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Take care….. now is everybody Oh turn off the game sounds do you guys want nothing for the game sounds or low or let us know now whether you’d like some game sounds or no game sounds has anyone forget about what crazy language they speaks because I haven’t who’s Dave laughs it’s crazy Dave are crazy days that guy does he speak some kind of language just neezy say you mean our soundtrack because I’m playing the soundtrack at the moment it’s not from the game he’s speaking gibberish you’re talking to me came I always speak gibberish sorry I don’t know if anyone’s interested but I’m gonna give you a Australian update my goodness we’ve been having some crazy stuff happening in this country why fires in three states terrible floods in another state then the other day we had a rain with with what do you call a dust storm and that hit Mel where we are and then we also had a massive hailstorm that did a lot of damage to including to our car so yeah things are not great you gotta go to get the old insurance going on the car at some point but on that night I’m not sure how are we gonna do it cuz we’re gonna be your way so yes we have heard of the virus stink pants has been keeping me up to date with that saying that it’s actually been found in Australia as well so I think in China he’s traveler or something they were found at the airport they carrying the virus say not good game the boy is here how are you how are you can’t read because I’m going to Grandma’s so grandma’s family comes first we’re just happy that you’ve stopped by to say hello hey stink you put the sunflowers in the back rows and peashooters in front you got that stinky pink suit is in the front some flowers in the back awesome so we’ve actually got some talented players in the stream again they’ll be able to guide us well God the old stinky and chillin we can cost me implication one is not that’s why these Neil and his clothes team la their clothes these new land is a result of the virus Wow but they’d be a lot of people at Disneyland and it probably spreaded pretty easily wouldn’t you think King say guys be careful and if you are paying attention to the virus stink pants last night let me know some of the symptoms can you remember any of them stinky it’s like a cold like salt road fever maybe maybe yeah so just be wary if you got any of that to be careful but I can read it there awesome so will don’t ignore your grandma that he came a boy so make sure you spend some quality time with her not LA I thought the one in China ah it might be well though I heard some news that they weren’t stopping people from traveling even in the infected areas which is not good they didn’t want to ruin people’s holidays or something which is crazy plants vs.
zombies are sets third favorite games so we’ve got experts here you can keep the tutorial or advice coming for stink pants well a little secret she used to play plants vs.

season why are you talking

zombies quite heavily didn’t you stink number one yeah why not number one it’s weird plants I’ve been playing for years oh he’s got experience here I didn’t play for that long yep she’s gonna need some tips and random acted as well which is typical of random hacking stuff clerics I think I said all I already but I how are you how is everyone what’s up and every time hacked probably nothing well I’d like to test him on it but I don’t want him to do anything illegal I’m talking an acid no no no you shouldn’t probably unless you’ve they do you have conventions I noticed where hackers go to these conventions and they’re allowed to hack into systems so it’s like a thing it’s almost like a competition I guess I don’t know that much about it but I’ve seen it online that’s they they have these huge all heaps of computers set up and they get in there and do this stuff hi tonight oh they’re people that traveled from yeah well that’s right say that actually happened to us cuz they were found in Australia Mac is here hey Mac are you going just to give us a heads up is everything okay where you are it seems just about anyone in Australia I’ve got to ask that question at the moment whether or not you’ve had to go through any kind of natural disaster seems like it’s happening everywhere and we’re having natural disasters in the our house so um well on that night I’ll try and be as entertaining as I can but I’m getting over a tooth infection at the moment so I’m a little under the weather and stink pants woke up and then went straight back to sleep after she had a explainer and that was pretty much it he just went straight back to sleep I didn’t have everything is like Kay Kay here the rain helped a lot that’s good news so yeah I think they’re still burning sort of on and off here and there and but it’s been not contained but better yeah and we certainly have the heavy heavy hailstorm like no this nice one plant offs yes we I’d never seen hail like that before Maureen that sounds like Australian bloomerang y3 what do you call a boomerang that doesn’t come back I think I heard this before yeah I’ve told you a stick it’s called the stick it can be anything I think it’s a boomerang you know anything oh hang on we’ve got I’m hoping that’s Russian coz I’m just gonna do Russian straight away but I’ll check it after that just bear with me hey I like how about Mumma because it boomer yeah that’s what Kane said straight up why sure sorry I can’t speak your language I’m translating it now it is Russian what and he said there are Russians nice one all right let me just dust ratbag wants to come in hang on the old stink cat in Oh stink hmm just bear with me getting me I don’t know if that worked I’ve played virus is a new virus no you mange X talk from herb sites and my friends everyone’s stealing each other’s jokes I left this chord because my storage is dying that’s not good hopefully you’ll come back at some point crow X yeah those but that was ease back how did hurry Harry Potter get down the hill aah what running joke rallying JK Rowling Oh boomerang Nathan eighteen-year the jakey said a stick nice one I discussed the notification saying that P dot is live thank you for having your notifications turned on everyone very much appreciated well anyway sometimes mine don’t work they they I’ve got it turned on for pretty much everyone that’s in the stream at the moment but I have noticed sometimes I don’t get it it’s not uncommon on website they happens all the time boom is be my way has paired up speaking yeah Russian speaking Russian I’m trying this has played out what he what do you think he’s thinking I don’t think anything more bright brain is blank boom any fires coming down over there yes they are came we add some very heavy rains we had a belt of the the hail storms but that I think that was really only nolan and it happened in queensland as well somewhere because when i did the insurance she knew that it on one day it was one state and on another day or is another one so there you go I mean dad I’m still not born I play this game sometimes awesome mister glitzy man we love getting the advice Oh stink pants got a price nice one crazy Dave got the JA presser power is your name like stink pants huh put on sting pants what’s your name in the game poor stink you doing pee stink a lot but I don’t have notifications for one who is notifications through gmail from discordant alright so yeah I sometimes forget thankfully randoms good at doing the vacations so it’s good to may the discord one works as well you don’t have notifications for website not sure why that we’re we’re not a kids website thankfully we’ve been approved and all of that so it’s all good Ken Bob the Builder fix anything on oh yes he can you know Bob the Builder Bob the Builder can he fix it yes he can there are other games called plant versus on me heroes and keep up the good work I did see that plant versus on these Harry’s when I did if you can call it research all I do is just a quick search to see whether a game is popular or not I haven’t really looked at them too much well Clone Trooper AJ is here and he plays the game as well awesome so keep the tips coming we love it hey Clint Reaper crazy question do you like Star Wars yes I do like Bob the Builder yes I cannon yes I do let me ask you because it’s a little bit of a contentious issue what does everyone think of the Star Wars film if they’ve seen it or even if they haven’t give us your opinion because my siblings a die-hard Star Wars fan and he will never say any of it’s bad you’ll say it’s all good but I’ve got another friends that’s a Star Wars fan that he hasn’t really liked many of the latest maybe hey I got two of my friends who never readed Star Wars in their life yeah you know I got one Hong Kong friend her name is Yoda yeah you told me that and I’m like because these these three sons know each other then go on these three friends know each other I’m listening stinking well and I said these three friends are listening last name your three friends you gotta finish that story everybody everyone in the live chat is hanging up at the end of this story it’s nothing come on boss dig Patsy’s in a grumpy mood yet again called stinky enough tall they’re repeatedly not even the life is straighten you can be grumpy straight afterwards come on finish the story I’m so hating fuck well while I’m waiting for stink pads to finish the story let me catch a picnic live chat ah you don’t know what it’s like the lyrics tea pants it’s horrible Wow ah turned off all notifications you probably should keep the modern for that the channels are you actually like them eka hint hint like us we have any straight months a week and we might not be uploading for the next three weeks we’ve got to see how that guys say I’ll do a community post for that but just a heads up you might not see us for a little bit depending on what we can do I’d say that’s that one ready for season seven of star wars the clone wars that’s a thing you can’t get Clone Wars on the mobile phone but that’s like a PlayStation game or something someone hopefully clarify that for me man I got so many plants in plants vs. zombies 30 says claim true power is you can’t do this multiplayer Canyon or Canyon oh did I live I don’t think I live talk too much don’t listen to me there were mine where she’s gone she’s not yet ha seven season plants vs.
zombies I love it tease everyone’s likes this game and Star Wars anything they like thinks the new Star Wars movie is good says Ethan ater awesome I started really reading Star Wars the claim was because of the movies nice one I bet your friends are older and I bet I’m an even bigger star wars fan than them I will challenge you on that one Ethan a doe in terms of my sibling because they are they are insanely huge fans of Star Wars and Lord of the Rings for that matter hey stink pants do or do not there is no try what do you mean well do tell the rest of the story or do not there’s no halfway through hey you’re not know you know what I had to be a big game the original was from PopCap I don’t know what that I’m in a you bought it I’ve heard stuff about a a that’s not good but to be honest we don’t really follow gaming drama do be stinky really gaming drama you know they may be an upload regarding Matt oh if I I’m sort of hinted at it a few times guys there’s a article that I would like to upload purely for views because it’s probably gonna get them I’d if I do know because it’s you know you and me gets anything on human gets lots of use so if that does happen please thank gallon visit the channels that I’ll be highlighting we don’t reckon read any of that guy’s content a nice season ion then a claim laws is a TV series it’s on Disney plots I didn’t know that okay my season seven is animated okay send it clarifying that for me my plants vs.
