Whirlpool Dishwasher Repair – How to Replace the Pump Outlet Seal (Whirlpool # WP302711)

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we’d like to explain you how to change the seal ring on your dishwasher. On this particular style of dishwasher, there is a rubber gasket that seals the upper compartment of the pump to the pump body.
If it fails you won’t get good water pressure and therefore you won’t get a good wash. It’s a really easy job the change though, so let me explain you how we do it.

We’ll start this repair by opening the dishwasher up and we’ll remove the bottom rack and just set that aside. Next, we’ll need to take off the bottom spray arm.
There’s a knot in the center of that, simply unthread it counterclockwise. Lift the spray arm up out of the pump. With a lower spray arm out of the way next, we’ll lift off this bushing or bearing for that bottom spray arm.

Just set that aside. Next, we’ll need to remove these screws and security pump cover.

more work to retrieve

In this model, they used a no.15 Torx screw.
that bottom spray arm
We use caution that we don’t drop the screws down into the sump area that would involve some more work to retrieve them. Once you’ve removed all of the screws, just support that rear manifold, lift up on any pump cover and pull it out of the manifold.

Make sure the O-ring is intact and then we remove the old gasket installed in the pump. You may need a flat blade screwdriver just to get that started. With that, it’s out of the way. Next, we want to clean out that website to remove any salt buildup or food residue that may have accumulated in that area. Either flash it out with some water or vacuum it up.

Once we’ve got it clean, we’ll take our new gasket. installed in
Just fit it down into that opening, then we’ll replace the pump cover start by pushing it into the manifold and lining it up on top of the pump and then we’ll replace the screws.
Tighten all the screws securely. Remember to replace the spray arm bushing and then we can set the spray arm back in place.

Tighten down the retaining nut, make sure it spins freely. Reinstall the lower rack and our repair is complete.