Selling Out For 15 Years – Off Topic #101

This is awesome, what’s up? Everybody we’re doing a 24,000 piece puzzle 20 minutes Until we fit yeah, that’s none of that’s true But yeah welcome to our topic how much sent us in our unboxings a big unboxing and somebody cents a puzzle mat Which is big enough for all puzzles except this one, so you’ll be my Koopa You don’t want to sit here, so I’m say here, but you’re Michael. O’Shea de Lyonne I’m doing the things like saying it’s sure looks like it. Yeah. Thanks to me undies and Casper mattresses for sponsoring this episode see that’s the only Mike it’s like when you’ve got a Whole Foods nearby economy bags of cereal yeah It is yeah, Ryan.

You sounded like a pirate during that. Thanks to me Andy. Thanks to me. I need to think So Jeff open is this 24000 puzzle box And I thought it’d be like separate bags like you do sections at a time this separate bags.

It’s for bags Okay with what 6000 pieces each? I guess I like so is it actually the shape of a giant puzzle piece – oh I didn’t know box it’s got like a Is a connect to another one Jeez, oh, no these are different ones. These are different Or what nope no. I think these images are different. No not same one starts with the giraffe ends with the Yes Or.

No. It is they’re brought family. This is the same picture. It’s the same, but these cutouts are different yes Yes might not actually be there. Sorry. Yeah.

It’s a witch sack you one look It’s a four Oh brothers one loose piece in here. Oh God Oh, that’s not good that means there might be a hole in one of those is that it’s time. Oh look here We go oh, oh here. We go here.

It is here’s the whole puzzle There you go yeah, that’s the puzzle. I imagine someone when deciding this puzzle was like what should we do a puzzle? Everything all right we need we need Saturn. We need some dry eyes. We need you might get Olsen You might get this reference.

No. I don’t think anybody else has been around awesome long enough back in the 90s There was a dude on 6th Street who would do spray paint parts yeah, he would have like Just a piece out like I was like a big piece of paper like poster board And he would have like different colors breaking of spray cans and he would sit there, and he would spray paint like moons and stars Who’s now everybody? What is now that shoe place right across like not coyote ugly?

But he was there like every Friday and Saturday night. Not do it and sell them for like 60 well You know Marcus is doing that like Marcus does that shit now ycc but not for 60? He’s uh he’s actually to be doing it for extra life, so it’s gonna cool do That do that.

It’s so impressive when they like I saw a guy doing one. I bought some are workaholics belated pillow You know I put white spray paint on his fingers. I’m like what like that there was just like start Yeah, I was like all right cool. Why are you gonna open?

Please? Don’t open it? We’re going to so the puffles four meters long a game around 12 feet I feel like the audience wants to see us put this together No Not this situation. We’re mad, but they want I could start them. Oh my god that bits already together It’s wrong bit.

There. You go, it’s Over, I’m gonna go ahead and open up a hashtag off top game. All right put it back. Oh Yeah, yeah, why are you doing on the pork? We’re gonna roll around There it goes Itself and out of the bottle now bag number one So for those of you know even know if all those pieces go together.

Chef is opening a bag of six thousand puzzle pieces Boy, that is a lot Puzzle all right so all right, so now finally a Matt is now covered with a pile of loose pieces It’s four bags. You said it was 12 feet. It’s four bags that means each one is three feet of puzzle I don’t know if this is like a section of it, or if this is just like Random bits probably Oh horrible would that be dude. It’d be pretty fucking good job I think that’s part of a clown fish Swan you know there. Okay, look here probably probably Nemo Jeremy found a clown I mean how many clown face like oh, that’s not a clown the bottom left over there.

Oh, there’s a few clown fish oh I think maybe Jeff found the left most section so anyways Yeah, that’s what’s going on so we already said my deal you might not be like The longest episode of off topic cuz we have a lot of shipping one of recording. Thanks for reading everybody’s Gonna, do call me . We’re except.

We’re not gonna Be near as good as everyone else So I so I I got a code for the game installed it had installed last week I opened it , and it said you can’t play this game. It’s too soon. It’s like This is so Jesus fine. It doesn’t look very sad, so you should try this dis ruptor so you’ll this with your hands Playing Mike this is way better way to this Cuz I uninstalled it Reinstall a redownload and fifty something gigs still doesn’t work.

It might be my least better new puzzle smell You know please favorite game is to type in zombies really why loves on like you you don’t like thought no good And I just don’t find it. It’s like I can’t even make it fun for me really gotta be honest with you I can’t feel same way. I’ll play I play it. I’ll play it. I’m all about playing whatever cuz I’m a Living team player, but I personally like it my personal life.

I would know What I liked the very first one in world of war, but I just never real war was a lot of fun I enjoyed up to a certain point Hi, there’s our handles of your hey. Here’s an edge piece for you Jeff I Enjoyed up to a certain point I see people playing there like on round 99 and I’m like that looks like hell Like at that point where it is hard to explain Imagine that much time like you’re doing the same thing you know well That’s the the thing is now the like probably the last four or five Dom B’s they’ve had a story Where is this actually like stuff you can do and you couldn’t beat zombies and like that’s that’s what I’m into I’ve never I like we did a little bit with Noah J When he came like two years ago and but I’ve started messing with the now And I’m actually kind of I’ve been reading his articles reading his streams and when he’s solving the Easter eggs And I really really like that you might be on right now. You should probably reading Tennyson. We chat room each peaceful He wasn’t on right before we came over like he did a street once.

made that in like

That’s yeah, yeah I liked it.

I went to search my my Twitter stuff the last Twitter search I had was at dippin dots Dippin dots sent us three gallons of dippin dots for extra life or someone I assume it’s someone from dip and knife and it was Fuckin Sean Spicer. I think so We’re dipping nuts thank you very much for sending the difference It was like there was no note with it or anything it look like it came from Like it’s like the when the girls chased the boys around the playground with their kids It’s like it’s cuz they like them right. Oh. I see what you’re saying I thought I was like live Sean Spicer chasing girls around the playground well. That’s Kate.

Let’s think about yet Yeah, you know any day now this point can just get thrown in the back allegedly Yeah, um so far not even allegedly for that one Sean Spicer some front of a pedophile I found a bear I’m just waiting for him to admit that he’s living openly as a gay man about Why he wanted to admit that hey, that’s Kevin Spacey? Yeah, yeah takes it This is not that’s good So anyways someone in the hash tag off-topic age They asked a question that we were actually just talking about before he came over here. They set up What’s the next get good series who they asked and we actually don’t know yes Sonic the Hedgehog there? there’s still one more episode of pub gg-good yes that you have not seen and and then we’re probably to move on to another game and we Not to imply that anything good happens in that oh Yeah, that’s a good question so we were discussing We’ve been having kind of a discussion for the last few days about what the next cake good is we did You know we’re nearing the end of angry words. No.

I already got good at that. We’re nearing the end of Club G. Jimmy did a we did a check in yesterday to see this kid to see if we were still good at seeds Yeah, I thought check-in was gonna be a ranked game. Oh, okay here’s the thing I think we’re saving ranked games for its own series while we Think I would raised a really interesting point about that – they said that You may have we may have had more challenge playing casual than rank because they were playing basically like bargain-basement All the people who have never played wrath, yeah In our first rank, which is uh, which I’ll be a quick yeah They do take longer the matches take longer because it’s its first – Jeff First of four and you have to be ahead by – yeah I can relate to um so back and go on I’ve had I been I’ve had Ranked matches at home take like an hour yeah I would say just didn’t have an hour we went already so damn good at lost of us That would be a good series to get good boy. Yeah, so damn good at Over having this conversation in the morning like hey It’s getting close to time we need to figure out what this game is so we thought what if we posed it to the audience And say hey, what do you guys want to see us play first?

I will say a lot some people have recommended me play a sports game like FIFA or hockey or something which I’m all about I Feel like we need to do another shooter first – cements like I don’t know I just work And then we’ll branch out Will be probably so obviously the fourth one will probably FIFA So what’s our third is a Call of Duty World War two is it Ghost Recon is it? I live in cricket cricket and clover on Twitter said get good monopoly You can’t write them coming out your suggestions we could put like a hashtag on it how like aged? Oh, good. Good.

Good. Sky. Factory challenge mode, and that’s the thing I wrote that was something We’ve already talked to that might just believe that might that might just name its own Minecraft. That’s probably the next one Oh, I know something. I want to talk to you guys about yeah, we got speaking.

I’m sky factory. Let’s speak I was talking to Harold the other day the Lord Rachelle’s and he he was like okay, II never said it So he said we are about four episodes away good singers right now from from the next installment of fishing Jamboree Came around really fast so hit the side here would it be possible. We also did a late jr. Build Floating ponds in Mont and sky factory yeah, and we could fish in these floating Chloe Just doing everything we can to never set foot in the chi minh city every kinda. We’re giving it time to work Suddenly rebuild the chi minh city and sky fire cavern appears a conversation that I started having earlier in the week or last week We’re uh we’re not too far from episode 300 and the last two times we did it we did like yes been scavenger hunt I’m saying revisit.