zombies and filled it with in-app purchases nice one it’s the best of the Star Wars series yes I know how to get it in online games that’s random knows how to get around points challenge accepted I know a lot about Star Wars pacing likes everything I might see if I can get the old sibling in one day to have an argument with these guys because he would be ijq not he would be very difficult to bait and oh you’re doing it again oh yes think I’d be saying that he can’t even go so far as to name the actors of pretty much every single character in in Star Wars movies stop the finish that’s how obsessed he is be able to challenge it but challenge accepted iodine I try dangit try hard Star Wars fan that has had the legend hot oh well you’ve advanced in the game already look at this look at the action I can’t even keep up what are you doing there with a potato okay what are y’all hiring Shh ah to be sure to be sure not only I always eat potato right well true vit you know they’re notorious fighting birdies what are you talking because famine back in the day Claire Irish can pretty much to survive their date a lot of babies so why what I mean mmm yeah that are really bad famine in mainstream and ever since then it’s like Oh potatoes in Irish Oh Irish I don’t ride also what I’m eating spaghetti and garlic bread cane always makes me jealous but guess what should I should I do a spoiler alert of what if we can upload what we’re gonna be uploading just to tease the dlg I think you better was has anything when you actually haven’t done anything and we might not be able to see her I don’t keep my mouth I took a screenshot of that mean like I saw the you notification center because stink pass hey not my fault they in this is intelligence Sambi oh great great greetings temporal I can’t read through that oh my god get your magnifier glass temporal commenters Commodores come commuters again again you’ll pretend to be this guy pretend I am special couriers have been dispatched to retrieve your brains now please have your lease forms signed before their arrival regards doc dead guys on boss yeah I just checked that ending season said I’m not coming out don’t care about I care about Star Wars not actors he’s already backpedaling what why you just care about the actor no that’s well Missy bling well geez this is not just about the actors probably be able to tell you anything we have to find out one day I’ll try and get him in a in a strain our lols season 7 I’m pretty sure the animation is a lot different to happy year oh I didn’t do that either came cane is awesome he’s recognized the everyone with the Asian heritage so let’s let’s speak a few different languages here chop mung Nam oi that’s Vietnamese for happy new year donkey fight child that’s been during fapping year long hei fat Choi what that’s candidate I’m gone everything you do yours ah scindia you even see me read I that sounds Chinese different kind of Chinese alright me yo so they think you came for recognizing yes we have the choice names yesterday and is actually Australia days 26 them January Wiersma public holiday tomorrow unque knows that Australia Day as well nice one uh Ethan I tasks is the moon made of cheese I say yes Swiss cheese because it’s all holy you’ve never been there season and wouldn’t made of cheese you’re not made of cheese we are we not anyway if you beg me have you been no been out of your night how do you know it’s not made of cheese and no one baguette thought I know yeah came along one day and you know CH and somebody turned it into cheese that’s not our cheese for expert okay okay you just say okay by yourself oh my goodness these peanuts brain that big yeah I don’t know I fucking referenced like a some boss I have these game and my fan I completed every boss but dang it’s a lot of plants well we’ll see how you go there you can get it all done in one go no yeah I reckon you can you’re awesome ask me anything about Star Wars I’ll answer correctly no matter what the question but how do I know you’re not googling straight away yeah how do we you know that there’s no TVs no chains no matter what the question clown trigger but the gang gets difficulties you move along it does gets annoying yes but you’re looking at an expert gamer instinct pants look at our guy I’m struggling already in this game I don’t think I would have gotten that far no joke happy Australia happy Canada Day when his candidate had curious for that stinky you have a friend in Hong Kong that is named Yoda is he or she green no sure not even a tinge yeah do they look wrinkly and old do they have pointy ears like an elf I’m not too about pointy ears or like this or not things do nothing like shorten Harry taught and Harry is she shortened Harry and she’s not that tall Oh what that witness I just want to dress look just what to see and it’s like that no I say ah ah the corner of the corner there’s a guy you got tiny little fingers imagine my fat fingers trying to do that wouldn’t work I have an iPad and my phone is dead died sorry to hear the phone is dead chuck it on the charger hopefully that’s the only problem Yahoo search is better than Google really I don’t think I’ve used to Yahoo search years when you gotta play some minecraft say on that night random with your Minecraft it it looks like it’s a vertical game now you did say ray blocks at the start with the login stuff it looks very cool but then it goes horizontal but if someone can clarify is minecraft Earth a vertical game or not because it that’s sorry horizontal game or not because it looks vertical to me so hopefully someone will answer that because I was actually thinking of doing it to be honest until I saw the vertical game stuff I’d say Canada is on the 1st of July nice why I thought that was also said America in the pen no that’s fourth of July so ask me a question about Star Wars I’ll answer with my brain stop pulling the top thing down which is what you were struggling in do that do the go talk we must be hm didn’t quite understand that one hi nature I’m a cheese lovers here awesome now if I can remember correctly that’s actually golfs were from the clan she’s awesome for joining us oh they vary the clans been very quiet of light something taking a bit of his step back from that letting everyone else do the work Ethan ADA then plug out the Rooter cable welcome nature’s lover Yahoo searches well I’m not gonna read that one I saw that you’ve played over five hours a day fish shame on you fish are you talking about golfer or male because I’ve got to get those eight attacks in a day you say I’ll be in there on and off probably get all the attacks in no not minecraft it well but the regular minecraft yes he’s saying minecraft earth is vertical one day I might talk to random privately about doing all other he bypasses everything say you don’t have to pay but if I was to do it normally I’d have to pay for the Minecraft so I’ll have a discussion I have no idea what it is but okay one of the best games where TV he’s still remember me I try but my nature lover even before I recognized the nature lover was gulp oh she was one of the first subscribers like way back in the day ah I think might have left a comment on the first article I’m not sure but I remember that I’d sub to the hair website long time game but she’s only uploaded a couple of articles there nice ones though I even remember them what there’s one with really really strong winds blowing blowing on palm trees or something and the other one I can’t remember remember whoops come on that’s pretty good turn a article on a website al alone the top ten of the annexes over five hours a day in the past week well why said so I thought that was for use of the fine not necessarily gaming you know it’s crazy the FTC finds someone really is that true random that’s not has that been verified because people were worried about all of that I would be very surprised if they find the full amount say he’s so amount of what that the FTC has find someone for saying in one of those banned words and it’s not I’m not gonna read it out because then it puts us in that category but there’s the word they’re stinking like it’s ridiculous are you HOT or are you and that’s a I’m not a good word so it’s ridiculous and I probably have used lots of words on the banned least oh yeah you have anyone play minecraft fallen tech Skyblock yes – he’s in the clan with black saliva yep almost more than two years being in that clan gulp has been in for a long long time hands been around for a long time – so we appreciate the the loyalty pain cuz Ethan aiders never left go cos never left Kane’s left like five times I don’t know how many times but more than once put up what’s your clan name it’s a one clan as well say that I don’t know I had it on a website article yeah the phone yeah use the phone did you know that you’re only meant to play to house a day so by okay I’m not too sure I’ve been a long time it was like six yeah well the clans main for probably six years by now whenever clan wars started next stream please plays Star Wars commando well I’ve downloaded that’s a came I may in fact do that for you seeing as Star Wars is still a very hot topic at the moment might do but that’s gonna be we’re not sure if we’re gonna be able to do anything over the next three weeks streaming might be very difficult so it might just be a couple of normal articles but we’ll see what we can do and then what I was gonna say about something random said as well yeah he’s another thing guys I played it forever takes place on holidays but the first time I joined you kicked me out sorry go up up but yes I kick everyone help the loving donations but she’s not like that now she’s actually one of the most supportive in the clan so it’s the same for everybody if you don’t donate eventually you’re gonna be kicked out my donations are really poor at the moment but having said because of the updating Phillip yeah because I’ve been what what nothing yeah cuz the amount of fame donations coming from you to me but I’d a nice to you on a more serious night if you want a very long progressing game placed I was commander it takes forever well we might do that on the next stream whenever that is now I do want to take a moment to talk to you guys seriously about online stuff and I’ve mentioned it before but I want everyone here to be very very careful there’s there’s a lot of misinformation that websiters post they don’t do their research they they will make claims that aren’t necessarily true just be very wary particularly of website I mean giggles better I wouldn’t say it’s perfect either but yeah unless you’re looking for some sort of instructional to article you’re looking for general information you might not get anything accurate and the second thing is be very careful when you’re online because you know I’ve been contacted by some pretty young people and you know they’ve actually talked to me on this cord if I was their parent I would be questioning why they’re doing that their parents might not be aware they’re doing it you you’re safe with us but you know and there are other people out there that may have ulterior motives so just be very very careful that’s my public service announcement for just because I’ve been seeing a lot of things lately that yeah nah Quinn found it sorry but I’m not gonna join because I’m in a clan with my brother and sister ah and also I don’t have enough trophies on my second account to join that’s fine like we tend to have a pretty full clan most of the time as long as everyone recruits which a lot of people don’t I know Ethan ADA does when I asked him to there’s a certain someone in the clan that I think these guys already know who I’m talking about that loves the boot people you don’t beat that many but this particular person doesn’t really doesn’t do anything to replace them and I must say that the the recruiting tool has gotten better it’s not as bad as what it was like saying that you can’t send her a quest saying you can do it more often now if people haven’t tried lately he’s saying just be aware of that one – there’s a tip of the day now the topic of the day I was gonna have relating to plants I guess that have you planted anything if so what was it and when was the last time you planted something and on top of that do you have favorite plants stinky I know you’ve got a favorite flower a number of favorite flowers what’s the paper one that you love so much flower purple flower we’ve got it yeah we have that well they graze like one or two in season why are you talking about yeah I like purple flower which one oh you told me oh my goodness you’re hopeless $11 know you like livin de I like the smell oh you like the smell of lavender you have any other favor so they are you don’t have to tell me everything golfer or nature’s lover but I’d suspected that you Rex packs and gods and we’re all friends in real life as well if that’s true let me know because I always lump you three together and they tend to defend each others as well but I had a go at godson for complaining about the last clan wars Rex packs came to his defense don’t probably come to his defense like anything I said I planted a garden hated it and let my mom do it by his self pooed on it’s not consistent I was the reverse of that though I used to put things in dad’s garden and then he loved it he was telling me about how good it was well that’s good glad to have helped we for school we had a science project about making ecosystems we made a plant that’s awesome I wish we did that