat rampage how Michael – that one in the head do you go attack that one make an intuition check first to the volcanium in the darkness 90 that’s a read it’s a little by 20 how much strength remarkable okay hold that 20 20 okay so that’s 40 with the six stool all right just she already been into 28 points or 20 and she could take 8 you get 20 points she gets 8 did she bit him earlier that’s all she is well take it away from her that’s mine okay next is skinwalker okay first of all you have no senses you’re in the blind you got lucky last time apes have no ability in the dark so when you changed from an amble it could sense in the dark to one that didn’t because you got angry where you blinded yourself so you don’t know if there’s anyone left or not you don’t hear anything around you oh you can make an intuition roll you can make an intuition wrong 100 you can make it into a general Honore because the darkness hasn’t gone away okay 51:55 okay you guys don’t sense anyone around you guys anymore can your body then you can change what do you want change to skunk no I want to become the Phoenix and see it and burn out all that okay Oh roll let me get away from you guys before you that okay um it puts off very little like they can see you but it doesn’t go more than Miss America would you you made your role you don’t see anyone nearby but you do remember someone shout at you and you guys heard the bullets or the guns go off someone out there shooting at you guys and they aren’t nearby actually should I track to see if I could guys see if I can track the gunpowder smell ah go ahead I give you a yell you roll it as you want even before things are 177 okay now I’ll be on your turn but yes you get an idea um mister or missus America I use x-ray vision or my lamp flame okay um make a roll on your gravity munition which is part right yeah oh wait your other your max power the what’s your max power incredible which a plate it’s all support you shrink those three credible so we use that as your number role need rule 31 85 okay your it works so what was it are you doing just fine hey boy trying to fly up okay and feed what water going around around make an intuition roll once you get up there grab on the ball roll you need a 31 really okay so you get up and closer to the building sits on took place out front where you guys were further closer inside the building there’s someone over there also wearing those same chemicals but out of the darkness firing into it at you guys she can see you guys um let me make a nutritional role for you you see if she knows you know she does not noticed you yet she’s still fighting the darkness so you go up and seer next is load up okay that’s remarkable roll okay nope this stuff just doesn’t seem to respond like dark force exactly so it’s like it’s some kind of artificial dark force so it’s not listening to you it won’t go awake next is mystic whoa what are you doing no one nearby her okay 97 okay you’re fine you’re human if that’s what you want to be okay 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 because she’s somewhere else I’m up above overwhelm chin sweetie wet 1 2 3 mystic wolf will you change to a human she shot at you stupid bitch who someone that’s shooting into the dirtiest my turn 19 I missed nope I just keep missing my turn ah yes I rolled a hundred on my tracking okay yes there’s someone closer to the building firing at you guys okay pop her in the head you sir heading that way yes okay okay halfway up you don’t smell the Gunpowder I smelled lavender here quick yep and she saw you and then rolled it on to the Dodge you so you’re charging that your endurance yep what’s your turns incredible roll 30 198 okay so which increase is incredible roll by 2020 so it’s 50 all right fuckin with this bitch anymore I’m done with her shoot my friend and she goes down a little a little thing but she’s quick and agile awkward black lizard not anymore as her mask wearing the glue goggles on top of the mask look darkness is starting to fade I ripped the goggles in the mask off her face okay she’s unconscious I tie her up take her back to the vigils okay what’s happening 8:47 oh we got plaintiff so I’m amazing okay it clears up I lost myself you guys are standing there there’s ten guys and suits with fancy gloves all beat up with baseball bats laying all over the place closer to the building actually right at the building um kind of a building I’ll explain you what basically you know basically bunch of circles they’ll line up and then there’s a roof that looks the same so from the side it’s like with database somewhere it towards the middle you were told there’s a secret door that goes down there but it’s wide open so you look it seems alone up there sir then that way making it tuition check eighty okay you get over and you find it much bigger than you think though it’s like a ten by ten piece then it’s got chains stuck to it like almost like handles like you drag the thing off so I yell at these for I found the entrance and choice at all for a rampage intuition yep 82 okay at that you hear some clicking happen under underneath though thing the door so everyone go to where rampages okay what do you do pull it open cuz they ain’t get open on its own okay where are you guys standing as he calls us open just kind of circling around the edges of it I don’t need your help okay okay so you don’t have to like have it pulled over the top of your bodies you don’t stand behind you crush me okay well you start pulling it off yep ah so wasted hundred well actually no because first look you take 10 points damage yes and you need what’s your turns good okay you