I don’t think this time because we’ve got all over the map done any Well yeah I mean a lot of like we wouldn’t have to visit different mods and stuff so we need to figure out a cool thing to Do for episode 300? We need some start dancing we need to go to a bar and probably in Budapest yeah, and figure it out like the opposite of That might have been the most creative than the most fun I’ve ever had We were both right in them so we could then pull them together yeah, we didn’t want it we didn’t wash air with each other because we were influenced and I was really proud of my Cakewalk one. I thought was quite clever.

Yeah I don’t know what it was before he wasn’t but then Jeff had that one I was like It’s so awesome someone said do you get good Destiny’s PvP? But sorry we’d like to keep it to a good game I like this fucking hate to be really sorry cause That didn’t even touch destiny. It’s real bog fortnight Battle Royale says Alissa. Yeah, I don’t know it’s very similar see here’s what I all have seen before and I’m the battlefield dang Battle Royale, maybe you get a sniper You’re in great shape you know everyone.

I’ve seen when that thing has a sniper. What about battlefield one Burner Because hey damn good game. It is um and it’s very hard to get good at race Yes, Hughes, so with good series what we’re concerned about is We want to make sure the series isn’t just get at shooters like like you get good because you can aim well Right yeah, it has to have a strategy siege worked because there are different classes And and we have to work on the team picking different classes you can I mean six I mean like battlefield works better than my Call of Duty.

It does come a battlefield there No, there’s objective modes in Call of Duty that we could pick and then there are classes all squads So let’s calm down the outside of something like battlefield is we can’t necessarily win the game Just as a squad. Oh, it’s true. That’s quick. We can influence the battle we the top the leaderboards We get doesn’t really do Ryan’s got a pulley are smaller game types.

There are there are squad game types like six nice I feel like whatever it is it has to be either for five or sixty six if there’s a 66 then yeah absolutely we can do something or we could just mean otherwise we can do 3 b3 and we could just fucking play threes mode and hockey which not yet, but we’ve already done 3 let’s plays in Ryan Jeremy, and I and It is maybe the dumbest fucking most ridiculous like fun. We’ve had in a while I’m still sad that we haven’t figure out how to fight anybody in it. Well. I have not fought yet But god dammit have we held for him that good job He’s reading so you can keep making yeah.

There’s like a it’s like a mode called threes mode works You know three players versus AI and you basically do a campaign and in the first campaign. We have to apply like 32 matches yeah, even two matches at most at most and it depends on every lose if you would just read I won’t matter that we can keep playing it it might be the most I’ve Laughed at work in a very long time that we talked about that mode is there’s a coin toss at the beginning And it’s very if you lose the coin toss the CPU picks the parameters of the game the game settings Let’s see how long the period of waiting conditions yeah, like I mean you just fix it it can pick like it could turn it into it’s ever a Like a normal periods type thing where the suite periods in the highest score wins it can make it to it So there’s a goal limit Then you just played till that gold amid his hit and it can turn on a money puck Which is like a puck that has a rotating value so rock and jock hotties They be get it in you get three points or get it in the other team could also lose points. Yeah, it’s fucking It’s so weird Yeah Now Dan Lee on Twitter has a good idea you do is though age get good rock bass I just read that that was very cycle.

Don’t talk. Please don’t please don’t beat it down. Don’t be you We gotta find out now Have to pick it up come on oh no because there’s SPSS I would actually I would legit like to make this I want to put this puzzle together I so easy to figure out how to do it.

Why is the puzzle? Together and then people have started No, no one. No one came forward was like I love the puzzle thing cuz that’s fun. Yeah How everybody wants us to use Febreze no no right is that exact it’s the exact same thing that uh? skin against its ethereal smell great useful God damn it Jeff Alright, now. Let’s see if it’ll work Jeff read your foot So those are you would have been better to be listening at home?

Jeff just put about I would say fifty five hundred pieces into the box and then drop the box. That’s the mess yeah god damnit Broadcast Oh Jeff you son of a bitch I was trying it there’s a couple under me No, he’s driving a couple everywhere. Let’s go Damn it. You know we used to make a an audio friendly podcast. Let’s see save it for the end we talked about What we were just doing have you talked about the first version of that Of what the thing we were just recording before this oh no no I mean the deceptive the thing is I want to talk about it.

It’s gonna spoil Its spoiling a future will xsplit might be game. Oh, yeah, okay? We know you know that last of us is the next day everyone knows last rolla’s coming right which is why it’ll be fun Think of I think on the one after that was fantastic It was a game that everyone was excited to play and then the one after that was a complete like what? That’s also. That’s a tease all right so the thing that came up We enjoyed it so much playing it realized by that we were actually currently recording a new let’s play night Jeff is under the table Cleaning up thousands of puzzles literally literally thousands of puzzles among the knees of the dicksterity Cleaning up off my favorite album Oh my god, so I was walking down and as the little drink machines bigger of knees and dicks in sound check I Had a farm which is refa me.

I’m not a big fire definitely not allowed fire. Yeah, that’s walking us I got one brew it. This is walking past the water thing and I I let it go and it bubbled at the same time So that the water cooler caught wind of your wind the part we have a very loose butthole Your farts are so quiet. I feel like there’s no it’s cuz meg spent so much time in it hey Geoff Chrome on My inside yeah, it’s just there’s not much excess gas brewing. You don’t got a lot in there You should drink some like I haven’t heard myself fought in like six months Really, you should drink up fucked on a ginger is it like a notable thing that beans any beans And then just go for it.

Yeah, usually a second of epi and some of them do that extra life I read you know loudest Gavin fart. I feel like you should mark it on a fart journal or something I Should stop fuck yeah We should oh stop bottles in Kampala. We should start for that spot shuttle be like this.

Oh, no. I will be up there too Bad farts last name piece man missing Gotham. There’s gonna be one goddamn piece missing Just put it in the thing for a puzzle piece yeah, Seymour to thank I got it all But yeah last night got a little bit of a food poisoning.

Oh yeah, yeah I was eating uh I have a place. Let’s go to get Thai food a lot. Well. I always get the yellow Curry really like it delicious And I they had muscles on the menu love muscles of my favorite food But they in the explain they they’re in the half-shell like sitting there But they were there are steamed so they’re all cooked and everything, but they’re also green mussels which Are like the normal ones just like the black mussels except the green mussels like that big and the muscle inside is like Three times is it green no the shell is green the outside of the shell was like black And it fades to green interesting. I never seen the muscles on the inside looked the same except They’re like that big and so you can really I just walk them down nice They tasted so good like I just love steamed mussels, and then I ate a bunch of curry And I’ll sing with Kat.

We were talking about some extra life stuff. You think of mussels in Thai food. Yeah, well It was like they had certain spice That’s like prawns and shit are always in curry for mussels Same soul region, and uh well no Green mussels so maybe so but uh yeah, I was sitting there with cat I was like feeling fine, but I’m playing sad screen talking to her and everything and all of a sudden my body just like Shut down like I couldn’t focus or anything. I got really lightheaded and super nauseous, and I just a ducat and went I’m gonna sleep upstairs tonight. I’m gonna go take a explainer and Definitely go vomit.

She was like okay, and I went upstairs, and it was just like oh There’s so much and like the curry was not great No, it was horrific it was terrible you know the place you go the place before the SUV I don’t actually know where it is. I’ve only like know we’re eating it. Is it the spice place whatever No, it doesn’t have spice in it is it tie How are you know? But that’s a great name for one time people pull out you might hide food from leave a ball place near us it’s called fucking Vietnamese yeah Okay, yeah the fucking Vietnamese place. You just go in I drove by that every day, and oh yeah I used to live over that area.

Oh, it’s worth it. Hop in grab some poking noodles. It’s great But I did I did you can do breach McDonald’s you can Someone told me Sheamus favorite. I feel like that’s the end of society yeah, that’s a bad thing I just don’t need McDonald’s explaining up.

No house without me putting any like is the F of going to McDonald’s might work or something? Well it’s true too because it’s like if you’re gonna have somebody deliver food to you just having deliver real food yeah McDonald’s, yeah McRib be coming back I’m saying that but no one knows when this McRib is going to service I’m never still never eaten in the current one We will breeds mcribs to a pod they’re not bad if you forget. I’ve know days before alright He’s an open shitty company that we shouldn’t be using it. That’s what they say I think all company With like real misogynistic the former CEO anything.

He’s now stepped down by the format He’s now he’s stepped down But he stepped down in the way were they like he stole like runs the board so he’s still really in charge It’s not a name. There’s a suppose elect right you and Michael just so useless that life I’ve never used like it’s the same as uber alright. I’ll use what It’s the same pocket pretty much Yeah they’ve got colorized little things that go in the window you can tell if it’s your lift because the color matches the one in the app oh Nice you often use lift. No I actually use uber or whatever is that I’ll use whatever is available Yeah, put me in a car and take me wherever if you hate women just don’t tell Ya know what’s going on in my own?

Little bubble, I’m happy in here look There’s probably been a lot of terrible people that have done some service for you in the past Do you really want to know the ins and outs of every one of them? You know? I’m sure McRib November’s next Movie produced by Harvey Weinstein over the last 30 years are you gonna point out all those?