did you have that mini case she stands Lessing well I’d like to create a mini one in an aquarium like you you want to do as well I used to be in the gardening club in primary school but I don’t like gardening like I recommend then why not yes that you have to do it compulsory you know a lot of things that compulsory at school like planting I think we did it in at primary school as well we had like it was actually like a farming display or something they had chickens and duck or two and some old old buildings that they put up to explain you the people did it in the old old days and say and I killed my plant I’m no good at indoor plants we’ve managed that too that have survived years now but usually they don’t I used very hot well that’s no good one lot but what is started turning yellow so I put blue food coloring randoms crazy what I they’re doing the water again yes they all study in the same College do you all study the the same degree majors lover and I’m not sure if you want me to call you that or gulper so you can just clarify that for science we’re learning about electricity in circuits Wow it could be an electrical engineer one day for cane what grade you mean I just got done with that unit they might be around the same age yep lastly rec packs is what I was saying yes Rex Rex packs imperative had a lot of heated conversations yes they have and I’ve seen them and I’m like I’m not gonna get involved in any of this I really don’t like being dragged into the drama but it happens often that I’ve got to get in there and defend people and you know I don’t attack anyone but I’ll come to people’s defensemen they need it they really have weakness we do get some charming the the the clan naming well that’s a drama-free clan but you can’t say that anymore I suppose when you’ve you’ve been around these people for that long you do even though it’s just chatting you do get to kind of know their personalities like I think Golf has got a really sweet personality she seems like a lot stop being cheesy I would dump you for golf or any day what are you talking about you’re not telling me you might not angel and never Shane Archangel thank you this is called me your Archangel yes I there are many toppings stinking carefully Frankie just comes out it’s just your potty mouth and the internet ahead read yes they really do see even a hearing golfer don’t fight with anyone but the others do it’s okay no reading website about electricity and I’m very smart and electrical stuff oh nice one way I wish you lived in Australia are beginning to do some work around home macro says that wasn’t compulsory he just joined because all my friends joins friends no cuz all mine and my friends soccer balls popped so they couldn’t play soccer and also they decided to join a gardening club nice month don’t stick a fork in and out let that smart I want to be a mechanical engineer when I grow up nice one neat inator because one of my friends is he got three degrees he’s a genius level he’s an electrical engineer computer sight our note two degrees electrical engineering computer science is very very smart chaplain so yes I highly recommend study your hard engineering is a good profession to get into why it seems like fun trying to kill yours self yep same degree college same class and call me golf i okay so i’ll call from now on hey stinky not nice think we need a baby I mean I’ve said it worse with the knee but I’ve only ever done it once and you know I actually asked he’s a stream completed so I can let loose turns out it wasn’t a nun get me well I’m safe a head teacher say sweet of you well the reality is there the personalities do come through a bit three chat that’s how we get to know each other in live chat as well for the most part I’ve only spoken to very few people you know and can probably count them on one hand so you did get to know people through a live chat and I gotta say goldfish she is she’s very sweet and hey if you’re looking for an old husband when you get a bit older I’ll be willing to trade you in for my the person that I’m the arts angel off apparently okay dad i’ma grab my friend and stick a piece of middle and an outlet and shocking don’t do that back up we’re not not I recommending that hey you made a bar of soap next to you know wash her mouth help like my parents said they would do that actually happened to me once as a child soap does not taste good Mona Lisa’s vlog here hello how are you I am she says sorry I don’t know if you’re here is she but I’m assuming you’re a she based on the main thank you for not skipping ads like stink pants did in the last stream you skipped an ad on one of our streams and that’s you know you know either don’t get paid or yet paid very little when you do that so don’t do it I know how are you – sir it’s good to see you in the stream are alexander’s joined as well awesome we’ve got all the day all day here Jeff Adam says he bit a soap Baja all right I’m let’s say sure I think I might have done that once to you with a really nice you know you get the really nice smelling ones that boutique soap that you can’t did some of it smells it sometimes when you wash yourself you smell edible series all of the 3d it smells really nice that’s why I bite you all the time cuz I because I just like biting you so I random you don’t use that blocker on our website please they ain’t even advertise it didn’t I’m not gonna read that don’t know what that one means how many times distinct you have to swear miss stream good question what roles well we are in the final year if you had the great scene will separate hopefully Gopi do you stay friends I’d have to admit most of my friends are from school I’ve kept them all this time I got a couple of friends from uni but pretty much only one from age degree I think it’s only two friends from any that I’ve stayed in contact with there might be one or two more yeah I’m safe off your house I don’t owe you my friends that that I never talk to so stay in touch with them you know it’s there and I’ll say that to anyone that’s in school as well but you know if you’ve got friends you do you have to put the time and the effort into it over years you know some people are not that good at contacting others a lot of my friends were like that and at one point I was took a very hard stance saying look I’ve been calling you for years you never call back that’s it I’m done and you do lose friends when you do that that’s fine to you but then you have others like I’ve got one mate that I didn’t speak to for a few years because he never called me and then when we got back in contact it was like nothing had ever changed and they’re still best mates now there is also something that happened with his wife but see she was upset with me for whatever reason that I still disagree with but that’s all been resolved so you know if you end up having fights with your friends make sure you get it sorted out because babe you know you find good people you’ll want to stick stick with them for as long as you can and I hopefully will be doing that with all of these young uns that are in the stream and all the old ins that are in the streams that years down the track they won’t get bored with this and I’ll still be mates online mates this is a this joke is well I’m not gonna read that out if it’s going to be ah ha ha ha Alexander said this joke is super daddy so I wasn’t gonna read it and then he said I stepped in the mud and got my boots Teddy are there from different countries so it’ll be difficult you can still do it though I’ve got to say Gobber because I have if I’ve got friends that live overseas Audion favourite mine sorry just bear with me mm-hmm in the final year Bo so read that of course you’re doing everyone let’s get that don’t say that stop advertising that guys cuz you know you don’t want people to know about that stuff so be difficult guess what I said chicken something like beyblading why why we sigit ah teacher I’m not gonna read that maka try and keep the the jokes family-friendly if you can because we do want to try and keep the website family-friendly yep we’ll try to be in contact but people they do get busy later in their own lives that happens as well aha we’re just we are Oh Chuck oh if I can say this right no Josh car first Joschka I think that’s right how are you how are you thank you for joining the streams I’ve just recently been in contact with air website just to shout out to everyone I know that I’ve seen everyone’s channels by now some of them don’t have content like Ethan ater but check each other out it’s what it’s all about isn’t it supporting each other and I’m trying to spread a little bit of a i’ll love and cheer to other people as well cheesy oh look we already got a dislike that would be our our arch-nemesis online a little steep I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that how come I can’t hear anything you should be able to well let us know hey puto do you think we can get 10k subs by the end of the year say that would be alright that’s actually something that I was being motivated to do to try and get a lot of subs this year it does mean and I’ve said this in previous streams before that we are shifting the focus of how we can help other channels so instead of visiting them I still do it when I get the chance I do have notifications on for a lot of the channels that don’t upload regularly because like I think it was set well someone said said before that they get a lot of notifications I do as well kind of limit it to those that do not played super frequently but what we’re trying to do rather than visiting other channels is just when you come to the streams we give you a shout out as you get to know each other you know that you’re gonna get support from other people in our streams because that’s what happens when you join so it just means I’ve got to do more advertising a lot more heavily than I have so I’m not sure if we’ll ever make that that milestone but we’re gonna try I mean ideally there’s two more milestones that we have to try and reach once 30,000 subs to try and get the join button and then the hundred thousand subs to try and get a manager or at least someone that looks over you at website so they’re the two main main goals although I think there might be something at 10k as well I’m not sure just know that they they have milestones there to unlock certain things okay so hopefully that answers your question how come I can’t hear anything I don’t know really copies and the screen is frozen there we go so that’s something on their end someone make 8,000 website accounts and subscribe to be topped that would be a lot of effort there under if anyone ever did that and I’m not recommending that would just be far too much work and let’s face it they’d be dead subs you’re not gonna join me on all eight thousand accounts better I appreciate the shout out there I made it much appreciated say finish sentence I’m gonna upload okay that’s fine try to keep the dimensioning of articles and channels down to a minimum because we don’t really want to encourage that you I’m setup before okay when is there going to be a COC stream so I’ve mentioned before we’re not sure if we can do anything for how long three weeks did you say ah two or three two or three weeks won’t try our best chances are the if we’re even uploading once a week during that time chances are they’ll be normal articles that might not even have anything to do with gaming and it’s just whatever we can actually do if we can do it Said’s yes sorry it’s a bit wishy-washy randoms gonna do a face reveal soon no that’s not what he said that’s what I’m saying huh yeah look Alexander we we have attracted a someone who either creates multiple accounts or a group of people back in the day that for whatever reason just ain’t like us and they’re certainly still around I know that for sure I actually checked to our band the other day and there is at least seven accounts that had copied our name and they’re all trying to trying to provoke us pretty much but say it’s alright I like that you will home this is a great website you’ll do it my friend says Joschka thank you that’s very very kind of you to say so I actually he said a little bit of personal stuff that’s too much for Prudhoe yeah usually I don’t but don’t want talk about this sort of stuff but the reality is not that many people in our real lives know what we’re doing and I yeah and I kept it quiet from my own family like I didn’t tell my father or sibling what I was doing until we got monetized and on that night my sibling was kind of saying you know your commentaries he didn’t say it directly but he was saying your commentary is kind of boring and I agree I don’t think it’s it’s very good so I’ve been talking misting pants on how to improve that whether we should do more gaming like commentary on the actual game but then there’s also interacting with the live chat so it’s like a normal conversation so again let us know what you think how I can improve because we would like to do that oh my goodness that is long I’m not sure what he means is long one fish two fish red fish blue fish what’s a fish I think that was a joke but I didn’t get that one back in the day CAC was only for one year olds but it’s actually restricted to 13 plus stinky sunflowers going the back says random you put the sunflowers in the back stinky look then if the sunflower at the back already eaten well good point well I’m pop-out I’ve just started I forgot what it’s called I think it’s called rain not sure what that