Refrigerator Repair – Replacing the Lower Door Closing Cam (Whirlpool Part # 2182179)

Ervin: Hi, it’s Ervin from we are going to explain you how to change the lower door closing cam on your refrigerator. It’s really easy job, all you are going to need is a 5/16 nut driver and a small flat blade screw driver.

Let me explain you how we do it. Now this door closure cam fits both the freezer door and the fresh food door. And the procedures are very similar but we are going to explain you the one for the freezer door because it does have couple of extra steps to it. First thing we will need to do is disconnect the power, we will next open both doors.

And when changing the cam on the freezers side we need to remove the bottom kick plate and disconnect the water line. So just grasp the kick plate, just as a friction fit on each end pop that off, set it aside.
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Locate the water line there is a quick connect coupling, simply if you press the collar on the coupling on the door side and pull the tubing out and may be a little water in that tubing so you should have something there to collect that. Next we can close the door again and then we will remove the top hinge cover and the hinge.

Next we will remove the cover for the top hinge, it’s a single 5/16 inch screw, remove that first, once up the hinge cover aside. Next we will disconnect the wire harness that supplies the dispenser then we will remove the 3 5/16 inch screws that secure the hinge to the cabinet. Now before we take the door off of the refrigerator we should ensure that we have removed all the items from the bins. As when we take that door I am going to set it on a suitable work surface where we can change the door closure cam. Simply lift up on the door, gently pull that tubing through the hole on the bottom and then we will set the door aside.

Now that we have the door on a suitable work surface we are going to remove the single 5/16 hex head screw that secures the door closure to the door. And take note that’s a shoulder type screw, fits precisely in to the opening on that closure. Next with the flat blade we will just get in under the edge of that a bit, pry that out. And turn slightly towards the door closure, slide it right off. Take our new closure, insert the tubing through it, push it in to the opening and locate it close parallel with the door.

That has a 6 sided base on that closure so don’t fit in to that bracket one way. Make sure it seated firmly and we will reinstall that shoulder screw, you just make sure that it aligns up properly with the hole in the door closure cam, snug that up.
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Now we are ready to reinstall the door.

Now when reinstalling the door we need to feed that water line through the hole in the door closure so you probably need some help to guide that through there. Lift up on the door, guide the tubing through, we will swing the door closed. And we just left the magnetic gasket hold the door in place until we secure the hinge. Now we will just gently snug those 3 screws up first, not tighten them until we align up the door. We are looking for an even gap top to bottom and the same height on both sides.

Push the door in to position, hold it there and then tighten the screws. Make sure they are very tight, they don’t move. And now reconnect the wire harness, reinstall the hinge cover.
Now we are ready to reconnect the water line and the kick plate. Now to get a little visibility we will open the freezer door up, locate that water line, just inspect the end of that make sure that there is no burst on it.

We will simply insert that tubing in to the coupler until the bottom is out.

it in to the opening

And pull on make sure its nice and snug.
We are going to locate the 2 tabs on the end of the kick plate with 2 spring fasteners one on each side.

Snap that back in place, we are ready to reconnect the power and our repair is complete. Told you it was an easy job, thanks for reading and good luck with your repair.