I don’t know his movies Well they it’s gonna be everything everything fucking yeah Everything the weinstein company made every fuckin Miramax told everybody Miramax every Quentin Tarantino movie ever made most things Brad Pitt’s done No more house car Kevin Smith no more Colin. Yeah, no one house of cards but socks I mean you could I encourage you to do it a few yeah you want I do it sucks – how many sucky people are out there sucking. I’ve known my boy Colin just I’m not like preaching it, but I’ve just like switch services if I have a choice of two, so I’ve got my voice I’m gonna get on board Colin. I don’t need a chick-fil-a, and I don’t go to Hobby Lobby unless I really have to go to ha Unless it’s Sunday and Millie’s report is due Monday and Michaels is closed, and I don’t have a choice.

It’s a truth Cathy’s still alive That’s a guy’s name right the chick-fil-a guy, and he died. Oh, okay? Walls yet the franchise It’s actually it’s just they have to shut down something as part of the frame. I don’t like the old but other than that It’s like yeah they like what the whole they hate gays thing came out the local franchise near me at the time had like a Whole like Gay Pride Day – yeah, I really got a school you support that huh yeah?

And I kept eating there But it made me feel better. Yeah, I only eat gay prepared food Does it have a sticker on it, or do you send it back if it’s like that Smell it’s like kosher you know good USD gay I really got into reading our Let’s Plays recently, and I’m not gonna sign this form But stuff like sky factory. I’ll just slop it on because there’s so many jokes I miss in the moment oh yeah as someone who’s in the let’s play I feel like I’m in the least Least good position to like take in the comedy mo think it sounds like a part of it I’ve trained myself over the years, actually yeah through drunk-tanked to like move on if a joke doesn’t land Or doesn’t get hit because you kid there’s no way to crowbar back in and have that self look good in the process There I’d say probably like half of the jokes that make me laugh in my head like I say it’ll let’s play totally get like Michael screaming Nobody ever hears them. I’m like that would have been fun sometimes.

You’ll say that out loud. You don’t make good joke yeah be like Funniest joke I made I look like the five percenters Those are my absolute favorite jokes the ones that like no one will get this if that one guy. There’s a holy shit That’s awesome Oh, yeah We chef are like the back and forth on that so much the chapel make a joke that no one understands And you’ll laugh like thanks jack I got into a musical kick the other like a couple weeks ago, or is like I can’t bring you a musical stuff during during Let’s Plays for some reason, and yeah, and now we’re doing achievement under the musical as Enthusiasm this morning when you told them a lot of Gavin owes it Gavin was out of town So I asked everyone except for Gavin like would you would you be up for? achievement of the musical if we were gonna do it and everyone said yes Jeremy was like fuck yeah, Jeff’s like that sounds awesome Ryan said okay I’m all-in Michael’s like okay, and I was like all right cool that’s that’s a good enough consensus like I would ask you how it was like like hopefully we’ll get something good out of Gavin and Then you really What do you mean by too much yeah under the musical Comedy you have with titles for some we have We have two titles for you’re writing the whole thing and okay So we should get the JT music isn’t it yeah absolutely? You can absolutely absolutely get the know you know they’re taking music now not to mention.

Oh really is very smart move Oh, so we’ll talk about extra life in a little bit But the the extra life stretch goal for a million dollars for Achievement Hunter So we hit that number we’re gonna release Achievement Hunter the musical which will be a let’s play a normal Let’s play except all of the Talking will be done in musical form so think of scrubs the musical have you ever seen that if you read scrubs a musical That’s what I’m thinking the whole time, so it’s literally. I always think of Buffy. Yeah. Yes, but it’ll be a multi song Let’s play what’s more feeling which will be would you probably? I don’t know?

I don’t know what the game will be record I have some ideas a game or B record in but it’ll be a let’s play. That’s an actual Let’s play except will be singing instead of playing isn’t cuz someone has a brain Shiva Yes, maybe wake up for the end of dr. Cox’s yells at you um yeah, so anyway. I’m very excited for it Yeah I think I think I’ll probably directed Jeremy will probably have the lion’s share of the music stuff, and we get the JT music guys to help out too, but if they’re available if they’re a Speaking it JT music and let’s play family stuff I I’m just gonna do is just when do I love this, but we’re announcing new let’s play partners next week Oh cool, and he’s got like a whole thing like had me proof his journal and stuff Yeah, but now I’m undercutting it laying people know what’s happening But okay real quick before you too far away from it so the two songs We’ve come up with so far that I’ve come up so far are the sinking song so yes not be the very first one which is that before we start playing with you like 1 2 3 1 so the sinking song and The first real song will be what are we doing Jeff?

What are we do you gotta be inspiring music titles Would be the big crescendo I’m legit excited about this. I think this will be a lot of fun. You’ve already said the Goal, right that we have to get to it’s a million. No no yes Yes, so that’s the million dollar so if we cross a million dollars during our extra live stream. We will You told Gavin what the goal was he’s very quiet is this one I mean it could have been two million yeah Cuz I could see the unenthusiastic in Gavin, and uh and I was like yeah, that’s like a million dollars oh Yeah exid next week well extra life tomorrow wife.

We only made like extra life is tomorrow so Extra life we’re kicking off, this is extra life season so starting tomorrow at 8 a.m.. Central We are doing our community stream tomorrow if you’re reading the live broadcast Yeah, so if you get a receipt comm slash extra life It will take you to the correct page and we are doing 25 different community groups roosterteeth community Groups are streaming and we’re gonna be redirecting our broadcast kind of pointing like a spotlight at the difference You like my gloves someone send that to us in the unboxing We’re gonna be pointing our spotlight at different community groups that are raising for their local charities So like like there’s a whole bunch different ones out there. We’re gonna Be well well cut will be here in the office and we’ll be like hey.

We’re Brewster to you. Thanks for reading okay Let’s go to yeah. I’ll be there like let’s go to you know, Canada, and then we’ll go to our to Canada.

Let’s go to All these different routes, so we’ll go to all these different ones They’re raising money for the local charities, please support them if you can then next weekend November 11th and 12th Is the big roosterteeth stream from 8 a.m.. 8 a.m.. Saturday morning until 8 a.m..

Sunday morning? we are trying to raise 1 million dollars during 24 hour have over a million dollars after 24 hours and And yeah, and thanks for going really well so far We have some really really kick-ass exclusive merchandise that you can only buy during the streams We actually have on them do we have the images ready to go for the things so tomorrow? they’re the ones I made yes tomorrow the community stream you can buy the t-shirts and the Ford the kids pin which is a single for the kids pin which is super kick-ass and the proceeds from sales of that? Go to the receipt donation There’s our pins and so these are all of the pins there so we have the for the kids want to look more white power one So we have the one before the kids pin That’s a single pin on the left and then the set of four of the gym badges is on the right the for the kids pin will be on sale tomorrow the The gym badges will be on sale as a payment on November 11th ones then over November 11th Street Yeah, and so yeah, so that’s that’s that and then we have our t-shirts which will be available both weekends So this is business stuff available tomorrow, so that’s the important pin and the shirt and then the next weekend We’ll have the shirts the set of pins and the poster so that’s awesome Yeah, the posters the coolest fucking thing the poster is bigger the poster Yeah, yeah that so that’ll be a veil that Saul the stuff available next weekend And I think we have one big image or a larger image of the poster there you go, so Roosterteeth LAN poster, it’s fucking cool, and yeah So some people said it’s a little hard to distinguish all like on the smaller image of kind of like what the what the lands Are but there’s definitely like sections, there’s like live-action land animation land even Yeah, there’s a catch even area fun house code Street, rooster Street. There’s an animation land There’s a whole camp camp Abishai lays a team boot yeah lazer team boot There’s a there’s a big-ass slow mo guys Balu there – an easter egg Stephen septic scars in one of those Lakes But it’s there But there’s there’s tons of tons of crazy Easter eggs in there and once you see the full poacher. You’ll lose your mind I’m so excited. I gotta say Russia is about to turn 15 years old yes, and I have well, I mean I made it with Bernie, and yes and that and the whole thing and I’ve seen us go through many lives in many progressions we consider ourselves to be in like our fourth act is what Bernie and Gus and I refer to as sometimes and The thing that blows me away More than anything else on a day-to-day basis has got to be as we’ve grown and people leave us a like well We suck now.

We always suck well We’ve been selling out for 15 years so – Heather Eve every day every ladder on Every rung on the ladder we climb we suck more in some way even though we’re just assholes making articles just like we’ve always been we’re just a little bit older and some some of burning us or fatter I Look great Matt looks great um But uh the thing that I don’t like a day-to-day basis when I go to work that I don’t like oh fuck I’m so happy that we grew to this level more than anything is much. Yeah Like that the fact that we’ve been able to hire talented people like It started back when like like with John rising you’re on zip all their credit Where credit is due John laughs Matt and I made all the merchandise before Jon Risinger explained up? We were the graphic designers, and that was way better than I was I was And I was a necessary evil and then we had Matt who was talented we had John rising and the way I guess my Patrick Schmidt sucked all the talent at a rising her and threw him on done on the spot yeah, now we have guys like Tony and told them like all these crazy artists that we’re gonna reuse you me I Said Patrick Smith Patrick Schmidt was he was like graphic.