one means another one says gum sunflowers go in the back yeah they do stink the back three speechless anything that she was going from yes no you are they’re disagreeing anything that sheets goes after the sunflowers well three of them is saying sunflowers go in the back say oh man I like this website because it’s smaller and you interact with this and the big websiters don’t yeah well that’s true to you I’ve actually looked at a few even medium sized channels with the live chat they don’t interact at all so that’s one of the advantages we do have them to be honest even if we got bigger and had hundreds of people joining the streams I’d be trying my best to still interact because I have seen some try to do that you do have a function where you can slow down the chat which we would do if it ever gets to that point but hopefully that will be something that continues because I’ve been told before that that’s one of the attractive things that we do the the downside is I don’t know if the people that read the replays find that entertaining do they or don’t like and then picking you know interesting topics and things like that I’m quite happy to talk about anything but website’s not happy for us to talk about anything otherwise I would really wouldn’t care that much about spreading political views or not that you know we’re overly religious or anything but anything like that I wouldn’t have a problem with but anyway it’s the climate that we have online that you have to be kind of careful it’s a rain joke because it never rains okay the sunflowers of the lawnmowers motors oh no the sunflowers are after the lawn Motors or mowers I think he’s trying to say got that stinky mow is you main vacuum not lawnmower yes if you put it on the front then the zombies will eat it easy ancient Egypt vacuum is that what you’ve got now MIT’s pyramid okay you read this ah I need a magnifying glass am i doing the same same voice oh this is the penny the wind penny so penny it’s crazy death Penny’s going to be an old woman through tetrahedrons are pyramids this one is not a platonic solid and tap to continue I’m so hungry I would love a platonic solid the tap to continue what is platonic solid like I guess solid plants as opposed to liquid plants if they sound user babe this is also not a taco salad or tacos I mean you’re like Jay you like the crazy day because pussy Dave let’s tackle and you loves tackle I do think tacos are one of the greatest inventions you should stream on Twitch it’s way less harsh on what you can and can’t say so – I know Ethan a subscriber Kane didn’t like my old woman voice what a horrible old woman voice that’s crazy Dave oh wait you wait you you’ll wait for the next story Ethan ADA agrees with Kane horrible voice I can do one better than you please talk about Australian sometime it’s a great country you’re happy to do it we actually have we had Australians in the stream I think Mac is still again so if you would like to you you can ask any questions about the country I’ll answer whatever I can I’m not too sure what you would like to know about Australia I will mention that these bushfires have you heard the latest estimate I know is over 15 million acres that’s a huge amount of land that’s been burnt and then another bad statistic is apparently like a billion they estimated billion animals of died already you know I guess that may or may not include insects and everything else but yeah and you talk a billion living things have being wiped out that’s just it’s terrible and I hope that anyone that did these deliberately lit bush fires yeah go to jail they never come take a very hard stance with that my article and explain is kind I’ll read a book – yeah some fair and yeah it does seem like I’ve heard that as well let twitch favors females because of the whole you know girl gamer if you attractive looking on that night I’ll mention I saw a bit of twitch drama about this one particular streamer that she’s very self entitled I’ve never seen behavior that disgusting shaming people into giving their money it’s crazy oh by the way we’ve got super chat ah and super sticker of oh geez and a patreon we get X zero out of all of that but that’s fine we don’t expect anything probably never will get anything no no one wants to support us stinky no that’s not true they support us just by explaining up and learn comments and likes and things that’s all we really need we just need to be loved because there’s no love at home is it stinky yes jóska if you’d like to ask us any questions about australia would be happy to answer them I’m also very curious where that name comes from or you don’t have to answer where you’re from but I’m always curious tonight there you go it slipped it in this thing erases they ask the same question as well anyone you hey what I love you a new tax pays what cowsy what new tasks you have to do smart commented on zombie implant and here we go there’s a he’s a zombies in the plants here the plants plan alright say just like we would expect of stink pants plants have no brains neither does aam be for that matter so it’s a pretty brainless game at the moment look at these potatoes go and fly awesome stuff and she’s got in here I didn’t put potato got these things potatoes no that’s like walnuts or some walnuts come on think your place like the plants stink pantses knots are out in front what and then what are the other what’s that other thing that’s that’s slinging stuff and flower bloom is that before I threw a bloomerang once that never came back now I live in constant fear and sunflowers go at the back who loves sunflower seeds look at a guy stinky pants you’re absolutely destroying the zombies at the moment I gotta say nice one I only talk to people who with brains never talks to anyone in the work anymore well I guess I won’t be talking to anyone at home either you know you know why you never see elephants hiding up in trees because they’re really really good at it just like that one again why do you never see elephants hiding in trees I’ll still be just really really good at it I don’t get these they really good at hiding in trees therefore you don’t see them like the drop my inability to make you laugh is what makes you laugh well that’s not good let’s hear a joke from sting pants yeah that’s right not a single one day up so you should be doing pity laughs all over the place all right so now we’re in round what what round are we in five six so look this is the flower sunflower peashooter walnut and this is the potato ah so you do have Chinese cabbage cabbage polt okay so a little Georgie you’ve got some food you make me hungry for sir I don’t know what is this trend can you guess what it is great Buster what is the real real really deep Lance name would there be a reality plan because that’s what they use all like ice but to make a character leeks this one bok choy yes right so what this is I don’t know great buster regular great Buster right but it doesn’t look like a great that’s a look like great anyone have some idea about this plan tell me please I can’t think of anything that’s right what I’m blind people skydive skydive I heard this again yes and you can’t remember any day cuz it scares their dogs oh sorry I pee with the job science is awesome all saying did you know that your brain skips the second end oh yeah they are I just did it did you notice that science is awesome and science support is awesome also and end did you know your brain skip the second hand and I did as I was reading it I skip the second hand sokar the brain says you don’t need to read that it’s redundant the second in the second Manley’s a main and redundant ego that says explaining off a little bit of the old vocabulary it eats the tombstones the grave a neighbor what she’s asking is like what real plant does it relate to because all the other plants seem to relate to something hey man what’s up what’s up mr.
glitzy man another loyal day oh gee look at the DOJ they’re all here not all of them but quite a few of them stinky so I’m doing back to the commentary I out comes through the plant that we don’t know she’s got our line up with the sunflowers but you’re not at the back there they’re spaced at the back apparently no I she disagrees she disagrees with the entire chat you don’t put the sunflowers at the back not the second row and then you got your wall Moxley wait you do it stinky always does things her way like Peter Allen it’s a cactus cyst Kane huh yeah that looks like a cactus hey hey Kayne’s our resident genius in the strain he said great buster right that’s nothing sounds like them well maybe there’s a cactus that’s got something that’s rather sounds like grave or bust are like barrel buster barrel grave spikey see the connection there there and as they’re fighting their war there look at those bok choy just waving in the wind man making me hungry for bok choy you got things slang all over the place the window aah zombies cracking through your defenses there nice one yeah you just Delta a walnut yeah you did a blade to the old giblets didn’t you because the walnuts technically like giblets huh in fact walnuts look a lot like giblets what stop talking now I thought is family friendly hey Ethan ADA says well stinky I disagree with you what do you think about the sunflowers in the back she doesn’t like it and I gotta say you’re doing well here say maybe Stinky’s got the right you know if that said she’s an expert in zombies they’re plants vs. zombies one suspect she might be knowing what she’s doing with – well they you know first-time game yeah arrogant yeah arrogant thinking meat you know better than the people in the stream there I can’t disagree is he doing so well these zombies are coming in full force now don’t know what these brown camel looking things are bidden why have they got to two humps or three humps but with four different tiles it’s like a shield they use it like a shield Oh he comes a mummy here come to mummy I didn’t even know this game at mummy is that like the the big boss this one our players on the back on get her mum and say fat chicks here we go again with days sunflowers go in the Francis fandom develops again by P I was the first one to mention giblets see me strength ah not the first one to mention water some flowers going the left side so mama’s so ugly when she tried to join an ugly contest they said sorry no professionals I like that one nothing from stinky she’s concentrating hey Peter can you explain something for me where does cheese come from I’ve heard that one cheese comes from animals that produce milk so you can’t just say cows you can have goats cheese sheeps cheese you can probably have a big cheese human chi-wai isn’t even gonna come up with human cheese why do they have to know just because you can my I thought human brains were all about just because he can why fly to the moon well because he can why send a probe to Mars because he can this is active get more ridiculous is that not the reason that third the the feet of human but or my personal favorite why would you surf those monster waves that could wipe you out in an instant because you can for my entertainment I don’t discourage the big wave surfers from doing that because I love reading it I would just never go and do it myself your mama’s so stupid she tried to climb mountain Juke that’s a good one Cain’s got some Reapers your mama is safe fat and old that when then spiritual being I don’t even only had to say that word said they might be like he asked your mother to move it out of the way your arm is so we’ve got mama so ugly James oh they both said the same jokes one after the other nice one stinky you did it again lookie here you go it picked a great game for you so curious to know does anyone get you sure that was in in going man yeah yeah oh so they this one does having gay men’s oh I’d be curious to know whether you guys have been receiving either pop-ups or normal ads throughout the stream because I know last week we had one at the very start but I never see them during the streams same don’t even know what the rules are without saying yeah curious all of these more hang on oh your mama’s so fat that when she sat at Walmart in Walmart she lowered the prices your mom was so stupid that she thought the quarterback in football meant she gets a quarter I also thought that don’t know don’t know the positions of the old football players in the NFL or gridiron his we call it that’s what it’s called Barry’s on its team I don’t know I might eat something stupid what did you do I’m Nydia that out of you all right well I was actually gonna ask Ethan ATAR question there about oh yeah I want to know about Walmart I hear his online website they say the people that go to Walmart are quite strange and why well that’s what I thought – you bet it’s a huge it’s not like our supermarkets saying there’s a huge by comparison you know if we have you been to a Costco here cuz we you have not here no never been to Costco but I happen some macro is the brand that we have in my country now before I start yes you mean crazy day crazy die if we’re gonna put on a crazy voice there is our plant called on there is a plant call on my banana phone it’s an SOS tap to continue no reasoning plants if we don’t help no get this candy is it penny oh hey what was penny I forgot the boys music oh grandma well the he’ll be sitting plants if we don’t help let’s take back route and save them tap to continue stop dr. Conte new warning what’s the point of that your mama so stupid she thought dr.
