Why is My Dishwasher Getting Too Hot?

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Why is my dishwasher getting too hot? Any chance someone really turned up the hot water heater and you think it is the dishwasher? The explainers are putting out normal levels of hot water. Someone may have hit the steam clean option on the dishwasher by accident and now you think it is overheating when it is merely the mode you do not usually use.
Our dishwasher does not have the steam cleaning option because I knew how often that caused the dishwashers to die.

Yeah, especially the ones that vented the steam on to the control board and caused it to fail. Some dishwashers vent the steam onto the control panel anyway. The dishwasher could be getting too hot because the control panel is leaving the heating element on too long. That would eat up a lot of power.

It could melt the plastic liner inside the dishwasher too. It sounds weird to say that an appliance full of water could get hot enough to melt plastic; that’s a fire hazard. to say that
To be fair, it could be getting too hot because of a wiring problem too.
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That is definitely a fire hazard.

It is rare for a motor to burn out and get hot enough to over heat the dishwasher.
I’d know the motor had died because the water wasn’t pumping out or the arms were not spinning. It is also rare for the thing to overheat because of friction of the grinder in the bottom of the dishwasher rubbing against the housing or blades against something else hard.

I’d expect it to overheat because the motor burned out or the blades were stuck in place. Then again, so could
There’s also the possibility that the thermometer inside the dishwasher is broken. I know the oven temperature sensor sometimes fries when you run a self cleaning cycle, so the oven overheats because it does not realize it is hot enough.
I did not think a dishwasher could get that hot.

Steam cycles in a dishwasher can do the same to a temperature sensor in the dishwasher, or it could have been broken by someone hitting it while loading dishes. As if I need anything else that could break other than the dishes while loading and unloading. The dishwasher could also overheat because the heating element is malfunctioning. On or off is about all it can do.
A control board glitch that leaves it on all the time when it should turn off could cause overheating.

Then again, so could a blocked vent so it couldn’t vent excess hot air. Unless someone has clogged the vents so it overheats, I need to call a repair man.