also take 10 points damage and make a no notes at you it’s all you your is you just change your shape but it’s also you one or anything you get a special ability depending on which creature you choose reading okay but you’re rolling your dirty okay you live take 10 points damage you to get shot as when you pull that thing off just bullets start spraying out like automatic fire you to get a shot is you like fell back a bit out of view of the opening Murray’s people are being shot as no one jumped into the room yet or the passageway and when you pull the thing back of course you backed up so you didn’t have to worry about you oh you’re tall they’re shooting at people coming down they got anxious so that’s me rampage you jump it down anyways yeah okay yeah jump into the massive Nazis gonna start monkey function every single wall I’m just gonna start fucking I’m gonna start flailing you’re gonna do what you need to be done I’m a Tweaker fan flail okay so you’re jumping in there yep fighting role fighting is amazing huh okay 20 so that’s two of us next year’s skinwalker one win on the hill you’re a small area ten by ten underneath big hole you’ll know what’s down there you could look stick your head over the edge they’re kind of busy well they still get their turns around as long as they survive it they already went this round shoot back into the Phoenix again we’ll see okay ready to roll start barbecuing people 92 madda to action side you can’t do magic magic oh wait you just you don’t actually do magic either it’s just a side effect you can like I said in cloak-and-dagger you can just see the dark horse kinda has its magical side it’s a portal stuff it’s the lubricant which the universe slides through yeah yes okay um who’s going alright Phoenix okay see you changing next is Miss America I will mention you’re not bulletproof but you know they referred you might jump in before they can get shoes okay oh okay go ahead to make a agility rule you missed the whole time another girl Josie what maybe eight okay there’s a three Nazis firing automatic guns in there two are still there touring consciousness and rampage so you hit me I’m a man they can’t hit you very well hey hey you he’s just in the room you just look down there okay I’m it dose spike ball down there who you want to hit well it’s not seasoned okay ninety-eight okay roll there 2012 okay one Nazi goes down mystic home you can pick it right I’ll make it right make it rain make it right one week is still I think he take more time to do that usually it you don’t have a high level letter so it takes longer to create the changes thing is right now you could get possibly sandstorm it is the desert okay what you’re the control that role 52g see you have dust storm starting it’s getting hard to see a windy and it’s starting to spin everywhere my turn so I guess I could count myself as partially blind I’ll say minus four column shifts as well others tipis I’ll say – two column explains I have two people they want to shoot you thirty-nine does not play the game – yeah I need 56:11 doesn’t do it they’re just firing and everywhere so ramp I’m gonna use I’m gonna knock their heads together okay so there’s two of them using my remarkable actually oh they’re Nazis I could just kill what’s your fighting amazing amazing – one column shit – – for the darkness excellently do you roll 40 one day is 94 okay well that’s 120 okay well then just hitting them at full strength okay two dead Nazis their heads crush bust it okay Ziggs back you see a chamber hallway down there stairs go down they were on the stairs down into a chamber underneath there pulling Nazis out okay yeah I start clearing out Nazis you know well that’s gonna break first I guess cuz she needs to have something for her Eddie yeah we’ll do a break for now let me flip the right buttons here hopefully because everything else has been screwed up lately on there okay and break time all right all we still have sound up of course so we can talk about like get her to dance I will she do already okay sounds like a break dad right she knows how this works how many V’s what’s the stickers focus it can see like stickers or would it help if I wouldn’t shake your head now would help ya more the broom be six of us to list is a refrigerator all right we had to go 20 feet up and an angle like this just to get it up to the house okay so then we have to go up to a set of stairs of four stairs and then they go up to a cement barrier and then we have to lips it over a ramping area then we had to take it take it unbox it because they couldn’t get through between the doors then you couldn’t get it because they got a gig over anything it man lay it down and we have to lift it up to push it through this took us three hours and 20 minutes 6s and all these guys are in between 21 to 30 the old man there and I was lifting as much or more than they I sit down I lay a clip that ladies want I hope she doesn’t mind but I sit down and I died on I was gonna die okay somebody just shoot me everything purpose just think we got a lift two more up later oh my god oh we did it but I am but the next one it was so much easier because we able to move the truck over there put the ramp on there and we just roll it out there with with the dollies it’s so much easier on that they have sliding doors open that we had plenty of room to get to it just set it down there that was so much easier but lifting it to move around and get into the dolly is the problem was known as potato bill you got ripped off foot back it all works a car out there right now I got metal and plastic plates when I die they’re gonna recycle – you