pepper is a doctor when she went to visit talking to a carbonated beverage by being some of the wonderful Ambrose’s that are out there there you go yeah I’m just testing the variability that I may or may not have I mean maybe you have but you don’t know how to spell it right miss Bella yeah you’re not you’re no spelling bee who asked you how to spell I don’t ask you actually I do spell me marshmallow mas H M a double L Oh W this champion model are you sure there’s a w at the end him others say stupid that winning entry to break into a house she ran downstairs dialed 9-1-1 on the microwave and could not find the call button and then cook something food nine nine hours and 11 minutes that’s a long time to cook anything remotely so ugly the people breaking a house to close the box for any mothers that are out there D these are just jokes disclaimer please don’t be offended people in ‘s society get offended way too easily too easily they get offended everyone should take a leaf out of Australia’s book we we laugh at ourselves we don’t take stuff too seriously and lessen space to be taken seriously that’s the way you should live your life now you thought that was pretty funny and they are pretty funny jokes coming it’s night night dad about that it’s super crazy it means your mama so fat I took a picture of our last Christmas and it’s still printing oh these guys have got great momma jokes these are the best momma jokes I’ve had in a long time you never say fact that even Dora the Explorer can’t find it candle can’t find it cop night you mighta safe at the door I can’t even explore it did she say that you haven’t safe at it took me three train rides and two bus rides to get on their good slate if you know what I made though they’re great love loving me I’ve said that joke since elementary school what DJ dough plants guy in the back there I’d say making four more of the Jake’s yeah how come you get to spin around like that and what does it do when you spin your bok choy oh look at them punch away didn’t they this their bok choy punch zombies nice one it’s not zombies it’s plaid bok choy his plan are you nuts yeah you’re not sticking what I said I did hear what you thought I until we’re gonna be red playing my Estrella afternoon’s finished I can explain you what’s going on there does anyone have any interest in Egyptian culture because I do have you been I actually went to a a exhibition once I almost get into the UK Museum and at that time they have um what do you call it like special even yes for mummy under the water but you have to pay so I’m like maybe not what I don’t know it’s it’s special even in UK Museum about mummy something I can’t remember what it is so maybe there’s nothing right well is I guess the mummy mummy jokes are appropriate to my needs things you got mummys stink pants doesn’t know what she’s talking about they’re doing Jake was at the Ryman Street I heard that one mama so ugly that she made one direction go in other directions I like that now don’t know much of why you don’t like the brand bunnies in the bands oh I don’t know much about them except that’s the one that Harry Styles is in he’s in the only band remember that I know who was Perry spy he’s the gup-e mother Prince I’m saying the good-looking one he’s a very good-looking young man Harry Styles ballet I mean they all in boy bands they’re all supposed to be but he looks like he could be an actor you know you can he could do that transition and be a listy one day and then have Ricky Gervais is making jokes about him yeah well that’s true too it’s you know he’s safe at the wind she stepped on the scale buzz lightyear came out and said to infinity and beyond you shoulda say you laughing at the fact that I did the the pointing like he does yeah does likely to infinity it’s we should have the face cam revealed so they could see me do that that’s what made you laugh now your mama say fat belly button gets home 15 minutes before she does these cracking me ie tonight her and kind of cracking me helping me straight I’m laughing evades jokes yeah Fanny one that reades the replays in a foreign language they might be thinking what the heck I’ll lay by this stage it probably won’t translate this firing you got to get the jokes in in the first hour for it to translate if you’re saying your mama so fat that when she sits down we lose a country I’ll be right back we’ve got to use the men’s room I thought you’d be using the mama’s room that wasn’t really enjoyed by no one laughter that I got a no reaction from stinky I haven’t but can you actually into it I’m just doing something else can you actually plant plants in this game what incubate them like when you fight with the zombie and they drop some small plan you pick it up and you put in your own here can I come in I don’t know what it does get why is Ami’s carrying plants or seeds I shouldn’t say I’m not the game designer I don’t know I just know that’s what iconic and that’s why ya know Kang’s gone to the the men’s room to the latrine and water closet Danny as we call it in Australia he call it the bunny yet huh toilet we call it a Dunning gander the Danny mm-hmm why you called that I don’t know it’s just a word that’s used hey what did you what did you say Oh another game developer I’m not the the Australian language inventor his phrases being around oh yeah you just copy from England I know didn’t call it the dunny they might call it a powder room or a water closet wait oh oh I got one thing you know number one and number two what is number one and number two number one is the peepee number two is it universal I never heard about this before my friends start to use I mean my colleagues start to use and they not there they’re Asian right foundation and a half money who from Australia no the only one who used it was no then then when he comes back you say say how was it sleek and fast oh I see me how many know you know for nursing there is number as well one two three four five six seven – say how is it die is it for human beings to be you know using that it’s good for you know if you using cows and chickens and so on why not human then if you were yours countess use your own thing because usually when you get exposed to that sort of thing from your own well I don’t even know if it works with animals but human beings shouldn’t be mucking around with their own stuff why because you can spread disease and things that way quite right that is wrong cow nein why because it’s because it’s a cow what there’s no reason you know you know reason good reason you’re not space to Mike Rann with cat stuff cuz that spreads diseases and it can cure and why is different doing Teton town human I’m not the inventor of animals I didn’t I but I may have weights but I know it’s true because you’re not English between town human and cat and you say our poop is pretty bad if you start going around playing with rat bags number twos don’t come near me that’s only one red bag him I must say fat when she skips and me all the stock market plummets that’s true too no I would say fat when she goes camping the Bears fight their food that actually stink pants the skinny but bears would hide their food from stinking to you and I’m gonna say fat I swear to me say in my car and I ran out of gas cuz I have to swear say five stinking these jokes are really yeah maybe stakes are quite understandable I got so even for you stinky be able to get most of them Oh son Flint are they they’re not in the back well you’ve got this other flare in the back stink all right just go back into the normal commentary purple thing comes out there zombies are dying left right and center the plant sir is this like checkers us not check his bit you’ve got to try and cover the board until it gets to the end is that the game yeah alright so you just gotta keep progressing forward move forward what is it go forth and conquer stinky you might wanna say that if she buys a whole fur a whole species Kay’s extinct you won’t say fat when she steps on the scale it says to be continued or do that that one’s a little close to home though well what do you mean when your old uncle Peter gets on the scales at gaze past the limit doesn’t it then we gotta count you got to do the maths after that the little needle goes past the maximum we had and spins around again oh this is why I hate face reveal no one wants to say that but when she see your mama say moments so fast when she steps on a scale and says to me oh no that’s the same joke from before and I think you mean fat lot faster look at you go you’re fast you got the bok choy doing see damage Walmart’s are getting in there but I know what that other flower is what is it it looks like a daffodil it’s the bloomerang bloomerang bloomerang what do you call it a boomerang that doesn’t come back a sneak-peek that’s upside you saying the same joke in the stream three four or five times I think anyone’s listening to me at this point yeah you’d never listen to me anyway dia huh what’s with the music why why does the camel come in four parts what’s with that then why is it a tree how about three parts these funded two humps the lost art news for them oh I already killed the first half then I can say there’s a zombie there with a flag that’s got a brain on it what’s going on brain oh no I think you need many fried gas magnifying glass is open okay all I see is one zombie left design so that I kind of steel bucket on the top of the head so it can take more damage and it’s not an endless supply it looks like as well right to the very end of the board you didn’t finish your story I already decide no more you’re such a crank pants pants they say do it all go home you mama so stupid she put two quarters in her ears and thought she was listening to 50 cent that’s American currency but I still get the joke that’s funny you know headquarters like 20 they have a 25 cent piece that’s what a quarter is I know yeah well you guys say you know American cants the currency – you don’t need to know currency for that well we don’t have a 25 cent piece yeah but you might have you just get 127 classified said well I I don’t know the difference between a nickel a diamond and what’s the anointment nickel the diamond any a penny and nickel and a dime I think a penny might be a 1 cent piece but Oh Ethan ABCs he’s listening we got one person that’s listening it’s you your mama so fat she brought a spoon to the Super Bowl that’s great you remember say Ervinn she started a cup of orange she standard a cup of orange juice for 12 hours because it said concentrate to get that one the stinky you got that one concentrate oh then came said are you fighting all these jokes from best life so I guess he’s giving away where he gets his jokes Oh Nathan eight is saying no I just know honkers either night it’s it’s at school all day long telling my my jokes and then when they have the school pickup zone you know we’re the parents skater pick up the kids he stands out the front there at the Cape just yelling out momma jokes to everyone to all of the soccer moms and come pick up the kids that’s your job right that’s why I take you don’t say stupid when they said order in the court she asked for fries in a shake is that all was that fat soft say stupid say fat your mama’s so fat and stupid but when they said order in the court she said I’ll have everything on the menu thank you okay that’s my job that’s cooperating fed and Ervinn ah okay at least I understand it for fries and a shake your mama safe at the wind she fell I didn’t laugh but the sidewalk crack up where do they get these I’ve never heard any of these jokes and they’re great stinky you want to start learning some jokes yes that is always sad school let me make you a promise facts understand a joke maybe GZ third a degree in a profession that relates to momma jokes these guys would be at the top of their field they’d be making a fortune who’s gonna love it say back to their the gaming street arts put on it’s called Google’s is game well this is where I get all the jokes that I’ve got from these days they’re all Google once it’s called tor we all know about it be careful if you’re gonna get on the dark web I’ve done it I found it quite boring to be honest there