Zanussi Washing Machine Error or Fault Codes

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In this article I’ll be explaining how to identify an error code on a Zanussi washing machine.
Your machine may display an error code if it has a problem. This will be displayed in one of two ways: either by a series of flashing lights on the control panel or a digital display such as this.

This error should be checked to help identify the area of the problem Now error codes are a guide and can mislead but that should be used to check what is going on wrong. Safety first: When you’ve identified the area of the problem always make sure to unplug the appliance before carrying out any work. Now here are the typical Zanussi washing machine error codes.
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Some machines may use a user code which is a basic error code of either E10 E20 or E40 and for up-to-date information and for any variances please do check our Advice Centre before carrying out any work. Now the first error code we’re going to look at is E10 E11 or E12.

Now these error codes may indicate that the problem lies with the filling of the machine and the machine is not happy with the filling. This maybe due to a blocked or trapped pipe or a problem with the valves. or if the machine is filling it may be a problem with the pressure switch or a blocked pressure switch hose. Error E21 E22 E23 and E24 indicate that the problem lies with the draining of the machine.

lies within your machine and

This is most likely caused by a blockage so check the filter and the pump behind for any debris that might be stuck. this problem in the door
may also be due to a block to pump or a broken controlled Error E30 and error E31 indicate a problem in the door lock Make sure that the door is closing correctly and check the door lock and connections for any damage Now E33 and E37 indicate there may be a problem with the sensors.
now this may relate to the pressure sensor here or the water temperature sensor located on the drum now Errors E40 through to E45 relates to the door lock and its control by the board.

Errors E50 through to E62 relate to the motor. to check the motor is spinning check the brushes if fitted and also check over the plugs and wires to the motor note that on some machines error code E61 E62 and E66 relates to heater problems or a stuck heater relay error code E71 relates to the water temperature sensor and if the connections are okay this may need replacing. E82 and Ee83 relates to a faulty selector switch E93 to E97 relates to the PCB and memory faults. and if the problem re occurs you may need to get a new control board. So there we have it!. Now these error code should be used as a guide but can certainly help you identify where the problem lies within your machine and please do check our other diagnosis articles in our Advise Center for upto date information. Spares and accessories for all makes and manufactures of washing machine can be found on the website.

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