feel better it got the apology because it’s mom and dad I was tight when I was born and I stayed tight and when I screwed up I was still sure okay I’m the shortest my family next my mom she was five foot even like even she was five foot maybe a hundred and ten pounds of wet Wow yeah I’d rather fight fucking five cops with pit bulls onto it then I’d mess with her my mom see my dad was total german my mom is full American like he said Wow actually that little well my mom was my dad was full Oh see your mom around yeah I think I’ve seen her around it’s our that one time yeah I mean it’s disgusting horrible how much people like sit there and wipe their ass and touch their hair how many people girls would like rub that touch it their hands are just so filthy and they’re touching their the wind and the crap in the air gets me I used take a driver’s license I was with my head bald in Seattle I take it and I pull it across my head and with just a layer of Filth and if you have hair that feels just ends up in your head and stuff and it doesn’t wash out now if we try not to be allowed we’ll be good yeah we could try baguette beat you up it’s dead skin cells dead UK run dead like your grandma after she was buried dead they say your hair still grows no it doesn’t alive after you die if out that’s not true what happens is skin receipts know there’s no truth to the your hair and nails completed grab your day morning that’s a dead body players are so bored right now listening to you guys talk about shit that doesn’t matter day well we’re right for you this started yeah you guys have been on there’s that you shut sat down and building with the sticker face look at all these stairs now that it’s clear what’s going on what’s the walking order you go too wide or ramp it who’s behind it whoa okay last two are website have to be me and my brother the last ones cuz we might have to pull some some people out that are injured because that way when everyone turns around and runs you’re in the front yeah you guys have me I’m a until its death it won’t be my death well you hoping you’ll get extra approval from the fans and you’ll get a free event see you he’s just experienced Cracker Jacks with his face well there see just what’s happening right now so I’m eating so who you guys go through down everyone make a nutrition check 9 update if I fall down like that so I have before 100 I’m monstrous that is a red one was that like you ill is course Orson and who else tripped one yellow one oh hey what good Jerry I see see that’s how it goes and everyone died yellow the only failure you failed oh that he’s gone she’s been caught you guys chain her up or somewhere what you do with the people you knocked out dynamo sit just portal where’d you guys like call in support to pick them up lady death Oh lavender no you’re not supposed to still fit in there and future I believe okay you guys go down the stairs to get to a big door looks egyptian-style but it’s new well okay put your door open both sides just walk-in like you belong there okay there’s a pretty good long room with stairs going up to a throne and someone’s sitting in it it’s kind of a new throne future men sitting in it next to him is these two people standing there she’s holding a gun in her hand he’s got his arms behind his back yeah I handled it you know the cloak here okay the throne says all so you’ve been my problem all along the guy that has the weird turban on his head kinda looks a bag of future man like oh well not wrong how much did for pay you I am working for Farouk then once your interest in this I just want this shit gone one day I’m working for somebody else don’t bother you guys here will be gone unless I change the future I’m working for someone that doesn’t want either of you either here I want to roam would you just shut up no he says it’s not available you to make an intuition just died like we’re playing longer beer pong yeah later no I’m skinny enough yeah crawl underneath the table or peer out this side good wait a bit one Rose needs to heading it from me so what you guys wrong hired what Miss America what’s your addition incredible yeah made it with a yellow okay yes what you both recognize the throne it’s not natural to here at least not for thousands of years he’s sitting inside but it’s open in half his time machine he’s sitting in it he seems to be like entice you into the room backing out you back up to make them all because they can’t fit through without your the way Julie roll well he’s back in 99 we just don’t want him to trip down the stir up the stairs right 99 okay you’re backing up everyone else what do you guys wanna do rampages backing up did you jump to his legs and probably get through I don’t want to burn any invasion the top half is so why you didn’t say you were the Phoenix no he said he’s Phoenix has a change back there’s a bright light and you probably have to hang back a bit more because you know it’s warm there way okay so you guys kind of stumble I can’t pick these two up nope do better vandals fall from the ceiling I don’t know where they got it an animal a big metal it’s a trap and make it a reason or an intuition check 93 over there is a rope that a hand was holding that went up the ceiling that dropped the Andrew that’s falling on you but there’s no one else there there’s just a hand holding the rope like someone’s there but there’s no one there just the hand itself um I totally check the jump out of the way because you’re already trying to get out of the way the whole ways had been a surprise hunter doesn’t mean what it done much okay ah he dodged it it crashed to the ground where you were you