wasn’t a lot there that interested me and the bad stuff you’re not interested in why are you doing well you’re for nice zombies are breaking their lines they’re stinky what’s happening is you don’t have your sunflowers at the back what’s going on what can’t you use them you’ve got so many they’re bringing out the walnuts bring out the heavy guns why time limit is too often you can muck around with things like you got to collect stuff to be able to do that or Stinky’s in trouble could this be the first loss for the stink pants thanks she swore there’s one zombie with her you’d better take care of that zombie and the one behind it then the ones behind that she’s doing well scraping through nice one too your mama’s so stupid she sat at a stop sign until she got tired because she was waiting for it to say go have you ever seen it go sign in your life I’ve never seen that I have seen traffic light green you medical side no no no it’s gonna be like a stop sign except green that says go different from a traffic light and by the way your mum’s so pharoah carers stretch marks odd this is objective I forgot to read it but I complete you actually did do it nice one stinky you are the champion sexy I have to say are you gonna talk commies mommy only it’s gotta be I want the daddy jikes you’re you’re offending stinky now say make him well it is a substantiating mummy for daddy it’s still gonna be designed jokes well then well then she wants to hear dad jokes now you know dad Jake means something completely different night that’s what I tell don’t okay Who am I doing crazy days and pennies this won’t be the first last and there will be more last to come to continue okay good make sure you you read whatever you’re supposed to do there in that one happy I just read it out as a dad joke they’re still saying mama jokes dad your dad to say stupid when thieves break into his house and stole the TV she chased after them and said you forgot their might I like that he’s think quite funny and very witty where does the general keep his armies where does the general keep he’s arming any sleeve ease keeps use I’m using nice ladies yeah stinky doesn’t get any of them possible prefect k98 he’s from the time way and this is all I do I have no life now he’s ripping them out pretty quickly say I have no answer I’m sitting on the fence line with that my name that died Google Jake’s and I steal him from from the people that tell them I was gonna use randoms Mira Jake one day he thanked me for not stealing it by Yoda there are some daddy Jake’s coming in hang on oh there’s different kind of Jake’s how does the squeak go into battle well I think I heard that in a previous one what’s the best thing about Switzerland I don’t read them you’re telling the same jokes you did in other strangers yeah no I’ve had all of these jokes before when Keynes got a new one your daddy is so bold that I used his head as a mirror is that you know how people get really really shiny heads did he ever tried to look at your reflection in a bald dude that really polishes his head try doing that why aren’t koalas actual bears they don’t meet the qualifications what do you call a Frenchman wearing sandals Philip Philip hey you got a laugh here too stinky for that one nice one what’s he T is short for because he’s only got little legs but a bear a bear walks into a restaurant he tells the way now I want a grilled cheese the water says what’s with the pause what do you mean the Bears replies I’m a bear of course I’ve got paws Billie’s tell here telling the same jokes there never tells would never criticize someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes that way when you criticize them you’ll be a mile away and you’ll never and you’ll have their shoes that’s actually quite poignant G on ripping out the words oh no he’s not impressed at all they – I see they’re coming so fast now two men on the opposite side of a river one shouts to the other I need you to help me get to the other side the other guy replies you’re on the other side Stevie your daddy say stupid he took a ruler to the bed to see how long he slept these are quite witty what’s the difference between a hippo and a Zippo one is really heavy and the other one is a little lighter like that one to you do you know why does he play lotteries oh gee you’re smashing this game look at it here at the end there already nice one what do Alexander the Great and we need to poo you have in common the same middle name Alexander the Great we need the stink of the pants silence that’s what I get from you stinky yeah what did the mayonnaise say when the refrigerator door was opened what what did the mayonnaise say when the fridge door was opened no close the door I’m dressing dressing but my own eggs it’s a salad dressing you use my own s or salad dressing that’s for cold sores my dad all I see right I stand corrected said the man in orthopedic shoes now I might have to put that is the pin to commend well I love that one that one’s great TR say five on the jacks I used to be addicted to decipher but I’m clean now what did the left eye say to the right eye between you and me something smells your daddy say Stephen you know Tommy’s next to me something smell my heavy shell head this morning oh geez the shit that’s what mama stinky yeah why’s my mine why I stink pants and you peed on that’s what I want I thought that’s the plan that was their deal if you go back to the original articles that’s how but then we add the cartoon characters and I looked more like poo dot and you looked more like stink pants I think that’s how that work plus the real story you know we know whose food your poor stink you daddy say Stephen I told him if you guess how many dollars in my pocket I’ll give him both of them he said 3y is in when the wettest country because the queen is reigned there for years reign it’s hard to explain puns in to kleptomaniacs they always take what do you call it when Batman skips church who cares about Batman Christian Bale Bale the guy gets two events started by a goldfish the salesman asking do you want an aquarium the guy responds I don’t care what star sign it is aquarium Aquarius what do you call a beer with maybe is B whoa you’ve got a zombie there on the final line of defense begin there’s more zombies coming gee you’re very confident there Archie because its final web to see this at the flag you’re saying how many ways I can’t even put more plants anyway I can’t this is like zero you need to have some to plan and this is like they got objective for this particular game that you can use more more than two grand but now did you know that you’re definitely gonna win these because I still got a lawnmower where is it oh I thought that is the background you got lawnmowers ball this is like like the pyramid or crazy Dave house or something and you have to protect the house so you got this is like last resort you don’t have to worry about the camel milk I need real 600 C nice one no one more your mama’s so stupid when I said drinks on the house she went to get a ladder exaggerations you’re getting back to the number ones in twos one two three well number four it’s already eternal life so what added them to it what is it what’s what’s gonna be better than that well that’s true oh she dippin doing oh I’m so far behind in the chat there’s been that many jokes but some of them obscene before so I’m gonna read those out your daddy say dumb when he jumped the fence the gate was open what’s the difference between a golfer and a skydiver a golfer guys whack done and asked I gave a skydiver guys damn whack you’re the one they’re whack cuz they golfer and like you know me so I’m not gonna bother explaining if you don’t get it I said said that one you’re literally saying what I said last three more they’ve got the Jake was coming they all laughed when I said I wanted to be a comedian well they’re not laughing now that sounds like me two cows are grazing in a field one cow says to the other you ever worry about that man’s cow disease the other cow says why would I care I’m a helicopter because it’s bad my talking a physical therapist that I’ll break my arm in two places it’s you hang on I’ve read that one before as well what did the swordfish say to the Milan you’re looking sharp Peter yes I remember a lot of these jokes in games here hey hey how are you good to see you probably left already because that’s what we do yeah what we never responds after a sale hi say he may have gone already and again I think he speaks Spanish or Portuguese I random you literally saying how do you make Halle water you boil the heck out of it hang on these steaks I’ve read it before well glass coffins be success be a success well that remains to be seen your mama’s so old their social security number is one well we got the old joke stick at Jakes fat jokes they’re all coming they’d say old she pre-ordered a pipe boy your daddy say fat when she went to court and the judge said order a now someone just said that joke before in the same stream I can hear it from you mama so stupid she went to the eye doctor to get a know fine your daddy say fat he’s both sides of the family noise fun say we’re getting you mixed with old at the moment and I think I finally caught up I did took a while and stink pants she’s catching up as well with a limited attacks here is it what are the little grain things there what we have to protect basically this time is there a new plant no I don’t know what it is don’t ask me are you gay you haven’t even lost yet have you have you lost one Wow see expert I was telling this thinking you want to learn how to play pen plants vs. zombies don’t put the Sun flavor let’s keep from night at the back you follow you stinky pants this method seems to work you are ripping it at the moment impressive I can’t I think this might know I have faith you’ve still got the lawnmower thing you haven’t me yeah but you have to protect it not step on this thing I think that’s what I think on the little green things mmm that’s not good I thought they were part of your defenses no it’s not defense at all it’s something we have to protect but I don’t know what it is to me I don’t know but it looks like you’re out of zombies oh yeah nice one stinky wins again look at the stink this is all these two teeth that I sometimes don’t even mean you read it this time make sure you know what you’re doing because I’ve got a say sting in terms of thrusting a new game on you technically not a new game but we’ll call it a new game for you this is the best performance you’ve ever had is that fair to say I don’t know maybe I mean because I’m late number one before I’d kind of know the basic then the last one last you really did well in that – you didn’t die until the very end that one as well I play that always so I gotta find all the old games are you plating get you know play those about that your daddy’s safe at that when he passed gas what can I say father the present blame him for global warming now that hits a little bit take place time Jane doesn’t it stink pants think who your thoughts are responsible for all kinds of chemical warfare let’s face it it is you put the fear in everyone ratbag me anyone that’s within a mile yeah doesn’t care too much I’m surprised yeah Oh stink rat pants that’s the next character for the website is and it stink pants what are you gonna do for this one’s thinking this one protect the plan in that you know the spatial color same thing yeah Kane says you daddy say shorty made no yeah your daddy to say shorty make Kevin Hart look tall my question is how tall is Kevin Hart because he looks tiny to matter to my mind using the American vernacular he looks about five foot four he looks smaller than you sting okay well maybe your height I don’t know it seems like a very small fellow but very entertaining is pretty funny look it up uh I’m here entertaining the street the streaming thing saved I’ve been trying not to do research during streams every now and again on I will needs be now your daddy II know I read that on your daddy and I read that one typical walk into a bar I forgot the rest oh five foot four I was spot-on with that five foot four and what are you we don’t mind I’m thinking