Washing Machine F06 Error Code Hotpoint Indesit Door won’t Open

Hello everybody it’s ‘Lurgs’ here welcome to my website and I’ve got an F06 error on my Hotpoint washing machine. This basically means that the door is shut, you cannot get it open. useful please subscribe
Now there is a very easy method to get this open, if that doesn’t work there’s a few other options available to you, right let’s get cracking. This is our Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine here and as you can see it’s going absolutely crazy with error F06 which means the door is stuck it will not open, and there’s a link above now about error F05 on your Hotpoint or Indesit washing machine that is basically cleaning out the filter.
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So I’ll just explain you what is actually happening I’ll just try and open the door here and it will not budge, absolutely will not budge at all, right the first thing that you can try it is turning off the power, now you will have to do this at your actual plug socket and on mine it’s right round the back behind the dishwasher, it’s a bit of a pain to get to so just switch off, leave it off for 5 minutes and the door might actually release, now on mine this didn’t actually work I’m just going to try and open it again.

Now the next thing that you can try is if you remove the panel from the bottom you can just use the end of a spoon or a flat bladed screwdriver, just pop that panel off at the bottom and there’s a link above now about how to remove the dispensing drawer on your Hotpoint washing machine, and on the right hand side just next to the filter you’ve got a green pull cord, now what this does is when you pull it down it actually releases the door so you can just pull it down and what will happen is you can actually hear the door release, now on mine it’s absolutely stuck fast and it’s not releasing the door, so you need to get a really firm grip on it and just keep pulling it up and down until you hear that door release, now what you might want to do is you might want to pull the green cord down with one hand while you’re trying to open the door with the other hand, it’s really hard to get some power on this so I’m just gonna get a pair of pliers just to give me a bit of extra leverage, and there we go and the door is now open! Now the handle and the locking lever here looks in perfect order so the fault is actually in here doesn’t look like it’s releasing it if you pull that green cord down you should be able to see the locking mechanism move up and down, and there’s a link above now about an H20 error code on your Hotpoint washing machine, now that method should always work for you, if it doesn’t there’s a few other options available, the next thing you can try is just a credit card obviously don’t use your real credit card just any old rubbish card will do and just slide in there and what you’re trying to do is release that locking mechanism you’re just trying to push it so it actually opens the door, now for me that wasn’t very successful the next thing you can try is a piece of string or a garden piece of cord and if you get it into the groove there just push it in with a flat bladed screwdriver and what you’re doing is you’re pulling it from the top and the bottom and again you’re actually trying to catch that lever which will hopefully open the door, and there’s a link above now about how to fix a leaking toilet with dual push buttons, so what you do is you’re pulling it to the left hand side trying to catch that locking mechanism which will release the door, again I didn’t have much luck with this method you might do on your washing machine, I’m not too worried about damaging this machine because it’s going to the recycling because it is broken, so I just got a dirty great big screwdriver and just wedge it open, and there we go the door is now open, on this washing machine we had a horrible burning sulfur smell so it’s definitely on the way out it’s about 7 or 8 years old anyway, sometimes it’s just not worth fixing things and you just got to cut it loose. Hotpoint washing machine, now that
Locking mechanism is okay here so the fault is obviously in the other area and oddly enough when you turn the power on and the door is open it is still saying that it is locked, so there’s a definite fault in the system so unfortunately it looks like this washing machine is absolutely finished so looks like we’re gonna have to get a new one.

And the solution is a brand new washing machine and there’s a link above now about how to install a brand new washing machine.

worth fixing

This is a last resort for me I like to try and fix things myself or call somebody out to try and fix it, before the door got locked shut there was a horrible burning electrical sulfur smell so sometimes it’s just best not to repair and just get a new one, you could just end up throwing lots of money at it with repairs and call-outs and sometimes it’s just not worth it.
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After all that hard work it’s time for a lovely cup of tea oh.

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