My Freezer is NOT Defrosting!

My freezer is not defrosting! Do you have any advice? Be glad your frozen food isn’t going bad. It’s in over-drive. My kids have an endless supply of ice for throwing snowballs at each other.

That’s annoying in several respects. supply of ice for throwing
One option is the defroster. No duh! Is the defroster turned on? A kid may have flipped a switch somewhere. It’s on. The kids may keep the freezer open so much moist air gets in. That adds to the ice buildup.
That’s not the cause.

If you have damaged door gaskets, warm air laden with humidity gets in and freezes. The seals seem fine. The defrost heater might be burned out.
The defrost thermostat or defrost timer might not be working. What’s an easy solution?

Turn off the freezer for a day and let it naturally defrost.
Then turn it back on and see if it works properly. I don’t understand what that is supposed to prove.

If you defrost it and rule out external factors like kids, and then it won’t defrost after a manual defrost, you know there’s a mechanical problem. How could I determine if it is the defrost timer or the defrost heater? Use a screwdriver to set the timer to run. Is the defroster turned on
If it still doesn’t run, you know the timer isn’t the problem.

I think my fridge is an automatic.

If you defrost it and

Then the auto-defrost unit may not be working. Obviously. the ice buildup
You could also take the bottom off the fridge. Fresh air could help it work better, and cleaning the coils will improve its efficiency.

How will that help defrost the fridge? Maybe it is working overtime because of poor efficiency. It’s certainly costing me overtime to pay the electric bill. If the freezer is running all the time, that’s a different problem.

I owe, I owe, back to the repair line I go.