five foot right foot something nothing five foot nothing hey I’m taller than that girl pygmy Archie went out into the Amazon one day pick me pick me pick me pick me that’s how he met isn’t it I went to the Amazon one day looking for a tribe in the jungle found a bunch of pygmies and they were stopped being ressies how’s that racist picking pygmies are known for being a small peoples united so didn’t say that about Asians anymore that also used to be known as small people but now they’re giants geez all the cousins are taller than me now huh you’ll pick me there are different generations technically though at least ten years apart Pete me do you think school in the kettle black I’m taller than everyone in your family oh you sisters bite your parents I’m a giant amongst wolves what happened why did the screen guy blink what Z the first loss okay now your the the zombies ate your plant they like my voice like Remy in the game I don’t even know what she’s like you know ever again Cain you’re the one that asked me to be the radio voice Enzo and he’s saying that I never do it again be tonight it says some summer funny the ad is say loud in noise-canceling headphones sorry we can’t do anything about in-game Ed’s since I’m 6 foot 3 inches when people say they are 5 foot 8 I say yeah 5 inches too short that’s true isn’t it I’d like to be tall yeah what happens if I put on a really good impersonation like Morgan Freeman or Arnie Schwartz nigga I’m Andy Dufresne I forget the name of the movie now I gotta practice some baddies the truth it’s it’s a little bit better when if I listen to it and then try and do it it’s much harder to do it off the cuff but Kane doesn’t like my voice acting no wonder no one does Ethan ATAR said he said summer funny say get to the chopper is that in the Arnie Arnie voice and I’ve got a Chinaman honey I would be back get to the choppa that’s terrible I gotta listen Donny again that’s the problem if I listen to him it’s like with the Star Wars dream I actually prepped first loosening this some Star Wars stuff and then trying to copy it dawg Kane’s off he’s got to go by all other dlg games next time PSP taught never voice well well well then thank you for staying for as long as he didn’t tame the radio voices bye-bye he only likes the radio voice no other ones came Cain’s very fickle he tells me not to do this not to do that don’t ever play this game again I guess I gotta follow what Kane says he’s one of the the original dota geez I gotta listen D what part of the army the babies join the infantry infantry stinky gets the jokes I can tell when you get them you think it’ll a fattier in-game ads did you think if you straining something that’s just free advertising for those games isn’t it as a place the total advertising for the game then you’re playing well you’ve progressed quite a lot in that map haven’t you ah looks like it and you got a whole lot of plants that are open to you she knows exactly what she’s doing no I got yeah you do well you’ve only lost one in all of that time too already when was the other one this is it’s the this game that I haven’t passed this tax yet say he’s never you’re at because I was saying if this start of the stream that it does get to the point where it gets really hard so you at that point I don’t think so but it’s just giving handies happening you do your strategy business strategy business yep and you’re good at strategizing you know for the he may say random like that day there’s been some awesome jokes in this particular stream I’m very impressed and this might I’m not too sure what’s gonna happen here because sometimes when stinky loves the game she’ll keep going and I know she likes plants vs. zombies just the eggs up but he’s at the – I know Wow really but I don’t the the downside here is I’ve got a couple of clash of clans attacks to try to get through that probably isn’t gonna happen now there’s a white guy with a boost and it’s probably got less than an hour to get three attacks in not gonna happen however what does happen is if sting pants loves the game I don’t get to see my fame for the next few days like last day on earth I couldn’t believe how did you got to that that really took the cake and man versus wild when you said to me please take your phone back but I keep playing like I do isn’t it stink when she got a smile on her face and she’s concentrating like this I can tell you guys she’s loving it and there are so many people to join the stream that said they were you know they’re all fans of the game so if it was Kane that suggested it it may well have been they might have been more than one suggestion shout-out to you guys I can’t always remember look at stinky guy you’re doing well well you got blue zombies this time no special thing should I actually be doing commentary supporting the zombies and not the plants what maybe and they’re zombies well what’s the score now we’ve had half off because that’s what it looks like well you got some sort of phrase spell going this is similar to clash of clans with the phrase oh you need fertilizer for that to be able to phrase them yeah use it with iceberg lettuce in conjunction me yeah so it’s it’s not very free is it a skill that you may develop to be able to do that you have to call it like this fertilizer I explain you again oh look at it guy though you phrase every zombie there nice one look at stinky guy look there are some zombie that caught the torch and that’s gonna kill your plants right this droid completely there’s a plethora of zombies in this one gee I wonder if anyone will bother to gay back and see all of the new words of enjoying the introduced you think I’ve got a very cab you Larry there sting do you think I can be eloquent a shriek what do you mean by that eloquent well I should have a wide variety of words to use to describe things shouldn’t I at least them finally after Dave looked twice well that looks that looks easy that looks like you just smashed that one your Zombie Smasher looked a little too easy at the old stink and another in-game ad say what is for lunch paid on no that is a good question we haven’t even discussed these and I do have to eat because of those pills that I’ve got to take say what is on them the lunch menu stink we’re just going playing we’ll see I don’t know yet I might go do didn’t seem we got a lot on in the face alright so he’s gonna be I’m I’m 18 is what you’re telling is can you be bothered go out yeah but I also can’t be bothered cooking I maybe dinner say Dan C question even ater it looks like stink pants doesn’t want to do much and I don’t want to do much and I’m topic can you do one more just while I do this and on top of that stink pants actually brings home a lot of free food as part of one of their jobs so we get a lot of free food that’s actually sitting at home at the moment but I’m not sure if it’s gonna still be good because I think the exam which should be fine that’s the what is that from yesterday so two days ago but apples might not be which is a pity cuz I was looking forward to those we’re sure and what about you Ethan ADA what’s on the menu food I guess you’re probably not gonna eat now it’s too late yeah does your family plan meals like a lot of families do some are really rigid you know like tonight’s pork chop night Tuesday night pork chop night it has to be possible on a night Pizza nine sort of thing you never had that did you what do you mean like a there’s a particular day you eat particular food and e-theta says it’s 10:00 p.m. can you remember
so the most he’s gonna get is probably a snack if anything you have a little supper or something before you go to bed what did you end up eating Oh sometimes we plan says Ethan ater yeah say you’ve got a tomorrow for supper is smoked salmon we both the fans of that no no I like it more than you do don’t I yeah I like the smoked salmon oh it’s also a team yeah because Ethan ater and right here I’m gonna explain me ignorant with geography again but no it’s just not I would have thought Decatur and Canada and climbed it close is that do you know anything about that cuz I don’t know anything about anything when it comes to geography uh-huh but I would have thought that’d be sort of not too far away from each other yeah one of those guys is gonna have to clarify that for me that is Dakota anywhere near and given that they’re in the same same time zone you’d think maybe like New Zealand’s on a similar time to us are there you go yeah North Decatur borders Canada there you go see that’s another reason for you to want to go and harass say Ethan ADA with the chuck wagon in the the the plains there cuz you need Canada as well American dictator and Canada had two really beautiful places from what I’ve seen they just look gorgeous or later Canada one I’d probably go on that train ship that they advertise here you’d like that wouldn’t we you can take this train package to yell I guess and then just you know train all over Canada you get to see beautiful things and I assume that you can staff go where you want yeah I’ve never done a train holiday because you can do that here as well on my overlander we take a train for a few days or weeks I think it’s it would be a nice way to travel because you don’t get sickness you know like when you said yeah I don’t get sick on trains so I can stay on them for days probably I took a train from Germany third Germany to France I think it was and that was even Ida I slept that night and little little bunk thing was great some girl tried to and her friends tried to steal my carriage I mean I said you come back later on if you like but I think she came back with one of the guys I comment you not-not-not your male friends just you didn’t answer the door GE GMT – six GMT time zone yes I think I’ve been on one of those trends they’re really fun and a great way to see the land of Canada there you go see have you seen that out or not I think so that looks really really beautiful and I can imagine it would be very peaceful but the thing is I still want to do miss Vye Ville which you’re not gonna be into it winds up preferably see them build their little survival shelters under these pine trees it looks awesome you know yeah and snows a great insulator yeah you know you have your little fire you’re not gonna be cold they say that it’s quite warm it’s like a little cubby underneath the tree or just doing even add a we’ll have a tent as well cuz you know I don’t know if I could even build a survival shelter they would keep you warm but I’d love to try I’d love to do that with pine trees are can that’d be great and they say it smells it doesn’t look like it’s comfortable at all if you sleep on it cuz I did this when I was in cadets when you do like the fake army is a kid fake I mean that’s what Cathy’s basically to join a real army so it’s cadets you know they still have a they call it soldier school prep yeah whereas we call it cadet team yeah but that’s how you should explain mopface junior soldier but they go on this thing called a bivouac and you got out camping sort of thing for the weekend well we use hoochies which is basically a top better than a target they say sleeping on on pine stuff does the same thing you’ll sleep on pine boughs and you’ve got enough lays of them it’s quite comfortable and let’s face it that i need’s have to worry about poisonous spiders and snakes and things like we do and if it’s in winter there’s probably not too many animals that are moving around you know and then you do your ice fishing oh oh no I’m all up in that I’ve never been ice fishing I never gone survival camping I think I’m gonna sleep and fly around the lake don’t you think it’s slippery I don’t know how to ice skating you’d be able to do it to walk around there hole in there it’s like ice hole trap yeah but the you go it’s someone that knows what they’re doing not me and no when they get their ice auger out I think they call it they’ve got a drill a fair way into the ice and it’s in the holes not big enough getting to fall through and they even have cabins like temporary cabins that they put on the ice I just think that’d be awesome yeah I think there’s anyone sleep better when it rains so I must admit I probably do it’s nice car now Peter have you ever experienced snow like North Dakota it sucks in one way it sucks yeah no I mean I don’t think we get as heavy snows as Canada or North Dakota would we do get snow in our mountains here and I’ve never spent enough time like I’ve only done day trips so I’ve never actually spent overnight there which is another thing that it’d be good to do sleep bad really it takes me hours to fall asleep that’s them good I sleep at 8 o’clock on school nights and when I check the time it’s around 10:00 have you ever been and 12:00 a.m. and say one more movie then it’s 3:00 a.m. what do you mean