guys left to make it Julie rolls to get over it it’s huge they’re hoping to crush all of you but you backed up well are you guys jumping in around it are you just waiting for East Dillon oh you jumped in or out she jumped over the top of all these people like no I said I’m backing up these two can’t back up and that’s why I wanted to grab them and throw them up the stairs make it strange anyone that’s still in the room is you she threw them out of the room yeah she changed the human but she didn’t fumble it rolled it or felt we were all to get out of the way okay you guys are back outside we’re on her in in that area right by the entrance she threw you back upstairs and he fell down because yeah but he dodged the anvil he’s just on the other side of it so you’re all on the other side anyone wanting to get in first has to get past rampage or yes or move through the rope I want to leave the fucking room she keep going out of the entire building or do you just like Yuri like I don’t want to sit in that fucking time machine no he is cuz I know what he’s gonna do okay this is I’m in there you know haha we’re not in 1940 bug media happens words people teleport in time you know it’s cook the whole plant place down it’s well it’s made of stone bond if you want you to go in there and go supernova well no sting but you could just let it fire out yeah okay doesn’t machine doesn’t have actual flame power can just project blank or if you touch very minimal amount I’d let him give everything cuz we already did before before I actually read the powers it should be able to do mystical creatures but we can’t gave him a weird origin people lived in a he believes they exist so he thinks he’s creating something that’s there okay see you back out a room you hear the other guy the nearest senior met before so I told you that would work you should let me perform in your club madam I’m charging at the throne okay full force I don’t give a shit okay am i fighting no if you’re charging it’s on your endurance incredible so I can add up to 40 I’m gonna add 40 there will be a hundred and forty on my day twenty I roll the twenty okay 1/2 I trust you started like feeling like everything slowed down there’s god damn slow down machine so first of all though I would say what else do okay Julie check okay anyone else I’m gonna go down and see if I can cook that stupid machine do you know where it what are you going to look for it well I saw what oh I’m talking about it see that’s two different things yeah but that’s not what he puts be used slowdown machine two separate what entirely but you go and then look around for it I just saying you don’t know where you’re going in yet if you want to go down an attack the throne which is this time machine yeah you can do that yeah that’s fine okay ninety-one okay rolled that twenty nineteen okay as you’re approaching he slammed it shut so he’s like got the defense of this the now we should go to direction no will combat but Paul just started off fresh and we’ll use the same numbers just to keep things going okay first hey or somebody that said again I should be fair shall we roll over just get to you from this everyone roll your speeds 20 fo 24 must be a skinwalker died 20 plus your you have a plus 3 tire 20 plus 23 points okay miss Thanks rampe 24 so a 17 with the 3 ok fee on the end of the 3 if you didn’t have it yes one okay you bet your numbers nothing I got my own numbers mystical 13 13 Luna plenty one okay whether an X’s go fast gets a beautiful job yeah except for all of them any of them none of them dan they’re all normal Gibbons see normal human secrete dangerous okay first one then it happens me Rama who is moving at half speed also once you witch in the room that’s we had enough time to close it you’re moving at half speed so on their journey to go twice that’s basically what’s happening but rampage is halfway across the room actually so he’s kind of closer closer they come from Luna I’m gonna make a portal in get into the room where do you want to land does everybody want to get as close as I can to the machine okay um you learn fairly close I’d say I’m the same platform where it is but you’ve opened a portal you haven’t gone through it yet well you’ll have to do that next route you have to create the portal then you go through it it’s not teleporting otherwise it’d be an overview for the powered so it’s well okay goddamn day I get reloading over so I keep looking back at him 20 you need this look I love my way just take small right Oh subedi heavy here go down and you really give me me go twice um first well you can’t do any of those things what am I looking at he chose to close the door he’s giving up his turn that was the one thing oh man he can’t do anything else because it was being getting out of box but he does want to leave you so he’s kind of like sitting ready next is mystic wolf you want to go through the portal or you want to just run downstairs yeah that’s right you have to get back downstairs that’s for you and no she just cheated crater pork yeah you have to get so money get in the gift if you run down the stairs if you’re down there then you have to run across the room that apparently slows you down to half speed or there’s a portal that goes from here directly to the platform where he is you still may have one around to get to him but you know that’s you’re trying to do okay make it cycle the front door yeah when I can typical gay role this is to see if you get basically disorientated as you go through the portal eighty close you have a yellow it’s only a wet typical yeah eighty is just not any one little bit but I’ll give too many