Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Dual Water Inlet Valve (Whirlpool Part # 67005154)

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Hi it’s Ervin from, we are going to explain you how to change the door inlet valve on your refrigerator, that’s a really easy job all you need is a quarter inch nut driver and a sharp utility knife, let me explain you how we do it. just snug to begin with
Now before we begin this repair the first thing we’ll need to do is to disconnect the power to the refrigerator so pull it forward far enough to disconnect the plug we’ll also need to disconnect our inlet water supply make sure it’s shut off before you disconnect it then pull that far enough that you can gain access to the back of the refrigerator. We are next going to remove four screws in the sub back panel that holds the valve, they are quarter inch hex head screws, now once we removed all the screws slide that panel sideways remove the tubing on the outlet at the top, simply depress that collet just push down on it with your finger and pull the tubing straight out of it, we are probably going to have a little water leak there so that something to clean that up with that removed you have enough room to pull it around disconnect the two wire harnesses and they are different size terminals so you can’t hook them up backwards, now we have access to the two outlets at the rear of the valve and again they are a quick connect type simply depress the collet push it in towards the valve and pull the tubing out Next we’ll disconnect the outlet tubes simply depress those collets push them towards the valve while pulling it out on the tubing you are probably going to get some water leaks here so either a rag handy to catch any excess, do the same for the tubing going to the ice maker and now we can remove the single quarter inch hex head screw on the front, and that will allow us to pull the valve through the back, slide the connector from the input off there first and then pop it right out through, we’ll discard the old valve.

No before we install the new valve you should carefully inspect the tubing and it’s a good idea to cut off the portion of the tubing that was inside of the valve so strictly about a quarter of an inch, so we’ll take our utility knife a block of wood to protect the floor and we’ll just trim that excess off, that gives us a nice clean piece of tubing to insert into the valve, do the same for the one going to the ice make and also the line going up to the water filter.
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Now when we install the new valve we are going to line up this fork with the hex shape of an inlet fitting and it’s also going to slide into that plastic bracket, as well we are going to engage this tab on the mounting bracket with a tab on the housing as we insert it make sure that the plastic holder is up far enough to engage metal fork, and that the tab engages the mounting bracket then hold that in place while we reinstall that quarter inch hex head screws, now we are ready to reconnect the water lines, take the one to the ice maker first, slide it up through that bracket by depressing that collet make sure the tubing is fully inserted into the valve, same one for water dispenser should go into that valve about quarter to 3/8ths of an inch, so make sure that it bottoms out, just give a gentle tug on both pieces of tubing, make sure they are engaged and route them through the opening at the bottom, now we can position that mounting plate and we reinstall the quarter inch screws just put these screws in, just snug to begin with till we line everything up once you have all four screws there we can tighten them all. Next we’ll reinstall the line going up to the water filter there’s a port bottom of that valve outlet and make sure the tubing goes in at least quarter of an inch till the bottom is out give it a gentle tug make sure it’s engaged, now we are ready to reinstall the water inlet to the valve reconnect our power and our repair is complete I told you it was an easy job thanks for reading and good luck with your repair.