Range Repair – Replacing the Control Board (Frigidaire Part # 316557205)

control and then, rotate the

Hi, it’s Ervin.
, We’re going to explain you how to change the control board on your range, and it’s a really easy job. All you’re going to need is a quarter-inch nut driver, a thin-bladed putty knife, and maybe a pair of needle-nose pliers.
Let me explain you how we do it.

Now, before we begin this job, the first thing We’re going to need to do is to disconnect power. We’ll also need to pull the range far enough forward that we can access the back. Either turn the power off at the breaker or fuse panel or unplug it and then, pull the range forward so that we can get to the back.Now, once we’ve pulled the range far enough forward that we have access to the back, we’ll next remove six quarter-inch hex head screws that secure this upper back panel to the cabinet.[background sound]Then, just let that panel drop down and remove it. Next, we have four more quarter-inch hex head screws that hold that control board assembly to the console, so we’ll remove those.[background sound]Then, we can lift that assembly clear of the range. We can then disconnect the power harness connectors that are attached to the control board.

This large one, you usually just rock it back and forth to remove it. thin-bladed putty
The individual wires that are attached on the end of that control, you’ll need to take note of the color codes, I suppose. Either take a photograph them with your phone or just mark them down and then, remove those.

If you find some of those terminals a little tight, just take the needle nose pliers and pry them off.We’ll also inspect those wire terminals carefully to make sure that there are no signs of any arcing or corrosion.
If so, we would need to replace that terminal. Now, with the control board removed, you’ll note that the new control board does not come with the overlay on it. take the needle
Now, we can either remove the old overlay from the board assembly and attach it to the new one or you can remove the control boards themselves from the housing and swap those.

Typically, these overlays will come off quite easily. With a thin putty knife, we’ll just go into one edge and very carefully slide that through the length of it, being very careful not to crease it.[background sound]Now, it should just lift off. Typically, there’s adhesive left on that overlay that we will not have to add any new.

Now, if you feel that the overlay does not have enough adhesive on it, you can take and run a strip of double-faced tape around the perimeter of the housing for your new control and it only needs to be about a quarter of an inch wide. We’ll carefully position that overlay on the new control and with it centered, just press down on the edges and it should adhere. You can now reconnect the wires to the terminals.

Again, make sure that they are nice and tight.[background sound]The multi-pin connector, make sure it’s firmly pressed onto the new control and then, rotate the assembly into position and then, reattach with the quarter-inch screws. position and then, reattach
We just make sure we tucked the wire harness safely out of the way and then, we can reinstall that upper back panel.
Now, when installing this back panel, we’ll keep all three of those tabs at the top in behind the lip of the console.

We’ll start by just inserting that top center screw. Just loosely install that so that we can move the panel round enough to line up all the rest of the screw holes and then, go ahead and put them in.
Now, with all the screws tightened up, we can push the range into position and reconnect the power.

Once we reconnect the power, our repair is complete.