ways so you’re just basically you land your little destroy no just gonna blow us up off okay next is Miss America what do you want to do miss I’m gonna you went to the portal that’s right what am I taking it’s on your trip us to this portal your true this orientated figure next to where the put the pod is the temptation public iPod and behind um madam death who has some weird futuristic looking laser gun that she’s gonna start firing at people I forgot last round to do it I should just shut here twice my fact a couple people should know things so there’s a there basically you know how like the speedster end up being stopped you guys are having to take two rounds cuz he uses a wide level person so first to go is rep edge um do you look around for it make a intuition check 99 monsters J it’s actually hidden back in the far corner for where you are like you basically had to go past it to get hit so you have to turn around all if you do something it probably float at half speed for well that’d be cool looking point to where it’s at let people know hopefully skinwalker he’s by the door or slow down before you see cuz you instead of like the other ok yes because you weren’t able to blast him right away just kind of like fire stopped midair it hasn’t hit the ship yet so not even like fire the other way because he did answer it when he attacked them went towards the Potter don’t room isn’t the effect once you got past the amiable it’d be worse once you’re trying to crawl over it because it be next around to crawl over he like that was the idea she was gonna search hot shouting you guys for the laser gun I get from time to time teacher man that’s it yeah I don’t know where we are but your movie well I guess you can’t journey sideways bull riding okay um rant win next is Luna okay you’re good you’ll and what do you want – um I’d say grabbing her that’s a strength what’s your shrink revving well would you you need it 46 try fine know without even close that’s the car you reach for now she’s your hair okay twenty skin you fire at the machine at the slowly slow down machine roll what’s your Jilla TV and they stopped pointing it out to everybody it’s goofy as I’m still running forward alight 66 okay it doesn’t stop you from hitting just a little bit trying to get rid of it for you trying to melt it and then you will hit there I felt this oh my turn Jody good plus one conscious she has an excellent I need a 41 oh not 50 razor Laser laser gun does only ten points two points damage does she shoots over there little bit here with their laser gun yelling don’t touch um oh wait okay no you’re not in the effect you’re out of the effect gives you your portal past it it’s a field effect otherwise it affect them 200 who’s in the room one two three four you’re not in the room yet are you – Miss America just um on the other side of the room remember those hands what hold the rope yeah let go it’s now hold it ain’t no there’s there’s like another one next to it it has a gun that’s firing it and it’s 73 is hit you get hit with five points damage just little hanger shot with a floating hand shooting a gun and suddenly the magician raises his arms in fact hands are missing and these knives can fling out his hook like that’s a weakness weakness is magic she’s just made that way magic negates our powers fool but if he’s throwing magic daggers at you it’s not magical it’s just daggers they you’ll heal from the damage the same he’s using magic to throw them that doesn’t affect it at all yes you know he’s going down quick completely missed you you’re moving at half speed you’re moving at full speed up there you were close to two daggers for playing bass you you’re like you wasn’t close to begin with through them the wrong way how do you run over there grab them playing it back no it’s slow down or yeah yeah smack out it’s over okay next is mystic wolf I don’t wanna hurt that’s not a weather effect there’s your answer make a reason check yes there should let you say anyways what goods are gonna do you to make it rain outside you’re inside you can’t create clubs now someone wonder how the hell is storm do it we assume she has some altered version of the power do you do lightning it just comes from you it’s like static electricity well she was all day in the new universe she was altered by apocalypse that’s why the white ice after the new universe in the movie based I don’t know how that’s gonna affect in that time book so he’s all she’s always had the eyes and it was actually one of the few things about that episode that movie I thought was like an interesting concept why never never explained why your eyes so white like that why does she look like a cartoon can old 20s cartoon character don’t want the head no why’s that one Kimber’s name but okay Miss America did you go through the portal yeah yes you do something’s wrong I you’re standing next to her and Madam death who is shooting at her I go on yes okay what do you just tiny little puncher we tackler what’s your interest in okay roll I got there is a red yes it is roll a die 20 she’s out punched her out to like thing well then run away okay because now we actually get to soon start the real game okay she went down he punched or meta Miss America punched her and she went out that’s where it lives okay at that you hear future man say man of death I’ll go back and change this and the ship starts to vibrate but first to go is rampage make an internal again the reason why is you halfway through change the direction of your charge when you turn around so now you’re like cheering around back again in time to still hit it okay let’s roll a nod 145 or less you