and I’m like one more article yes I have I’d do that too much are we talking about a in here actually Papa Doc yeah that’s a uh if the neighbor says I think in my yard we have snow that is up to my waist so it’s like four feet deep in his backyard so yeah aside from the cot like the cold obviously would be annoying to a lot of people a nice stink pants doesn’t like the cold but imagine that four feet of snow in your backyard I’d be doing snow angels building snowmen having snow fights I love the snow fights and we told that story before stink ah maybe not I introduced stink pants to the snow for the very first time she’d never seen it before and she was walking ahead of me so I thought that was a great opportunity to also introduce her to a snowball fight so picked up some snow fashioned it into a ball and threw it out there and they hit her in the back and that went down the back of your jacket she didn’t know yeah I know yeah that’s what happened to me you ain’t here three one back and the look on her face she turn around she was shocked she didn’t know what happened and I had a big grin grin on my face she still couldn’t work it out so then I thought off should I let her just turn around again and do it again and she wouldn’t turn around again so i kk picked up another snowball and so what do you see doing packing it in then I threw it at it then she figured it out then it was a snowball fight wasn’t it stink you didn’t mind that first time tobogganing – she wanted case came but where we went I thought those slopes they looked very steep yeah I think we didn’t go for the you got against introduction yeah I think my friend told me that is some skis um what do you call it well where I used to go as a kid they were to have those type of slopes you’d have the really state ones but then you’ve got the kitty type ones that’s where I went and yeah I wouldn’t mind the snowboarding I haven’t tried that yet so that’d be all right actually I should ask you guys do you do that snowboard or ski or toboggan we did the tobogganing just because it was easy and did they give us the toboggan for free cuz we I had all of that other stuff can’t remember but that was fun oh oh I put wrong place oh you’re doing well stinky cake gallon so we might in this stream after this particular game it’s past the two-hour mark and we still have a few things to do probably sleep is the first thing isn’t it time so that is in front that is the front the backyard is they past my head and I’m 6 foot 3 that’s a lot of snow it must it must actually get dangerous at that point isn’t it if it’s soft snow you sit down to the very bottom of it I know you all say make an igloo no don’t in are they’re both saying Dane ended Oh stinky this is more on stink at this point whether she wants to I actually asked her to play one more round just so I can talk to you guys for a bit longer but she may have had enough so I’m afraid stink pantses vote count for four and your votes count for one each so you really don’t want to do any more yet enough well again we’ll try and introduce twitch or something away be but we might have to get into that habit where I could switch to clash of clans or something afterwards if you still wanted to have a chat on twitch but not in this because we do have a few other things that you have to take care of credit card for one stinky you should see mount Fargo it is ah Fargo this man Fargo you have anything to do with the TV series and the movies because I must admit I got addicted to the first couple of seasons of Fargo by the third or four Academy which one but it started to drop off a little bit in the third or fourth season all right slaughter does but unfortunately we’re gonna stop the stream now just because we’ve been going for a couple of hours so I hope you’ve been well slaughter sort of grant I’m still trying to protest and say keep going but we have forty foot tall snow pack over here it’s over a hundred feet wide well and slaughter says well I’m early we started this streaming one o’clock out time the hiccups and right at the end of the stream mode did you notice my until the very end you have to be seated don’t be insane now you’re super early – how exactly say we thank you very much thanks for joining anyway slaughter we appreciate that now look at them they’re trying to convince you that you don’t know at the time is saying oh you don’t want to do one more visit further I already know one more time fair enough I can’t convince a sucky hopefully we’ll see you in minute next one again apologies I will do a community tab announcement just letting you know that we may not be streaming or uploading for the next few weeks for the new ones but I’ve got to do a long ones yeah I did it for the last one but that’s a mean – yeah no worries well let you know how it goes over the next few weeks hopefully we’ll be able to upload something if not you know just be aware that we will be available did you have anything else to say stink goodbye thank you they’re begging you to play one more why but they actually asking me that that would go badly if I tried it these point I don’t even know how to play 24 and maybe the last one maybe yeah we’ll look you find me good 23 24 maybe you mean you’ve almost finished this game not this game are these level yeah you’ve got em chin eg pandabás oh all right so you’ve almost all right look all you’re gonna have to explain me how to get started a green one and then matter I do stuff like like what’s so that’s oh you got big guys to DA what why do you have to choose first what do I change don’t worry you just press press the yep that you have how many slot is that like five or six lakh you have to choose only that little cheesy you might you need iceberg for sure what’s that one iceberg you can press and you can redo it later well that was an iceberg well if it’s not then you can press it again to pencil yep because you see that’s a torch mummy there you need it what else do I made potatoes walnuts joy though I’m just choosing this stuff that I saw you use you haven’t been using walnuts lightly though I did then I’ll choose that and use that one and you might need cabbage which ones all maybe the what is it what is this the great Buster because got great so you can’t plan anything with the grave well yarn with the graves and then you can just play so I’ve done all of that you happy with that you can’t change now some flowers go at the back drag to the slot some players think at the back you can go at the back if you want not my strategy okay keep planning yeah and now they’re start to come so they’ll have to get something else to kill it no not bad that’s not kill anything you collect the Sun to collect the Sun I spoke not kill anything you have to plan bok choy or cabbage let me go now more sunflower we go punch that first row first row bok choy birth row anything just do it yeah I’m not even sure where I’m supposed to place them if you place there you have to get maybe bok choy right after the walnuts bok choy punch away come on second row second row coming what what this guarantee fast already second row second row second row second row you got something cute ah that thing does a cure not on the grave oh hey get this one look at my sunflowers they’re everywhere I put the catfish at the this part which one’s a cabbage oh you didn’t bring a fish okay nevermind what I what joy where’s the bok choy got him that one they won’t let me plant know you need time good walnut walnut walnut where does the walnut go you are geez not only bok choy getting their punch away am i doing all right ah hey that’s on me what happens is that zombie gonna beat me now getting there do that one I don’t even know what that is yeah at the back of this one yeah there yeah oh yeah yeah yeah you can do it you didn’t mind me you could tell me you can punch back I guess a that one eye disease in the bok choi bok choy seems to be the king of all kings it seems to do better than everything else do I need to plant more stuff yes words are what am i planning ah yet the ice book over there this is the tallest man iceberg bok choy Oh flowers son what’s going on there joy joy you get the boomerang here which one’s boomerang oh what’s that thing I don’t know what I press them that are is different oh gee this is coming too fast which one I need the bok choy Oh cracking myself up here come on thankfully I lose his big guy I need a bok choy iceberg which one’s the iceberg that one for weird Oh anyway that it’s getting close no argue your plan will up snip like so 40 likes a little eyes or doctor or anything you’re gonna survive a few last wave why have I got to bok Choy’s there good question ooh sunflower is this good comedy I’m cracking myself up like so it can’t be that bad Uriel zombie wave not coming yet what I thought that was the only click the Sun wait how do I get rid of all of these waves where’s the bucket bucket head do what I have to get something bok choy I just like the bok choy you get there wheeze the bucket head what am i bok choy oh no no whatever ah was that any good was I good the zombies ate my brains they’re zombies egg your brain ha ha look at the jet that we stole that I would never go away peanuts playing I like weird ideas bok choi bok choi bok choi bye laughs weird apparently but stinky play pirate gets confused when here’s the fuck let’s try when you see cane on the streets you got to give him a gift which is bok choy they love that I can’t stop laughing I can’t stop great are we gonna put bok choy on I don’t know on a shirt is that the new catchphrase all right so apparently my gaming can be amazing maybe I should be taking all the gaming at in the commentary and you just sit there and do nothing why is it so funny when I’m saying bok choy I don’t get it it’s part of the game people know they’re loving it all right so I guess that’s it guys I’m glad to have entertained you at the very end that’s the first time stink pants as laughter so you do find that amusing maybe we’ll do it plants vs. you for having your
zombies wanting just to get the Bucks way out again all right say thanks for our please again I don’t think we were you know she saying my we got a guy say thanks guys yeah I know you I lost I’m hopeless at the game as I listened to every other gaming that’s out gays say I’ve you have fantastic weekend guys what in their backed out you got bok choy why don’t you packed out what that star the one that’s longer and phenom that doesn’t have the white don’t worry they being RNA they’re being species as they should have more Asian greens some hand is just you know the app add the word Chinese in front of your Western Richie’s name like Chinese broccoli that kind of thing Chinese cabbage which is kind of disappointing why random you realize now you can’t change your name again for another 90 days or however long it is now he’s stuck with bok choy he’s gonna be stuck with bok choy for the next month he’s cracking me up with it that’s great alright guys have a fantastic weekend and week thank you so much for joining us as per usual yes and convincing me to play a game – it was awesome to see you all we’ll have a chat in discord if you’re there at some point or see you over the next coming weeks whenever that may be next yeah it might be a while before we get to speak to you in in the live streams but we’ll do what we can and yeah it came saying it’s another insight Jake now I’m never gonna live that one down am I that’s probably get over take water at this point alright say have a great if there’s still go all right guys yeah any time y bok choy hi everyone