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hello just check-in and who are we better here you and me thank you for tuning in the diamond rings I’ll take the lead real estate update did you know I’m Erin and I mean I’m joined here with Amber trace dawn and trace and Donna and the cheap seats back there so they’re gonna have to use their teacher voices cuz we were mumbling hardcore last night I thought I was in the back last time you were you and I and alright anyways we’re gonna last week we talked about tips for fall cleaning maintenance cuz it’s about that time of year this week we’re starting a mini-series on falling in love with your home again I like that grace we’re gonna talk about more long-term maintenance to keep your home in the best shape possibly and ways to simplify your home maintenance so you can enjoy your home and not have to do projects every weekend and then we’ll talk about tasty Tuesday we’re gonna change that up a bit and we have another winner – and now dawn what are some good maintenance tips all of them clean your house just do it man well time of year to do like a deep cleaning those we do spring deep cleaning we don’t do salty and you should because you know it’s probably the last time you can be able to open your windows for I’m gonna be over crying in the corner excuse me yeah so it’s always a good time to test things and you know put things away so well last week you told us about how your sump pump yes wanted but I feel like we should just explain to people how to test it yes our sump pump is you know even just to go down there and make sure there’s no water in there or if the water is dispersing out of them house and there is a test button or some people have it’s almost like the floater in a toilet right you just go when you messed your toilet to flush it’s very similar in a sump pump some sump pumps so restart the pump to test to see that’s running unplug it plug it back in you can pour water into the sump crack to make sure that it’s running and pumping and then just making sure you’re removing any that debris from the outside because I think we forget about that or sorry for new homeowners what is the some crock tricks like a big hole is it the pit it’s the pits recognizing that water’s coming in and if you ever try to get all of the water out of your crop it’s not gonna happen because I tried to do that because we were Sundays coming in it keeps coming yeah well that danger because we’re it just kept coming in i’m visioning Don with like a buckets good thing I’m a little cup and it’s just keeps coming I did a hell Beach pail and why is this not on article because I was cursing and now I’ve been really bad um but I did get a whole bunch of rocks out of the pit so now it’s good to go it is good to go and it’s like if you stand outside and my some fun pose goes off you will be drenched so how long has it been since you checked it time my son was 12 years old and you haven’t never checked it well yeah we check it all the time we do cuz even cheek might have been shaky in that check valve because that’s where the rocks were getting stuck and that’s what happened is the check valve got plug okay and then it over works the sump pump the sump pump actually was working still but by putting a new one it’s completely night and day what what it rubato loom of water should be moving out of your house I think if you don’t have a battery backup that automatically checks it for you to see if it’s faulty then probably at least before any good rainfall or any melt when do you think it’s gonna get used great and I think even when it’s raining check it to check it because you should hear it release that water into either the drain or outside in your garden so you should hear that it’s not like it’s silent we don’t want to be cleaning up water from you never again and I I do I can’t stress enough a battery backup because if your something happens it’s just it’s a lot of stress off of your back that there’s something there checking it for you right and with that battery backup too they actually have Wi-Fi backups so like if it if it were to like signal that you’re some come died alert you so you have an alert on your phone danger one home and these are fairly inexpensive things to do I mean what was your cell phone like not a bomb under 150 what’s a battery backup I think was maybe 50 dollars we said we got the the cheaper one that doesn’t have the worth it but totally worth it compared to think about what it’s gonna cost to replace all your car downstairs etc so and with an insurance claim they’re gonna give you money for what stage your stuff was in so if you had a little carpet down there they’re not going to pay everything for you to get new carpet you don’t know if you’re gonna replace your carpet – we’ll get new carpet so you will be paying out of pocket unless your house was built six months ago unless you’re else who’s built twelve years ago and we didn’t finish your basement yeah yeah so another way to avoid water your basement is to clean your window wells because there can be water pressure in there we have like a buildup of debris so just making sure that you’re cleaning those leaves and debris out of there if there’s any sort of drainage pipe that’s being looked after especially after extended rainfall that water pressure against the basement window can be intense I think another good thing too is to make sure you have the Pete Rock down there because that’ll help soak up some of the water before it goes down into your drain tile as well to help to help the sump pump work less I think looking at houses it’s just one of those things that gets forgotten but you can see like people just leave stuff in there they forget about it it’s gonna out of sight out of mind poor