would have succeeded power 40 will die 20/20 okay he hit it and falls or slides down the back of the stairs on the other side and then disappears but it doesn’t look to have disappeared fully like as a controlled thing like it was damaged and next is Luna no it’s gone sorry it disappeared only one left in the room is this guy and her was laid on the ground unconscious the mage position oh oh well he’s saying people with turbans look weird don’t send her nice to everyone she’s a racist around him so you can’t okay do you have a bubble that you do to other people no do you spend a hundred points no and do it and mark it off then it’s like make an X through okay spent hundred points and make a roll and he’s going to the building sing and then get caught girl buildings no they’re a happen because back in the past because you fucked up the machine so that’s why there was two of them for a little bit they were overlapping now put back to normal I gotta wait 343 and I fucked up his machine again so that’s he said it was fucked up and that’s how it got fucked up but he got fucked up before by one of Farooq’s men but you still stuck to the same what you doing okay that’s me okay funny is skinwalker am i close enough to melt that just blow down your cheek oh it’s actually hitting at it and it hits fold are 2019 what’s your psyche right yeah okay time has gone normal next is me two five and six take 11 points damages you stuck you with two knives it doesn’t stop it from using its magic okay well the knives are already out I’m at 1700 do you want to leave you want to jump through the portal yeah mystic wolf what are you doing are you still out there where the portal started did you go in or not okay so you’re out there reading waiting for her to jump back up where all the decks go Miss America what are you doing no you’re chicken shit I am and the orbit around the magician has just dis gots two knives in her to see slated weapons in her well the rampage is used to it he stabs herself with knives just for fun yeah look I’m doing any good any heals nope she failed the test she’s a weapon next day no yeah that’s what rapid never failed she’s a weapon yeah for failure yeah she’s a weapon flunky you see a weapon why then why eggs Oh what the shit are you here just a tech now should we have made into a male they screwed it up that’s been the secret all along no um he’s standing there now without his hands having more daggers fluid out of his coat oh and the hand is coming at you with a gun that’s his hands yeah and another one swing at you with one of the knives so you got four things coming at you I’m done make it dodge roll she’s getting all cut up and shut up and everything in some people do you just need everyone know you’re sitting out there – yeah waiting for the full moon Zeebo it’s all coming out it was Karma I don’t know why just like dogs chasing cars it’s just something I got to do he gives me convert it feel good afterwards sniffing other dogs but for worth the point of karma here all this 64 okay I’m 64 what utility remarkable okay miss miss miss they’ll come flying over us though she dodged back to me rampage I’m going awesome bitch the bitch the guy okay what do you do how’s Boulder okay well there’s no boulders in here I’m gonna find something that’s right make a roll intuition where’s his daggers at oh there’s in the air he’s controlling him what’d you get what you can won’t do any good all right ha nerd there’s a statue in the room most these places instead I’m gonna chuck it out roll on my strength yes okay so you lifted it up broke in half still pretty good much of it and you throw it at the room at him will die 20 I’ll roll the hip that’s agility thank you to certain blonde 20 blood tests what’s your fighting my fighting is amazing okay amazing wait through blood that is it I was looking at the wrong thing okay and which roll 90 90 still yellow it hits full about 20-20-20 okay it hits it and pins him to the ground that’s a big rock over his chest that’s why I was trying to realtor and next is Paige is Luna make a string roll roll a counter yes you can roll on straight good versus what’s your strength good good good eighty-three fuck yellow 20 to stay you have against drag through the portal when you land in the room visit a fighter gonna pee on her you pee on her yes that moment his hips and legs detach his farms detach and its head – touches and they all start to fly away the head saying screw this I’m out of here they’re leaving the torso though I want to grow a dagger and chuck it at the head nigga roll I should take a bull’s-eye on your agility small we’re by 2020 Jake the head drops the arms kind of stop like to go find the head and the legs just keep going somebody go up to fucking legs I’m gonna go chase the legs down 92 okay you’re chasing them down what you want to do yeah JCM they’re running pretty good speed for just being late is running down the desert I can try to break a hand and make a roll and spend the Karma that’s a new one yep that’s right it’s what they’re for Bend up your abilities make sure you put it on the forum I gave you hell yeah and that’s what counts before you roll just write with that pen you’re just using your toes make me you trying to make yourself even explain me shirts real yeah he was pulling his hair okay just check it we’re almost to the fun part what time is it – no one we got a robust enough to start things chatter you guys have a warning to the next time we’ll get about almost to where I thought we would get you guys haven’t you talked to the explainer yet so I got fifty okay I see a chocolate they kick you for six points