Refrigerator Repair-Replacing the Door Closing Cam (Frigidaire Part # 240457701)

Ervin: Hi it’s Ervin from
we are going to explain you how to change the door closing cam on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job; all we are going to need is a Philip’s screw driver and a three eighth socket or a wrench.

Let me explain you how we do it. Now to replace the door closing cam we will need to remove the door that’s associated with that cam so if it’s a freezer door first thing we’ll need to do is disconnect the water supply pull the kick plate off and undo the water line union at the bottom so that we can pull the tube up through the door closure. we are going to change the one on the refrigerator door so it’s simply a matter of removing hinge cover two bolts that hold the hinge in place then lifting the door off.
Before we do that we’ll want to empty everything out of the door bins.
the door up
One single Philip’s screw that holds the hinge cover in place you just have to remove that, have to remove the two bolts that hold the hinge in place and then once we remove the two bolts we’ll just pivot the hinge forward there tilt the door out and lift straight up on it and then we’ll set that aside.

Now with the door removed we next need to remove the single Philip’s screw that holds that door closure in place, we can discard the old closure the new one has a little locating pin on it that will line up with the hole in the door hinge, we’ll reinsert the screw and put a little bit of petroleum jelly or food grade lubricant on that to make it slide freely and then we are ready to reinstall the door.

ll check the alignment

Okay just lift the door up and lower down over the hinge pin, you can rotate the door into place, pivot the top hinge over to where it should be and we’ll install the two bolts.

we next need to remove

We won’t tighten these up really tight yet and then with a ratchet we’ll just snug them a bit then we’ll check the alignment of the two doors make sure they are at the same height and the same gap in between them, once we’ve achieved that then we can tighten those bolts. Now we are ready for the cover. Hook it on the front pull it towards the back and reinstall the single Phillips screw now We’re ready to reload the door and our repair is complete, told you that was and easy job.

Thanks for reading, and good luck with your repair.