He’s the designer. Let’s play. Oh. Yeah, Oh Sean’s Patrick for a while – oh yeah yeah Patrick lil Patrick yeah, hey you would always see him riding his bicycle Chronological thing but just like on a dated a bit like we’ve already We’ve gotten so good because merchandise is such a big part of our business that we have just gone through Crewe’s process where we have planned out all of the Chima hundred merchandise for q1 of 2018 you guys have seen a lot of it and pride and input but it’s been such a fun process between doing that and the GF merchandise and Like we’re doing a lightning round shirt right now I probably didn’t talk about because we haven’t done any designs for yet that we decided on lighting around shirt because based on people kind Of catch caught on yeah, but like just looking back and seeing like that is cyan’t let science fiction to me Yeah, never in a million years that I think we’d be an appointment we’d have people on staff if you design the crazy thing about this was I Literally bumped into Jon Risinger in the hall and I was like we should start talking about extra life posters now because like we’ve had An issue before it’s like shit We got to come up with something and I was like I want to do something and we have so many different Properties now like so many different groups within roosterteeth and like even let’s play partners And we can see there’s a train that has all the let’s play partners Oh, yeah I’m waiting to bond so we have like we have so many different so many different things now is like how can we get that? All into one poster and not feel like anyone slighted or missing anything And I was thinking about like what about a map like.

What do we do like a world map like initially? I said Game of Thrones like doing Westeros style map, and then then it was like well What about a theme park map like a Disneyland style theme park map can you have something? And so and so Jon’s like okay, that’s a cool idea And then he brought it to Tony and merchandise and Tony is a huge Disney fan So he lost his mind then took that to Tobin and then Tobin came up with this poster Which Miley totally made that in like five minutes? Oh yeah? But holy shit he worked out in a tweet did like we gave him some feedback, and he implemented it and it like man It’s like localized balloon blue Everywhere every direction.

We’ve grown it has been awesome, and it’s great to hire talented people But it’s just like that’s the one that hits me.
Yeah, every time. I said wait lock these ones a funny guy honest Yeah, inside we make lightning round the explain Light here ahem the explain I mean it’s got tenants Mina You land hard you go for every drop, and you fight every fight wonder.

What game you could do that it really everything like What if all five was burst out of the fucking house at the beginning of the game I Like the way you think pretty much Every day that has that idea of like cautious tax like you have 30 seconds to prepare on defense don’t need Good just open that door everybody go to a window and be ready to just pop right out Before it gets you far away though, so I get extra life community stream is this weekend from 8 a.m.. Till 8 a.m. And then next weekend is the big rusty stream schedules already like it’s 95% locked it looks fucking amazing I still have to find a 4:00 a.m..

To 6 a.m.. Window. I need to find a group within Roux Street They’ll fill out 4 a.m.. To 6 a.m.. Window.

I’ll be there Jeremy’s gonna be there majority this dream like he’s always here like yeah when You always say when they’re better yeah, you’re gonna be from April 10 So you and Michael usually film eight to ten slide when do you need me and Millie? Well so I’ll say a tremont are starting 8:00 a.m. To 10:00 a.m.. Okay, so yeah, so you guys coming early Saturday late some point during the stream. I don’t see the exact time We were gonna be playing fucking whose lives in anywayWe’re gonna play a bunch of whose line game So Jon’s hosting it, and so it’s gonna be me Trevor miles and Cole Can you do the one with the camera looking down at the floor?

We got me when you talk to broadcast about it. You’re looking down as well. Yeah, they pretend that right, but that line Oh, yeah, oh yeah, the cameras straight up You can take the brush can she do the one the read up like the voice redub thing But like take like a clip from a live-action short or something I get it. Yeah if we can do it we can There’s certain ones. That’s like I really want to do but we got to make sure that we have the right stuff for it like they did they have a Game called infomercial all you’ve ever seen they just have like a box of shit I just random stuff, and then they have to sell you a product using what’s in the box?

It’s like shit like that is really funny But we gotta make sure we have the props for it so but there’s a lot of stuff like I’m talking right now with with Chad from ScrewAttack easy always has a ton. He’s jumping up some ideas now. It’s a great human being who shat He was in an airport in San Francisco when we called to talk about extra life. Yeah, let’s talk about him, okay? Let me just like all right, sweet, but yeahWe’re excited about that.

We’ve got fun. House is coming out They’ll get a be here on set so they’re gonna be here in in the studio this year What else to Spooky’s coming back could be like fine here. Did you see the article funhouse released announcing? Their Arctic Sydney thing no they released a article saying like we’re going on T X Sydney and they’re like it’s Bruce filming it and he’s going from person to person he’s Mike Lawrence who’s going and Lawrence says who’s going and he goes to at least he’s like where is it and she says we’re like in Sydney it is and Eventually it falls on James and James is sitting in a wheelchair with a vest That’s open and no shirt on underneath and a big fro wig on and clearly didn’t notice lines where He’s like what do you want me to say verses like when is it like wait? What are the days?

He goes? January no Good shit some of those guys are very funny. Yeah Some of those guys and all of their girl are very funny. Yeah How is this it Elise is like we always say, but a Lisa is the funniest person in Oliver?

Yeah, but it’s just like glasses of his hand on the article yeah So like Elise is doing like a really shitty Australian accent like when they go to her Obviously course like I can’t understand you because it’s like Kovac. They’re like Kovac is upside down whatever Yeah, whatever Kovac says right there and then next Great enough is the great waiter announcement. I was there a couple weeks ago, and I did like a day of filming with James Alicia Lawrence, and we made my for fun articles it’s so fucking fun with them Yeah, that’s a long article as opposed to you guys.

Oh, yeah, it’s okay. I’ll tell you in the comment article Where was like straight to like? God it was something very of like offensive that came out of your mouth almost immediately I’m trying to remember exactly what it was was it when I said that yeah, and they’re gonna have an abortion yeah Oh the abortion talk. Yeah, yeah, I don’t know that that’s true.

I just a rumor that’s been going around that way it was like the first thing out of your mouth I Was doing callbacks good jokes There shit’s gonna come out all wrong, so I’ll be referencing jokes that haven’t come out yet, so I Gavin this is for you someone said for the musical the quote Jack’s making me do this song yeah Like you figure that out. Oh you Eric, and uh I also want to bring up its own point out a little bit ago That the shirt Gavin is wearing oh He’s got a blood fresh shirt on right there, which is movie that Bruce seats working on but you know another movie overseas working on or I’m pretty much done with what’s best to lazer team three lazer Team to to that’s coming out yep trailer just came out They made that movie people can read that trailer cuz that’s going in theaters as it’s a baby’s read November 14th I think yeah, you can look at all the lists of places where it’s explainn in that Toothpaste or semen this is toothpaste There’s no toothpaste lazer team two dot movies is that a is that really a link dot movie thumbs, yeah No thing sure why not there’s TV not movie I know it’s a trailer out that you can read. I read that earlier . Do we know dot movie yet? as always You know the movie Colton steals the explain as always you guys Gavin was there, would you reel the explain and you’re the only talented person in the movie? It’s great point and then Jeremy you’ve seen it.

I’ve seen it. Yeah. You enjoy it. I did you can be honest. I am honest Excited to see : in it yes Colton was fuckin funny, yeah About some stuff you can’t not smile when you around that dude.

He’s good dude I saw them in an airport not too long ago, and I just like I saw him. I was like Yes, he hasn’t seen like 3/4 the way through the movie. That’s I couldn’t read it while a funny It was fun for us to hang out with Colin too because we were always reading key and Peele sketches And he’s responsible for so much noise. Yeah.

Yeah, yeah That’s cool. Yeah did he do the the football guys one I’m sure he was going with it. There’s articles you can bring a little shit Like via hey Ron like over a hundred million views.

She’s gross Blocking well. It’s the nice is like size to explain people yeah, yeah Very digestible content well whoever convince Comedy Central to put those clips online as a genius I mean like I said L does the same thing yeah, it’s very smart. Yeah It’s right way to John over puts on last week tonight online like immediately Fucking good, he puts up like a Well he does he does his long last night this week with last week this.

I never read it Yes master date tomorrow or whatever the name is last week tonight last week tonight That explain is damn. He is fucking he is so good. Yeah. He’s got a formula, and it just works. Yeah I mean, it’s it’s like you said it’s very formulaic.

So if you don’t like that style. It’s very much. Here’s here’s an issue I’m gonna talk about it I’m gonna explain as much as I can about it Educate you and explain why I believe one thing or not That monitor over there wants me to tell you that we have a trailer for lazer team – oh speaking of John Oliver lazer team to make sure that I kept talking about Team – is that spoiler it’s true.

He’s a zoo roll the trailer there Oh Big fluffy naked parts everywhere you can do this In cryptid alien signal that led to the brutal kidnapping of your friend, Woodrow Johnson Your friend is lost somewhere outer space and you guys are the only people who can help save him What I’m a nerd I’m not wearing glasses You sound she sounds like she is you should be I haven’t seen these guys in years They could barely keep us together to save the planet much less keep us together. Not save the planet. Oh shut up Do not touch anything in the lab, okay? But do you turn on the jetpack all I think is that button up top button where’s it up?