damage it’s hard all the way it’s got nothing else to hold they’re trying to get away Hey the arms are trying to get the rock off the chest I’m gonna break the arms float away if they can as much as they can you try stay away from you the heads dead your dog so apparently it doesn’t need its parts to live burn the are burnin arm you get an arm well in the original comic books for that character appeared when he did the trick was separating himself to explain up awfully was the legs ran off without him because he learned his abilities by killing his master who had the actual abilities now the parts were not getting revenge they’re trying to get away so you killed the head but the rest are still life so they’ll take it into the military prison and decide what the hell to do with it the headless man in slings Jazz’s arms are kind of damaged okay and you’ve done it you got him do you want to go to the place yeah okay to get things going here okay yes it is look at all this Gabbar sets up a meeting with Farooq at Elliot by the app and that Club translated if properly pronounced which I’m sure I do not do the late night the late night is a decent bar is a decadent quite different than words Club of Egyptian excess the walls are lined with purple and gold fabrics stone tablets from ancient hieroglyphs obviously torn from their walls of their crypts by greedy Jew Raiders looking for a big payday stuck on the walls their exotic belly dancers entertaining the male patrons of the establishment and the bar is stocked with the most expensive liquors and wines from across the globe that’s where he tells you to meet him okay you all go yep nope in costume or otherwise I’m gonna be in the costume okay no you Miss America well the Aires is your costume is your clothes yeah you look like you only two of you are you two to wonder about okay just as your normal walk around really like you really do you want to I Dream of Jeannie MVP yeah the others are the few room are wearing similar except for some of them are topless now okay who made it put up your arms hey dude okay those shouldn’t noticed you possibly notices you see what they’re doing um al Gabbar is heading up to set of stairs mother Stephanie I mean moves rather quickly through the crowd and he kind of stops stairs and expecting you guys to come and then tells the guards to back away I just thought in piledrive right throughout everybody no one kind of moves cuz you’re a big guy people move out of your way usually I know that Farooq has his own private room and about getting overlooking the club he’s seated on the floor amidst lemon of pillows being fed dates by a pair of luscious boobs though topless dancers Farooq welcomes them with a deep yet Pleasant soothing voice this guy is like Mike’s is just example and he’s a big guy he’s about as white as you but half as tall and all you hear from grandpa is no idea I think the ones feeding the dates this is all right this yes share with my new friends they’ve been helpful to rate sit down and people bring pillows for you guys more dancers are added to the room I walk them with the low with the middle of the face and your with your women they seem to be and more freely than I’m used to seeing so a new American women are are you know difficult but appreciated will bring food if anyone wants would you like some of your own I would like for a women prejudice and a couple of half-naked men come in Miss Dubois was a female version of swing you were very helpful informs you but he had originally come to me with one such as him he is a coward he ran from the battle his battle on his on land his own people even a crime lord has to have his people what is the issue of what do you need what could I do for you guys are you looking to buy the gun for me or something or which estranged towards you because you seem to be more with the government what’s going on so where’s my standing and what’s going on do you marry me would you guys want remember yeah okay you have certain items that Nazis are looking for that he may know of cuz he’s talked into some Nazis recently Strucker some of those so back to the gate so honestly I wasn’t born they you have some items that a certain group is looking for are you talking about the items that fer has been asking about yes sadly I do not have these items they’ve more been questioning me about information that’s what I mostly sell information about these items but they’ve been brother sparing with their information they’ve been waiting for us to come to them and they pay us if the information is good but they are looking for some mystic items but even I sometimes wonder every one more of everything for everyone and this one is a P I don’t like it I want oh well then we will find you a better year would you like something from maybe an above and from your own country yeah Quinn Tiki sir Contiki whiskey does that simple Kentucky whiskey Kentucky is that how they say from that country in Tucker yeah yeah um sadly gentlemen I do not know the specifics of the items that that Fuhrer is currently in search of whoever you have certainly piqued my interest and I do owe you and I may indeed be of some service to you in the long run there’s a legend of a man of great knowledge and power who has taken residence in the sands outside of Cairo he is alone hermit who is said to practice in the Black Arts the men viciously protects his abode an ancient tomb of a fallen Pharaoh many believe the pharaohs were gods but for many years they have been a religious sects that have gathered at this tomb in worship of one true God and Sabang the eternal Pharaoh he calls himself or did this