WPW10041960 Replacing Your Dryer’s Door Spring AP6014777, W10041960, 692495, PS11748045.

Hello my name is Megan. we are going to be replacing your door spring. You may need to replace your door spring if bent or over stretched. For this repair both springs are the same on each side.

For this repair you will need a putty knife, a flat head screw driver, a phillips head screwdriver and a 5-16th snut driver. are just going to
Before working on any appliance please disconnect your power source.
First thing we are going to do is take out our lint filter. We are going to unscrew these two screws here with your Phillips head screw driver.

Next thing you’re going to do is pop up the lid.
um if you can actually pop it off with your hands you can use a putty knife.
our article
You put it underneath and give it a good pop.
We are going to unhook the door switch. putty knife
pop it on off and were just going to take our 5-16th wrench and unscrew it and then we are going to do the other side and unscrew it.

Now we are just going to lift it up and the drum is going to remove it a little bit Now we are just going to take the door spring off. We are going to pull forward slightly and release. We are going to grab our new OEM replacement door spring if you don’t already have one you can purchase it on our website.

And replace it by hooking it back in pulling up on it and now we are going to grab the door. Just going to reattach the switch. Just
going to screw this in. Now we are just going to close down the top make sure it is down now we are going to take the two screws now we are just going to replace our lint filter and once you have done that you have completed your repair.

Finally don’t forget to plug in your appliance. going to take
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