little critters so when you’re out there cleaning out your window wells another good thing you should be doing is cleaning out your gutters we’ve got it’s not telling you enough your gutters poop gutters on put your downspouts down leave your downs bows down if your mowing put it back pay a teenager if you really don’t want to have them we will talk about it again next thing I’m some safety things to check for mice nests anywhere near where any little creatures really right and especially voles in our new in our area around here too because as it gets colder they kind of like to burrow in and find somewhere nice and warm to stay for the winter yeah we hate moles we hate and they can ruin your yard there are little a demon mouse who eats the root yeah that’s right yeah that’s right amber it’s a human mouse who eats the root of your grass so that your grass in the spring you can tell where those little things were because they’ve got little trails everywhere because they eat your grass all winter yeah you know how you build ant firms in haste or not and you could see him that’s what the voles do basically to your yard I know get a cat get a cat have a dog pee outside Aaron I would he ruins my neighbor’s green oh I took it’s an ongoing debate but also dog dogs too well their urine and their dander keeps away squirrels and rabbits – wow that makes sense because my neighbor and I had our our perennials just ripped to shreds from rabbits and they put down their dorm last year so I’ve been their dog kept those rabbits away yeah they named your dog your dog needs to go over there and pee on their perennials clean out your dryer vents because those can cause house fires there was on Facebook somebody posted somebody cleaning out their dryer rented a some local guy that did it and it’s windy out and he’s outside and it’s like a dust storm around the house isn’t that old so he’s littering all but I’ve read an article – that someone even though even if you check your lint trap after every after every load or even before I reload there’s still a little bit particles that are getting right it’s still building up into that bench and I think we forget about that invent quite a bit we just had to have it cleaned out ours cleaned out snaked out because it was pretty like our dryer was taking forever to dry speed from anyway so now using more electricity getting hotter it’s getting hotter and your risk for fires and so we did we got it cleaned out and made a huge difference and so keep in mind those dryer vents that you can replace them they’re cheap they‘re like eight bucks for a new one instead of cleaning em up if your dryers really close to your exhaust pipe get a new vent and vent it out again and the kids too bent it out or to clean it out or really cheap I bought one at Menards for like what ten dollars oh yeah we haven’t used it yet we have it I’ve got a daughter a dryer brush that I use because like my dryers right by my wall where my exhaust fan is well now exhaust is also making sure you have those little that parts on the outside that cover that dryer vent so no birds can make a nest in there because I didn’t need a shit – is it amber – amber yeah mine has like three little individual pieces that there’s another dryer vent cover thingy that’s the technical term here another thing you can do is clean your refrigerator coils does that help pull your freak out don’t do that that’s what you have to do all kinds of dust grease dirt it’s stuck to the coils behind your refrigerant I don’t you just leave that for the next owner roni the treats and everything dust bunnies that stuff all gets clogged up under there your coils are what your friend uses to cool down so it’s a purchase to work extra hard it’s overheating or it’s using more electricity it’s not being as efficient so you can take a vacuum cleaner and plug the fridge pull it away from the wall and find the coils you can like use a brush attachment kind of work at it too or just use a cloth to kind of wipe them down and get anything that back you might have missed but that’ll help the efficiency and your electricity bill mm-hmm and then it won’t feel like your refrigerator is working so hard and you don’t do buy a new fridge rater because that ain’t cheap but it’s crazy how much you don’t think about it moving the fridge you’re moving the stove and you know and maybe you do for spring cleaning but I don’t know we should but they should amber just wasteful or sink falls into itself and then I call me and because that’s still where I’m at ah yeah I’ve never had that happen have you guys ever had a sink falling no I don’t think there’s any maintenance tips to not have a safe following make sure your Clips that you install your sink with are tight I don’t know that there were any still I think it’s just some sealant that they used but it just doesn’t seem right I would think there should be a bit clicks to and board radio advice radiators Don tell me about radiators cuz I want the first thing about that it’s not everybody has rights over your feet correct like I’m your boiler so in each room kind of looks like electric baseboard but it’s a radiator so you’re gonna want to believe those out because you want fresh water running through them too so similar to a water similar I just did not put my phone on airplane similar to a water heater flush correct correct yeah yep gonna get the air out so it makes them wrong when they don’t bleed them like bang yes because then there’s an error yeah pocket in it really it’s really loud and actually if you do that to your radiator you know water forced boilers shall we say are very efficient and if you keep the maintenance upon them the last forever like you can go into a house that was built in the 70s and their boilers still