hermit is rumored to himself possess an item of great power the pearl allows mandes I know of this item well and is said to have scrying powers allowed the possessor literally to see through space and time if you can acquire the stone for me I would be willing to die you on your path in search of the items in which you seek do you have any questions so far about us no any questions for me what kind of policy here half-naked men I’m sure okay my friend mystic wolf here wants to marry one of your met one of your half-naked Mel service well that seems why would you wish to serve Him you seem so much more than that I’ve heard you or a major in your own right or may be aware of future I don’t think he’d be she’d be serving him he’d be serving her oh that would be no way if you know what I mean social nature in such against the ways of nature it allows you to see through space and time knowledge wise it itself it doesn’t grant power but allow you to see what’s possibly with it I can see once we put it to the mind Sept of your question we can possibly see what they’re looking for and personally I will say although I have worked with the Nazis before they pay well let me just to the right but I’ll tell you um I may pick your pocket may rob your house may even kill my enemies but I do want there a world left afterwards and these Nazis don’t seem to be so sure about and I still fall amongst their mutt races u.s.

leave you so he

government wants the world left at peace – that would be nice and I would be nice if they would enter the war so I know secretly they are now I may have been busy if you would like I could possibly suck but meeting between you and the general oh well I will keep that in mind but first let’s see if you can find this stone for me and see if I can help you and if I have nothing I can help youth unless then your best probably to go without my because I don’t have I don’t know what they want to get but I am willing to help you for what you’ve done for me you have as well as saving the people around here there may have been many assassinations sir and just let you know the general does want to meet you okay and Miss mystic Wolfe over here wants to jump on the good foot do the bad thing hmm well I’m sure more than one time she wants to play with the brown chicken brown cow okay what time we got 1016 okay how many viewers you got five okay besides us yep here is the spelling e and space s a be a H space M you are still en the ends that’s Abah Abah space and you are you’re not allowed to look it up but put it on the chat board and see if any of your viewers wish to give you some information you may not have realized yet just Lacombe you get to you guys are supposed to go to find this guy and sivanna yep to see if they tell you anything you’re not allowed to look it up right now we’re gonna let the players research something quickly if they wish now um we’ll go with this so far though you’ve agreed to participate take ten karma gaining a meeting with Farouk take ten karma and URL a diplomatic about the conversations and no one said anything bad or start a fight at the club so take 15 for finishing this chapter so when the total that is 35 power for everyone yep as anyone respond oh no one likes you guys enough do you want to check it now does anyone want to check it I got it you’d share with everyone after you find it as you guys go to look at this place this tomb will assume you guys picking up right from the front of it cuz he can tell you exactly where it is people meant a meeting here for every year for like ever according to the writers at marble on insta Bonner translates to the first one in Arabic however the phrase actually translates into something more akin to good morning it can also mean the seven lights with the ball literally meaning 7 and nur meaning light in Arabic okay and you see check under just regular Google don’t put it under marble it’s big enough that it comes up under Google IRA check we’ll give people a viewing he and sabh and you are no less a be age yeah-eah Jeff yeah I did that yeah nothing is coming up in Safari n yes s a B a H and you are there’s a space between H and n yeah through words yeah so Bob know the eternal Pharaoh he can add that it wasn’t there when I checked I said that knows it Google you’re under Google under Bing because of guys apocalypse uh-huh that’s his tomb in Egypt you go raid apocalypse just to bring it also though think about this what if apocalypse awoke at this time in history how dangerous would he be most the mutants aren’t around to fight him so don’t wake him up if he can help sounds like stories of rumor said that they’ve decapitated before he’s come back why is everybody packing up because it’s almost time what time is it yes so just so we can pick up this well either way you guys are gonna have to chill out cuz I’m gonna have to use the restroom yeah that’s fine this being enough so here is the tomb and the red is the hole you’ll be entering in this tomb from above and then you guys have to decide in all these directions and all these paths which way you’re going all use different colored pens next time you’re each stay in groups or you say separate you guys can decide how you’re gonna handle this situation next time there’s cool of you but that’s where we are as you guys are going to go to the tomb but someday apocalypse will wait in awaken in but he’s sleeping no he’s sleeping I mean when you’re looking for one of his uh he’s one of the first mirrors so there we go hope everyone had fun and I’m sorry about the cheese on the titles but we’re still learning our new system here so bye-bye we enough