Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Flipper (Whirlpool Part # 2198633)

Hi, it’s Ervin from we’re going to explain you how to change the flipper door on your refrigerator.
It’s a really easy job.

All we’re going to need is a Philips screwdriver, a small flat blade screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers. Let me explain you how we do it. Now to do this repairWe’re going to start by opening the freezer door.
The first thing is, we’ll turn the icemaker off.

Our first step will be to remove the three screws that hold that housing to the inner wall. Just press the flipper, lift up on the access door, remove that screw in behind.Remove the two on the front edge. We can lift that housing right away from the wall, once you pulled out far enough. ll simply pull that pin
You’ll note there’s a locking tab at the back of that wire harness.

We’re just going to release that with a flat blade screwdriver. Then pull the harness away. Now, we can take the assembly, set it on a suitable work surface where we can change that flipper.

the shaft

With the assembly on a suitable work surface, we’ll next need to remove this pin that goes through that spring.

There’s a little clips nut on the end of that. We’ll either take a flat blade screwdriver and just pry it away on the top, make sure that we retain that little clips nut.Then while holding that flipper in place, we’ll simply pull that pin the rest of the way out. Set that aside. We’ll turn it over carefully. We won’t allow that door to pop up.

We’ll take our new flipper, line it up. Set it down into position and then just hold it in place. Then we’ll push that hinge pin all the way through. You may flip that over so that you can see where it actually goes through the tabs on the end of that flipper. Once it’s completely through, we’ll now take that clips nut or spring nut, as some people will call that.

Then with our needle nose pliers while holding the pin in place, slide that over the end of the shaft, then press it firmly on.Now, to reinstall that little clip on the end of that hinge shaft, I’ll first suggest that you take your pliers and just give it a little squeeze just to flatten out those four little tabs, then while holding with your needle nose pliers, we are going to line that up on the shaft.

to remove this

Get a partway on, remembering to hold the shaft in place so it doesn’t push through. Just push it all the way on with the pliers and check the operation of the flipper. Now we can put that assembly back onto the refrigerator.Our first step will be to reconnect that wire harness. We’ll just lift that whole assembly back up into position.

We’ll reinstall that wire harness. Make sure it’s fully pressed into place and that the little locking tab in behind is engaged.
Set the housing in place.

and just give it

Then we’ll replace those three Phillips screws to secure it. Next, we’ll turn that icemaker back on, and our repair is complete.

I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for reading and good luck with your repair.