John these are calibrated to fit your body exactly we don’t typically shop at the baby gas You look good Slimming oh, yeah black don’t crack guys you guys look fantastic You think I can’t take down lazer team dad bought babyface flat-footed I’m gonna fire woody prawns in these vents John McClane’s Howdy y’all this new armor definitely different Yeah, that’s pretty cool We’re gonna go down in history as the destroyer I hope I don’t have to do a press conference about this You’re real pretty why stupid redneck country handsome That Gavin so get all he left yeah We’re gonna howdy y’all cookie not in that cup no Done all right So that’s lazer team to go to lazer team to movie to find out more from that You can read leisure to not read it. You should not read it. I think someone just said you can read I’m using team on the site right now not lazy team – oh really. Yeah ladies.

You’ve won something about Australia, New Zealand you say that what oh yeah, Zealand, it’s Fire engineers there, I think you can read it there Okay But if you don’t live there yeah man speaking of New Zealand Fiji evaporates Sorry, that was a perfect moment What’s up Jeff I was gonna say that deed that did made Thor Thor Ragnarok, yeah Tyco would you say right to water water what I was eating Why to TDB you did what we do in the shadow of those hunt for the will deliver Cesare can We’re doing shadows The ship is so fucking good It’s 20 minutes too long. They’re gathering there. They’re working on a sequel called Werewolves right it’s just like it’s yeah. That’s how they pronounce werewolves over there, and uh yeah, yeah, it’s it Yeah, that’s how they say it. They said werewolves Okay, yes, I say I believe you rise up lights rise up lame.

We’re all feeling it is anyway You should see it while we do the shadows is fucking awesome I thought ooh is like I was surprised baked I seen the first two it’s like 90% comedy. That’s cool It’s like it’s funny well I mean like we’ve talked a little bit if you buy into the whole cuz of funny character It was decided it seems like Marvel is definitely on being in the lighter side. Where as DC’s are much darker He’s got such a tragic history, but yeah, I mean it’s there’s nothing wrong with the different take on it It’s just he’s just it’s just silly there’s wag Thorin Thorin Hulk it’s like – it’s like two dumb muscle dudes that the bullet up Here’s a bunch of whackadoo They’ve said no like most of the the Marvel movies are gonna be like two people together so it’ll be like Captain America and Somebody or like you know it’s gonna be a man and read I mean they have enough characters to do it yeah established But it’s easy I love the idea of like got like dear seems like there’s a couple No DC is like here’s here’s all over here yeah, Martian Manhunter what okay?

John Supergirl who is Martian Manhunter okay character Marsh middle of him John John John’s yeah, anyway. He’s a detective. I like to say cartoon Delivers fast say Oh our friend uh speaking of DC our friend Zachary. Levi is in the DC Universe now He’s gonna be Captain Marvel huh they announced that yeah really Shazam.

Yeah, that’s gonna be Zak really which version of shidae I don’t know. I’m gonna guess Not the Shazam one. I don’t Know is he’s Captain He’s like a little kid Normally a little kid isn’t he turns into Captain was like says Shazam like Superman stays you’re getting like super ripped I guess so I mean Or Captain Mark really he’s gonna be captain mark he’s gonna be in the black out of movie I think the one that the Roxon is He black out of black at her no no that’s Rocky’s back Black Adam is coming back That was fun reading them down the table getting further and further from the source Washer yes Yeah, so anyway, so congratulations accurately by also exactly in my if you’re not busy next we can come on by Didn’t hang out with us for extra life Briggs costume. Oh, dude I don’t use you know who’s in fucking that I did I didn’t expect. Uh who’s in Samael Facts all urban.

Oh really oh yeah, he plays. I he’s like a mercenary yourself tonight He plays skirt skirt excuse me I was gonna say splurge and the only reason I said that is because I could kind of see what it said on the IMDB Page there, and I was like I’m gonna try to guess oh, yeah I want to make sure exactly Levi was important wasn’t really yeah He plays a character nice and roll no yeah.

normal, and it

He’s part of the Warriors three He’s in the core – he wasn’t in the first one. He replaced the guy who played the kid he’s in Ragnar He’s in superhero movies are aware so yeah, so he’s one of the jumps from Marvel to DC guys So yeah, you have a couple guys who had jumped, but Marvel series Hedy You’ve got Chris Evans who was the was Human Torch now.

He’s Captain America. That’s still marvel, but it’s yes I’m said, then you’ve got buddy belly Brian Reynolds who to Green Lantern and there no yeah, no, I mean, I’m sorry sure Yeah, you go fuck into Canada Cooper For – yeah, he grow he grew up that lady on TRL, then he apologized for it Did he really yeah? They were like a George Bush? yeah, he fuckin like he came out and like shit on Weinstein and somebody was like what about when you did this and put a article of him like grabbing the girl’s ass on TRL.

I think it’s like I reach around tick yeah He’s like I’m so sorry alright. What was it a sort it. I think it might I didn’t read it. Okay You don’t really I mean you know to see it from the right angle But it’s like it’s supposed to that’s what he was doing when he was like he apologized and she like came and said not cool dickhead as Bush apologized yet His people apologized a lot yeah and said like he’s in a wheelchair And he can’t reach much more than that and he says the same joke to everybody and it’s not a sexual joke it’s about him being like in a Wheelchair. I don’t know what the joke is I think I read the joke and it was a little racy did yeah I think all old people turn dirty dirty and me look Dirty and yeah by the time you’re old you just gotta get the rest of it.

I’m just get rid of your filters That’s what it is your filters go away as you get older. It’s true People are talking about so they just release the entire cast of line. Can you ? Yeah couple days come couple days ago?

Seth Rogen once again Got snubbed, yeah Again why don’t no one else come back because no we do it better than him But why didn’t under the original cost like white and wrote a kiss and do the bird again? No No, yeah, why did they widen big kid from home improvement play timba? Sorry Hillary common yeah, that was no John Jonathan Jonathan Taylor Thomas. That’s what it was like okay You say home alone or home improvement Dashing and Daniel Stern. We’re actually Timon and Pumbaa um, but yeah, so someone said Nala is Beyonce yeah, no sorry, but uh yeah Donald Glover is a Simba adult Simba.

Don’t let spider-man Chai would tell you for I always say his name incorrectly. He’s scar Bush, man replacing Jeremy Irons pretty tricky there you go There’s the list if you’re reading John Oliver is a Z which I like and then Seth Rogen and Billy Eichner are Timon and Pumbaa which is gonna be awesome because they’re gonna sing Hakuna Matata, which is gonna be Yeah, can’t wait for Pumbaa to laugh like semi Yes, okay, Michael key Eric Andre, and then I guess that Florence Zumba is gonna damn it I think they’re the hyenas so is it gonna be what’s it gonna look like it’s gonna be like CG It’s it’s like The Jungle Book It’s like the sort of stylized live-action, so they’ll probably be live-action elements mixed in but it’s all gonna. Be really sir well There’s nobody humans in that right.

No. No you’ve never seen the Lion King You’ve never seen the Lion King on Spanish once I’ve only seen it once I saw it on a date with a girl and she dumped a bucket of popcorn. Oh, man Did you serve it cuz that’s customary was there a hole in the bottom of the bucket?

Now’s a joke. It wasn’t like a bad dumb post but itit was a babe.
It wasn’t a bad dump I was paying attention earth as you should be Now sort of the Renaissance like there the resurgence of Disney was a Dadar Little Mermaid was a Little Mermaid before Lion King Condoleeza yes It’s around the Aladdin days, okay. I don’t have to sing something from it up Yeah, let me tell you about me undies I’m not gonna do the aviary like that I’m just saving myself from Regan again after that everybody wears underwear buy that underwear.

That’s true Gandhi’s makes feel-good undies All right This is the line as written me undies makes feel-good undies your butt would will be proud to wear Would will be it’s weird that they put that in there yeah, I don’t know They’ll be the most comfortable pair of underwear you will ever own and you check it out yourself come ahead nice that comes off topic I’m just feeling judged. I’m gonna with tons of styles and patterns to choose from For both men and ladies me undies will have the perfect fit for any personality stop it Jeff. It’s a weird also. That’s in here George illiterate It’s like he’s trying to read it off an ice, cube. That’s sliding down a hill Because they use a naturally soft fabric that is three times softer than cotton for a limited time only check out me Eddie’s First ever glow-in-the-dark print lights out what oh we should do that we should get them on a tunnel the lights off Do we have a big undies send us a bunch yep?

We will prints with nothing on but you’re prancing our underpants there you go Why not update your underwear drawer glow at the same time? You’ll never lose a point yeah now What are they putting them in the dryer recharges them I? Get 20% off best and softest underwear and socks you will ever own free shot Vomit free shipping, and I represent satisfaction guaranteed go to me undies calm off-topic That’s me undies calm off-topic too classy for Alabamians nailed it. Ya know where these right now What are putting in the dryer recharge charges? Could be no Giant light news all the dark stuff So I installed lighting There’s some things that are glow-in-the-dark that should never be go on the dark that reminds me of jr. I’ve seen that movie in the 80s with the jihad John Lateran and sex for us not noises off It was like a sex farce child and indeed now He and a dude got were like both Banging a chick not at the same time that Were like she was banging somebody and then he shut up and didn’t know that the guy was there and was hiding but they both Had like different glow-in-the-dark condoms on I seen in the dark was just like two dicks No, I don’t think it was actually taking a condom that’s horseshit calling the dark condoms like working like that What no I’ve used one Okay, so unless The only way you would get it to work like that like it is in the in that article whereas It’s like the dicks running around and shit like yeah You would have to put it on and then hold your dick under a light while it’s on let just pre put it under the light because that’s what I did and But it’s real out how prepared you were but it’s roll-up, so you can’t get set let’s treat everybody Know so I unrolled it and it was like the fucking Cat in the Hat.

