My Dishwasher is NOT Getting Water!

My dishwasher is not getting water! Do you have any idea why? Is the water hooked up? If you recently worked on it, the water might still be shut off.

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No one’s touched it, not even to do dishes.

That’s why I’m so eager to get this thing fixed. pour water in
If there is absolutely no water going in, the inlet valve is probably the cause. However, it is more common for the problem to be the pressure switch for the flow meter.

How do I fix those? If you remove the dishwasher filter and clean it out, you can pour water in the sump to soak up any grease blocking it. Then reassemble it and try to run the dishwasher again.

What if that doesn’t work? Find the flow meter, remove it, replace it and turn the dishwasher back on.
Why would I need to turn it back on?

First, you always want to turn off and unplug the dishwasher before working on it so you aren’t shocked by the results.
Secondly, resetting parts and the dishwasher as a whole is comparable to control – alt – delete on a computer.

and the dishwasher

I never thought I’d have a dishwasher advanced enough to require rebooting. Though that doesn’t sound like an advancement.

Of course, the problem could be the float valve.
If the float tube is blocked, the float won’t move and the unit won’t deliver water because it thinks it’s already full. You’re not floating my boat . But my first suggestion is to clean the screen. If you don’t know how to do that or are afraid you’ll damage it, call a repair person.

Are there any other likely causes? The timer could be broken. The selector switch might be faulty. I wish there was a simple solution to try. Verify that the dishwasher is closed all the way.

If the unit isn’t completely closed, which is when it clicks, it won’t fill. That’s so simple I feel stupid. that or are    afraid
The other solution is washing the dishes by hand.

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I’ll try a smarter solution.