there and it’s fine as long as you are maintaining them and how exactly do you bleed a radiator radiant I have no idea oh it says it right there radiator release the valve and hold a rag underneath it to catch drips you should hear air seeping out when the sound stops tighten the valve up at least she read the title before you said it out loud oh good okay that was a fun moment that was funny Don you mean I wasn’t reading directions like normal oh you were giving us life experience which is also great and needed well I had somebody that asked me they were plugging that what’s their house next year and they have a boiler and he’s like well was that kind of you know lower my value of my house and I said well have you maintained and he goes that’s what I did for a living so yeah nothing is in probably perfect condition so okay okay and you know what you’re gonna love your house if you’re not having to deal with like those issues all the time or clinging at two o’clock in the morning from yeah is to clean your range because apparently some of these girls didn’t realize they have one so how much oil and grease is built up in there so much may mean let’s put a plug in for precision cleaning our own cleaning and I’m actually using them tomorrow for my buyers so they’re cleaning at noon and we’re doing our final walkthrough at 5:00 so they’ll actually have a good night so how do you clean your range for the filter take it out and throw it in the washing machine I mean your dishwasher or whatever just rinse it out with hot water dawn only done did you don’t know though I’m gonna tell you all about dawn yeah cuz that is my name and Dawn dish soap actually will get grease out of your clothes too so if you ever read something and you dry it and you think it’s set for life try down get to the grease off the duckies and it will get it out of your clothes I’m just telling you thanks Don Jon you’re what like stories I thought those are some great tips mean couple things I’m not even doing myself anything else that you guys think it you do out of your for your house to make any positions here safety we talked about changing your fire alarm flushing your water heater which apparently is really easy to do I didn’t know that till Andy told me thanks and thank sandy sandy weathers windows and doors that’s good we’re good yeah we’re good you will be fully maintained if you take all this advice depending on the age of your home or appliances some of these won’t apply or you may need to look at that and look into different methods but if you did do your refrigerator over here you probably get more life out of it you know if you did your a range filter every year you probably won’t ever have to replace that so maintenance maintenance and if you were to break this down you could do each of these in like two afternoons probably yeah so do it and later unless you’re crazy and you say I’m gonna do this all and then you hires you get frustrated to this day absolutely when you sell and when you sell a home you without disclosure so this is something that you can put on your disclosures that hey I bled the radiators Oh my coil is my dampers clean for my my dryer so people know that you are maintaining me and then inspectors gonna notice that stuff to when they go through they will be able to say these people really took good care of their home boom all right thank you Doolittle’s and thanks Pat for having us you did a great job on your interview I heard you’re hearing all about it I’ll send you that article well we had a snapchat user guess and guess correctly our winner winner chicken dinner he knew meeps cars cars cartoons car stickers a long time finally nobody fence news for like five years she tell you it’s cool never had to say Katie’s name out loud her last name a lot and there’s a reason for that so thanks for coming you said how do you pronounce your last name she’s your friend you yours yours on with the water pal just the water keeps coming out in we’re good okay so what are we doing with tasty Tuesday moving on we’re gonna bump it back to once a month cuz great nice a freshman pretty deep winter wait right now let’s it gets cold out plus we get busy in the winter with other things holidays we will be mainly maintenance Andina that’s a bad word maintenance seen our houses that’s right so give people more chances to guess better chances to win because we kind of quickly from the time we eat to the time we know it’s a winner we will also be doing our connections luncheons and we can give you updates on that on our podcast – it’s a lot of good information that we get there once a month yeah so those Tuesday’s yep we have fires Boozman a very food free education childcare free candies come candies soup for buyer’s or seller’s so if you just want to know the markets like or if you want to know how to get started as a buyer or you just have been listening to our podcast if you think we’re cool come hang out right huh yeah and it’s quick it’s not an 8-hour 8-hour group it’s two hours you get free food what’s the harm so I’m gonna do on a Monday night it’s pretty informal to like people come in a little bit we’ll have a lender and home inspector and a homeowners insurance agent plus us talking real estate so if you want more information on buyers and booths or just us in general again we’re client focused team we focus on the client one-on-one you don’t get shuffled off between each agent we’re here for you whatever stage of your process look us up diamond Realty Associates on Facebook tell us you’re going to buyers and booze because it’s gonna be a fun set mm-hmm you can also fire find us at by self FM homes calm and as always stay classy FM oh look at you I am smooth humid

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