There was stripes of going down the whole length Right and you like put it to your finger. You can kind of see through yeah, that’s all you Know and you even think it’d be bright as hell Do you think you could back it because obviously when you go in its gonna go dark? And you pull out lots what I’m saying if you like A hundred watt ball light source kitchen. Okay? You’re not having sex when she opens her mouth like on Anyone has ever had to signal SOS in Morse code with glowing no no no We say that no yeah also, if you’re at SOS if you’re legitimately in distress Just banging one out to try and save yourself is probably not the but also if you gotta go in there condom and you pitched To the woman, I’m gonna put this on we’re gonna charge They’re gonna put it on and I’m gonna single SOS by fucking you rather than oh why do you know I’ve been doing this The truth if all you got another you know the dude available if you do that though it’ll still light up your face So you do have to put it entirely in something and this ship’s gonna be like I can see that guy’s You know you like you hold a flashlight on your face to tell ghost stories.

Yeah, I Want to tell a ghost story Jeremy here’s what I point out really quick I need you to put a right not to charge the blinded are behind. Oh, yeah Why are you using the condom to signal by me not whatever light that you just used to charge up the glow-in-the-dark condoms very light Weight I can use this single for elbow when I’m whatever dropped it broke the light And then all you had left was your dead you Like we’re gonna die or we’re gonna Like why’d you put the condom? I feel like well cuz now we have a situation No choice trying to save your life. All right fuck you Jeff. What’s up?

All right anyone played a mario Odyssey no I hear lots of good things You haven’t if you played Mario Odyssey, and how was very nostalgic this they went like extra mile stuff to make it feel super N64 like at times we are great people found out yesterday that they somebody has recently modded mario 64 to include a portal gun which ryan couldn’t comprehend yesterday I comprehended why he just kept going like it doesn’t how they have to play that doesn’t make sense I Didn’t say that at all you did you did kinda? Well you said yeah, you’re grossly over playing The conversation all right, I don’t even remember because it’s just like an actor They know you argued about it conversation what that’s that you can bind You can monitor do like I said do details heaven is my twenty pow We only sue me and Jeff won’t he there’s minds out there You can get him right like we don’t have an n64. How would we do and just like what’s on PC? I mean I see more like they broke it on the PC idiot was it accurate. Yes, that was very Modified consoles, that’s not very right I did comedy.

Yeah Because people modified consoles all the time sure well. I mean Mario Odyssey my assumption would have been there Are you allowed to go we allowed to make articles in emulated games work barely allowed to make articles in Nintendo content period are we? Yeah like give me a stuffing gang attacked well, then that’s then it has to be content that people read. That’s true.

It’s the that Hey, that’s Bandai shit. There’s the gun but this wouldn’t work This is basically Mario Yeah, only not multiplayer. Oh boy. I don’t know I like to play that you just appear on the other one It’s not like it’s like teleport. Oh that that looks way too confusing.

I don’t Anything I mean that would add hey I need a platform up there fuck that Yeah, that’s well it would take that a huge aspect of the course you can get Chain Chomp to go through and come out pretty Wicked that would if it cut is chained has there been a change Sean Penn chain is released That’s how you that’s how you kill it? Really, yeah, you stomped that post down and they piss off their nice How you get the star in the first map you smashed the cage open Jesus Jeremy? The fuck is wrong with they piss off wait well when they’re chained down are they always trying to get yeah, yeah explain them I’m gonna release when they’re like the stock go holds the chain they just do it They just decide they want freedom more than they don’t want you anymore Hey They have to protect that spot once the springshot Decide what the fuck they want is what I’m learning right now probably not to be chained to a post is what they want yet Have you tried it? Though alright being chained is part of their name it sort of defines them okay, right, but I’m a chomp Poseable is a paw their name. They’re not called free fuck offs.

They‘re called chain Well everything in Mario has its own like Japanese name anyway Once So if you’re playing Mario Odyssey, it’s good game. I like blood Jen. What do you plan? Uh Sasson screen right now playing a lot of sessions more than Santi right Yes, woven said I’m only playing on streaming.

How long is that Kip in I don’t know when I I played it for? Four and a half hours, maybe and when I told Michael where I was in the game he said I was probably about halfway Thinking about switching over I’ve been playing origins, and it’s great and I love it and I haven’t played a Sanskrit campaign in a while, but I I’ve made the mistake of zooming out on the map and seeing it is massive I’m like dude 12 hours into the game, and I’m just picking up question marks around the map yeah 80 hours of gameplay to finish that game probably play I Know there’s no multiplayer. We actually we find out right over on the Ubisoft us website We have another let’s play that went up yesterday. Well.

That’s my presents. Let’s play presents. You can check that out It’s it’s me playing so Kent played for like 30 hours straight. Yeah, I got to like level 40 or Pandits give me back Kent told me he was the second person in the world to platinum.

Yeah assassin, that’s not Sanskrit word That’s fucking great So Ubisoft gave us access early so we could build up a character so so Kent built up a character and then basically handed it off to me, so I’m playing with a character who’s way way over powered and After playing it on my own now for you know probably 15 I feel I feel like I don’t know what the hell I was doing in there So he’s just like looks like you don’t know what the hell you’re doing. Oh my god. That’s a lot of damage. Yeah Michael said – I think it is fired it off I want that PO you might not have had the upgrade the predator bow when you pull the gun yeah you hold down just steer the Yeah, you hold down the trigger you get to steer the arrow like a fucking uh?

Missile yeah, you forget the name of equality What Thomas is Alexandria the biggest city in the game are there bigger cities think it might be you get there really fast.
Yeah Check out the check out the article over the Ubisoft US channels a lot of fun Assassin’s Creed origins is great And there’s a link in the description below for more information so check that out dear you’re reading this, but yeah Um it’s that game. I’m playing a lot Wolfenstein Whatwhat signs. Just stupid fun right here. Just like a big like Twist or something that’s crazy, but I probably I’ve been gone I’ve been trying to avoid being see I haven’t gotten to that yet But it’s like it’s just it’s horrific Lee bloody.

Just in case you know yeah, he’s going into it Just like every time you assassinate someone even if it’s like a quiet silent takedown It’s like you cut off both their arms and then kill them you do not stop at one limb Yeah, the first time Ryan did it in the let’s read She snuck up behind someone crouching and just cut off both their legs at the knee Was completely pointless It’s it’s a brutal game But it’s fun and put the other thing I’ve noticed With it is. I played it on the same difficulty you were doing the light how much which is like 100 There’s like six or seven difficulty options, so there’s like one above normal, and it was and uh It was pretty easy. You know like you got through it. It was just a shooter and then every now and again there’s a section that just ratchets up a difficulty massively Like you’re just in a small room you want you are you leveling up your character as you go and like unlocking abilities or like Help, no.

I don’t I don’t think so. I don’t think this country wasn’t there my brain is mixing up my games You know you can upgrade your weapons. Yes, you can find weapon upgrade kits, and I can make you something. It’s like I’m playing on PC my Michaels really into his PC at the moment is just get one piece Michael He doesn’t to play anything on console anymore I was gonna play Assassin’s Creed on PC, and then there’s been bad talks. They sent me the Microsoft sent us an Xbox one and it had that Lex Xbox one X. That’s it yeah They had a code for a sin screen I was like you know what oh, I’ll play it on the Xbox one next why not they’ve got some maybe problems with it It’s another one of those hey, it’s on PC framerate issues.

Yeah. Yeah, got like a double layer and It’s weird cuz I play it on the Xbox one X in my house, and I played on the Xbox one two regular Xbox one at work and There is like a pretty I see a difference It’s actually downloading speed difference and the main place I see a difference is When you’re on a sync point when you’re synchronizing and the screen goes around it’s smoother connect totally great I Feel it I feel it cuz I play I primarily play it on my xbox one X at home with my new 4k And then I come into work, and I you know dicking around with my articles I played here, and I feel like I feel so I don’t know it’s very slice, but yeah Do you like you’re wasting the experience by playing it at work? And you just want to play info no because I do all I do a lot of grinding other important stuff at work I just like it’s just like I’ve been doing that with Mario where it’s because Mary’s again where you can just screw around you can like do sites shit But if ever I’m gonna look like fight Bowser’s or do a big cutscene Oh wait until I can put my switch in my dock and play on my TV just cuz I want the cutscenes nice and big Yeah, what are you playing Jack? I’ve been putting a lot of Sasa’s Creed at home, and I’ve been playing fractured But whole and I gotta get that’s it sighs so how how much further are you from the?

Where we were without my good ways away, so what am I only halfway through the game. Uh you were at the storage place? Yeah, yeah, I’ll see you rot halfway through okay Millie’s been playing it so I’m like at her behest or whatever. She feels like playing.

Yeah, it’s Pretty wild man, but it’s a fucking fantastic game like this so it’s like playing a south But it’s like playing three South Park movies like it’s so good like the story lines a lot of fun to care She’s fun the gameplays really fun is um It’s been fun to read Milly understand those adult jokes so really yeah, that’s all I’ll say yeah, there’s like some stuff. They’ll like Like I see her get stuff for the first time That’s a little risque or a little like you know and uh? Just to read her be so tickled by it and like to really understand why the jokes funny. You know is very Fun to first time you go to the church and stuff I’ve had more fun reading her play the game that I’ve had like in a long time man’s really funny But it’s a good game. It’s rolling on I mean.

I’m almost done with it I think I’m to probably last my person in the game right okay, so I’ll probably finish it maybe Are you gonna support it? No. I think so is it good now You doing ones like find all the or make friends with everybody or take a selfies nothing? Yeah, you can take selfies with everyone, and then there’s like there’s hidden was Yowies I was calling the pictures of tweek and Craig 20 picture, and then there’s eight photos.

They have to post around You know all over South Park for the police guy Yeah, the police guy and then there’s you have that take a shit in every toilet, yeah And then there’s artifacts you click on the earth facts, and yeah, yeah There’s a lot of stuff in that game so but yeah I mean like I don’t know I mean I’m not as crazy about like oh I got every bit of it again that being said I might try with Assassin’s Creed I think I’m I think I probably wouldn’t stick the truth. I think so the signature fell short It felt really short in the combat felt very repetitive this they they definitely change about it is good combat yeah for sure So, but it’s a fun game. I highly recommend it if you like South Park expecially Yeah, I mean I want to play it but sadly it’s like 6 on the list of stuff to play yeah What is on your list right now?

I want to play Wolfenstein play Miriam was done with that Yeah want to play Assassin’s Creed. It’s great one. Just all the shit. We’ve been told about holy look at Call duty came out , so yeah It’s World War two again, I have been playing C’s all these baby signs so I didn’t like him to warfare I mean either for advant. I wasn’t crazy about a world at war I Didn’t like wall to war because it fucking cheated I was not a fan of World War I beat that on very angry.

You are looking for better and better Yeah, beat it on veteran. I never beat it on veteran. I never beat Wall the war because I only play called the veteran and so I just never finished that mean I hardly gotta play the campaigns now I played a multiplayer a lot and like when I played mana warfare remastered when they were these wanna wear for remastered I played oh fuck that game’s great. I just had so much fun Cuz it was like old school, but I just saw something about the multiplayer on this Did you see the gifts online of the loot boxes in common or – yeah?

People were they were like buying loot boxes or whatever like in game I guess maybe it’s like a lobby before you go in where you’re all kind of can run around before the game or whatever You see other people’s loop bosses like they drop in front of them, and you can see what they gone It’s displayed in the problem. Which is definitely only for the purpose of Does that right where you see the loop that everybody got it. Yeah, it’s Texas Yeah, but you don’t buy it yeah, you know like that’s the thing before yeah paying money for it Cuz then I guess like that can make people nervous of like what? Necessarily is stopping them from Maybe putting a bot in there or something that opens up a loop box, and it gets really good stuff Oh is it incentive.

Yes, you know what I mean like yeah, what? do everyone can see that weird everybody can see that you just does so is there is there just like a Big like is there a cat hour for I don’t know what that is or if that’s like a lobby before the game probably so I’m really excited about it though because I just like it’s sick a simple shooter right yeah, yeah like infinite warfare There was so much going on on the screen it. Just like visual it’s like a Transformers movie I just couldn’t tell what was happening, and I just wasn’t fun. I’m a bit about That there’s classes, and yeah like I don’t like that.

There’s like Assault class and then there was whatever had the shotgun and whoever had the sniper and everything I just liked the old Island Call of Duty where it’s like that guy’s running at me And he could have a sniper, or he could have a bazooka You know like not like oh? He’s got a ghillie suit on he’s probably the sniper class or he’s got you know he’s this guy so he has this ability he Goes slightly faster, and it was just like everyone was the same dude, which is whatever two guns they picked You know what like that? What did class is really well was battlefield 1942 and They fucking battle fuel acid does a good job class and there were differences for each one right if super subtle it’s like a different Hell better I like bad company 2 classes now. Yeah me too might be the back of my cheeseburger Yeah, it might be the best class based game ever Yeah, like it was so well done, and that was I like I will say uh Cleary sound sorry ok The wildlands PvP is I always please support class some always met up with that whatever go ahead the while is PvP the four before These were class is the most dangerous yaker on the map dude the support class is fucking amazing like I was a goddamn Drink yo Jack had like four times the rest of our scores. Yeah, it’s systole the high score on T By support means the one that calls in the artillery think about yeah The thing about wildlands multiplayer too is like once you pick that class.

It’s going like everybody else more my style There’s like subclasses, so you can be support, but there’s a difference for sure it’s like not recommended I’m really hoping that the audience picks if we do a poll or you know like we’ve asked for suggestions from the audience I really hope it’s wild lives personally. It’s the only concern. We have in violence was like getting enough getting the competition yeah Yeah, I don’t how many people are playing it.

It’s it weird to launch multiplayer in a game Eight months after it came out or something. It’s been out for a while. It’s like a game Yeah Sure, yeah, but I mean yeah.

I want to now Bad Company 2 so I Think We can achieve our Game with Fame Thea we did a Gamestop thing before was that that was like old school achievement like us And we got put lately like like partnered with like eSports guys It was it was bad, or they don’t like a rush Miller’s like a squad rush It was like 4v4 world was like basically you have one life, and you had to try to like it was like rush mode So like BJ beeps you know be and then finish on C. And so it was like four before squad mode It was like a tournament were like the winning team won like ten grand And uh and I ended up winning the whole damn thing like me and my team ended up winning the whole thing I didn’t get any money for it like we were we were like the Yeah, so like two of the guys owes me an MLG guy And then two normal dudes and the two normal dudes like split ten grand was like cool If you guys ever come to Austin you know you owe me a steak But it was the thing rounds the medic in like Like no one else is playing medic and so literally I would hang back one of our guys with died like okay He’s done a loot and bring him back to life And I’m like oh what shit and then the things you in bad company to that I think is one of the coolest things I’ve seen of article games And we I think we don’t think I do it is my favorite thing to do Please say it wasn’t my favorite thing to do. I was only done once I think it was a things to I think we did a things to do it a couple years ago in hardline but how you could get you get a spotter way down at the other of the map because the rush maps are so long and You could fire a rifle in a direction and the target is too far away to see but then the spotter would see where it hits and you could you could fucking spawn shoot people from across the map as long as You had a guy like halfway down the map who’s spotting for you like oh that was little to the left go to the right to the right to the right realism bullets carry forever Wow I Don’t know if it came out, but we did it does nobody remember this I remember It was right around the time we did the couch article. We also do couch potatoes versions on cars we did that to Motorcycles that’s led to the couch article, and then I think in an effort to get more stuff out of it I I had to at least test that I do remember yes I was like the desert and we were likes yeah, we were standing I think it was a city map that we did in hardline cuz it was their kind of thing whereas like a bay in the City and it’s like you could the city wrapped around it in the map wrapped around like them. Yeah It was that it was the same map we did the couchsurfing.

I think that was a desert 1000s with a water tower on top But uh bad company too, and I think battlefield 3. Is that what came out after Bad Company 2, yeah? Um those two games me and my friends my friends before the rip When I’m real with those assholes that would take the buggies right like the little ATVs and stuff and would strap c4 Yeah, oh my god. That was the most fun.

You could have in that game you charge Jump is charged. You jump off it keeps going and then you just blow it up It’s the best way to take out a tank tank you Just launch that into it, but then we eventually found out too that I could like quit c4 my friends AGV and then I’d sit on the back of it with the trigger and So I would usually die but because friendly fire was off a lot games It wouldn’t kill him so people would see us driving into a building the building collapse and then just my friend I Saw, yeah, I saw him get 50. I think it was what’s the most recent battle fellas ooh one yeah?

I don’t think it was maybe hose water. Maybe was like well the crews. I’m pretty sure was a battlefield gamer It was like two dudes I was a guy on like a cliff and I got over to London was another got a cliff in there both sniping down at the bottom of a cliff and he looks over and the guy on the left just like runs jumps off the cliff and hits a Parachute and like sails down and he’s like huh you can see it in the sanity like you can feel He knows he runs and jumps off Ghost Recon I was Just remarking Hilaire I saw a gift from GTA the other day, you know the fucking donut oh Look her hawk me jumps off of a ramp in a fight turns upside down so he does that Floating things like bales off of that Turns himself around so he’s falling feet first goes through the hole backwards and then pops the chute well I got luge’s through the hole.

Yeah. Yeah, what was that guy’s II survived? I think I think was Ghost Recon Gavin where we were we were we were trying to sneak up on a building at night face bunny Jumped off a cliff and parachuted down okay Gavin come and I looked at you It was written in such a way that your body is vanished behind a comedy between the two of us suppose you looking at me for Spoil the article we film this moment But there was a moment where it’s like Gavin goes you come and Jeremy and Jamie goes yeah hold on a second And then he says Jeremy is die He’s like hey jump off of that real quick, okay? You know what would have saved you what’s that a Casper mattress?

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Yeah, like things to use were never really. Let’s play recorded yeah That one I can see him though like I can see the guy in the hill do you remember the first life? I think it was just a long shot first why well, this is article called Jeremy I The first the first live-action things the first live commentary things I have no clue. Do you know dot shot when I was called well, I would guess it might have been GTA missile a No, no, that’s fun. Yeah.

Yeah, probably ought to think of anything before that no triple a wasn’t live. Yeah well Do is probably common tree yeah, we do is posing I’ll let’s fail this from live commentary of doing it. I’m gonna look at a Playlist of things to do and I’m gonna ask you discussion. Do you remember?

I know the answer. Do you guys know what the very first things tickles? Yeah, good job? I Remember when that start it was a great article if I sell myself I made it Gavin’s fucking things to do in Minecraft front like my favorite things I like Gavin’s things that is in fucking garden grief I like Gavin’s think we should I decided to make things to deus dude does that game sky of Skyrim your Skyrim fucking fucking with everything on the feature That’s that’s not what I’m looking forward to it bullet for VR is being able to do that sort of thing yes The one we didn’t read fuss row Probably gonna have to quit the preacher cuz that was when those back when we had to do every week And I obviously I’ve run out of ideas it. I was just like I don’t come to me funny to do so I just remember Maybe the best one we’ve ever done is Trickshot the trickshot Freddie’s got one months in the best trickshot eat The Shema Knievel is probably the most viewed one one be Bombay.

There’s a great I was gonna say bomb baton growth spurt or the – I think of You just throwing cabbage We’re the cabbage into the bucket. It was like cabbage off the roof roll down into a bucket skyress cars coming out At least a film actual like as doing it yeah parking lot and we did that first shot. I don’t Work, but I mean didn’t when you’re playing the game use it what II rightness You just hold it and when I let go it flings. Oh, okay, so it might be a cases Mighty or we might actually be a trick shot back in the day Max tried in a few different VR games.

I’ve never done. It success. came over
That’s what’s got backs in the relaxes max I like I think I’m in my class me ie I whoa It’s the giant Felix baumgartner yeah micron in GTA with oh Yeah, that might have been the first one what Felix Baumgartner. Oh, no, maybe kerplunk kerplunk I’m in Delhi kerplunk might have been the first one floaty booty came out.

That was a lot of fun Gonna play at the coast at floaty Bodhi wise oh Yes, Michael. Do you know the you you remember spleef? Yeah, I graphically hit the floor with women quim It’s essentially spleef But in boats apparently if you put boat a boat on ice you it just goes like you can roll around But it’s like twice like Drifting nicely like you’re sliding around and so he gave us boats on a giant rink of ice we all had Pickaxes ii can access the story Bryce in one hand so everyone’s just driving around smashing bring your own boat No, no, no you winged outside of it But it was like you would make a line so like in my head my the boat is in Minecraft is still Paper-thin so if you’ve been wait was it like silk touch, so if you break the ice.

It doesn’t turn into water It was a fish though, so oh yeah, and I guess it still touched as well. I was on it, but yeah There’s like one swing you just be gone I think touch packed ice actually not do that But we add venom wasn’t like lava blows Lobby should be a drop and so it was like six of us or so like six Or seven of us all going around and then when you die You just fly up and look down or to make these cool patterns because it was a giant circle you see like these cool patterns And the ice and stuff was really neat the only problems would have to reset it every time like it We’ve saved it in an act like old school We’ll have to exit out of the game and remote him who made it Matt Didn’t I gave him the things to do in Minecraft to make the other day that I’m excited about it’s called it How excited is he he was excited cuz it’s possible built? It’s called villager racing so hopefully it’ll turn out well Cool, yeah, I think he’s ready to fire This bad sign, I’m gonna be your date a.m.. Tomorrow for the community stream in or Serena how long we have hours 25 hours Well the thing is so it’s we start we do basically like five minutes of us going hey everybody we’re it We’re Rooster Teeth were Kayla’s throw it out to New York, and then we stream New York firm Until the top of the hour and then at the top of the hour it cuts back to us work all right cool Thanks.

Good job You have used pasta that expert or what we look like with soon as we do the post explain just go and that was awesome Now let’s check out what filled oh, he’s doing taking away guys. No cuz that was awesome good See what they’re doing the Portland. No.

We’ve raised Crazy no because Michael in broadcast is gonna have to be here for the whole thing – no I’m not gonna do that to Michael he’s like the secret heart Not here he has to put up with you for less time yeah, Oh like we did last year what’s worse being here being everything last year, I think Tyler brought a Broader a hammock and so literally it’d be like oh, you’d go you do your 5 min a bit like 4:00 a.m. You do your 5 minute be like okay here We go you guys good luck And then I walk over the hammock set my alarm for like five til the top of the hour just go to sleep Yeah, that sounds so but we’re doing that we’re doing that this weekend And then next weekend’s the no not only that so that ends at 8:00 a.m.. On Sunday, and then at noon on Sunday I have to be at mondo con like they’re doing another monocot. I’m hosting a panel at noon so That’s a pair about what it’s live draw panel shoot requires my attention oh It really does – senior screenshot will get stuck on not only it’s I’ve got two messages Jun is stuck Jude’s bin is full Its jockey and it’s bill TG it’s just in a sink, that’s on it’s a second And I would be like the two may be related, and I’m gonna find it at home having sucked up a curtain or something Later bought somewhere. defines them okay, right
Oh what a nightmare that would be Anyway, thanks for life.

It’s gonna be lots of fun Yeah, someone else someone said Eric said the 24 hour stream is for kids who get no breaks from being sick So that’s the whole point of this thing. That’s like a lot of the marathon type things. It’s like you know they’re sick They’re always gonna be sick, so it’s like we the least we can do is be like alright. Let’s go through this Raise awareness, and they might always they might not always be sick But you know there’s some kids arm in a hospital right now That is in there or something what I’m hearing is that you were taking lots of brake steering that I was there the whole time Physically there Next weekend those good absolutely on the wrist to stream make sure you tune in between like 5:00 and 6:00 a.m. Because that’s when people are on their a game Yeah like so so I think this year this year for the extra live stream we have like our normal schedule stuff I’m giving teams like block so it’s like RT games you have a block of time And then the who’s line thing you guys have a block of time and then on the side of that We actually have nine gaming stations set up that I’m putting on a spreadsheet that people come in and play games for an hour So like our animators So we’ll have nine people playing games for the entire 24 hours and be able to cut to them at times we’re actually gaming the entire time while other stuffs happening something you want to say about the who’s line thing – We’re not doing like any of the musical games really cuz we’re obviously not as good as anyone whose life, but when we come out when we start the Block of time that we’re out there we’re gonna look at what the donation amount is when we’ll pick a stretch goal amount You know we think is attainable, and if we hit that then we’ll we’ll do a hoedown nice That’s gonna.

Be that’s the plan thinking you drew care you come out or Rhine styles or calamari I think I mean yeah, but calling tweets everything every year Okay, Colin, Mochrie if you want to join us next weekend furniture explain everyone How it’s really done you if you wanna come to Austin? I’ll say well We’ll pay for you to fly out what you know tell in Canada Call it so if you like that you’re more than welcome to come out says no. We’re not doing it I’m gonna bet Jeremy would probably pay his personal maid absolutely what exact a flute Lee would so in a heartbeat Jeremy’s house : no don’t do that. Let us carry out let Colin Mochrie Anyone’s out there friends – Colin Mochrie and also exactly about if you want to come out – and Jared Bucky field come on see hey You’re all welcome Jared from so Rock come on now anybody Or if you’re in Austin if you’re an austin-based Person feel free to come on in bola sandra bullocksies around Jesse James coming hot bring your chopper Lance Maybe not together not good come at different times. Yeah, who else is here Elijah Wood if Elijah Wood.

You’re welcome come down I don’t know Y’all you’re all welcome. We’d love to have you just spread the word of extra life What is this they? Came out yeah apparently they released the they Retook remaster, and they remastered honestly the one we did last week on the podcast was way better than any of the attempts We really so you guys you’ve already said about the shirt right yeah They just reprinted the explain on the new nice on your banner material the nice time to make sure it is back and it’s on better material now and So Gavin and Michael recreated the photo the famous photo From the store where they’re jumping Diagonally and they’re both penciled in the air and Michael was even though.

He’s in the air is sucking his chin in which is I don’t know William DeAngelo posted it so it’s probably almost out Do it in the fucking store put that photo from the subreddit? It was like this Oh, yeah, big dude in like a woman’s small. I forget what shirt It was I bought like a women’s double axe but it was a woman that was it yeah Yeah, so like he was wearing it like seven small and they put it yeah Yeah All right let’s go play some Call of Duty or the other game that you guys started playing and then a becomes a Finish that lets play and all of that other stuff But if you’re reading Please check out extra life this weekend before the kids pin will be up for sale only this weekend So if you want to grab it this is your weekend Please do it posters available for sale now get the parts the posters Fucking box get the poster get shirt get the pins it all goes to Ritchie’s donation We do not make money off that all of the proceeds from that go to roosterteeth donation so please Please if you can donate. Do if you can’t your donation we get the sneeze spread the word spread the word let people know See that spike Know we get out we can fuck out